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15 Jul 2010
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Full Dex-Poisons

Ultimate Kiter, or Waste of Time?
I just came up with an idea. and this is for mainly PVE only. Why not do a full Dex Build and just poison the heck out of a purple mob then kite until poison wears off and repeat?
From what I've seen, Hunters and Archers have absolutely epic poisons, so why not throw raw damage to the wind and rely on your skills entirely?

Can anybody tell me if this would be viable, also if there is another thread on this idea please redirect me to that because I don't like cloning.


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10 Sep 2008
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PostedApr 07, 2012 6:13 am
you can rely to kill only on DPS with a full DEX archer, but it is better to stay on a common killing build. By DPS'ing then piercing a mob, you can hit another mob to kill it. If you have a decent gear, you should be able to finish the mob before (or shortly after ) DPS kills the another mob. By this you have gained two times XP in one time span.

my archer is a STR/DEX/LUC hybrid. In early phases, i used STR/DEX before i restatted. In pando, it might be difficult to kite with two mobs, but if you invest into blunt too ( it becomes AoE after lvl4 ) you can lower their accuracy once they are both close of you.

it is viable ofc, but i still suggest for a common killing build that you can kill twice faster Smile

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PostedApr 08, 2012 2:56 am
Depending on your level, gear and playing style you can definitely go full dex and poison the mobs. Depending on mob immunity you can use sustain shot, otherwise use Deadly Poison Shot, Nailed Shot, Viper Sting Shot.

My UM 70 archer runs full dex (little shy of 2k dex total) for PvP purposes -- I love it that way. I reskilled and restatted my NM 60 archer to full dex now for grinding. At 61 ish you can easily grind in PR on purple mobs solo -- they don't hit back. If you have access to double toxin weapons, you can easily grind/farm relic mobs in KI and the ones in QV.

That said, if you are in your lower levels, I'd suggest go full str only. Nothing else is needed.

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