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23 Nov 2011
Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
PostedApr 05, 2012 1:43 pm
vrillx wrote:
It's already march seeing last topic its from december , makes me think they dont care too much.  

They are too busy with exchange tiers. (Regular AP buyers have too much attencion of entire team).

Btw. I spend 69 gold for shattered charm to open extra box... Guess what i got for 69 gold... 4 WARLORD ARES SOULS!!! That's what you get when you are

There is more. I got Epic hero letter (lionheart boy). I was curious about that hero. I abonden one so i could meet with him. I was guessing he will apear in epic hero window, bu he didn't. So i'm now presueding 2 wisidle and one invisible hero. I reported bug, but i guess they dont care, it's not there fault that I used bogus epic letter Very Happy

I also wasted some APs on lottery. There is no way that i spend single dime on this game. People who are reciveing it dont deserve it. If they don't change this soon i will quit.
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