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[Guide] How to get to Level 20

~ In One hour! ~
Let’s see how to level up from level 1 to level 20 in an hour!

First of all, enter COG, select your favorite race and come up with a brilliant character name, Here we go!

After you have selected you race, named your character , when you enter the game a menu will pop up. Follow her guidance, let’s start the adventure!

Take the first quest and follow the instructions to fight in your first battle.

Beat your first opponent , finish the first quest, go back to the main city, and turn it in, then you will be into level 2.

Now, let’s follow the newbie guide to enjoy upgrades !

During the rest of your tutorial, it will teach you how to recruit heroes , build resources, recruit and deploy units , and equip weapons.

After you finish all of these, you will be level 7! You have now completed the tutorial! Dont for get to take the gift you get for completing the tutorial!

This gift is very useful. It contains the newbie suit. After equipping you’ll be much more capable.

(The whole suit will increase attack+25 and defense+30!)

Before starting, there are two things:

1.See if it has a yellow note in the map, if it does, then means there are available quests. These quests are very important because they can pay out epic rewards (gold, resources and EXP).

2.I f none are available don't worry! There is a “Quest” button at the bottom of the game , click it, then it will show the quest for your current level,

Click the green NPC texts in the list (i.e. the Stark shown in the page below), the automatic walking system will help you to find this Quest NPC automatically.

After you accept the quest, there will be a quest hub that appears at the right middle of the screen; the system will show the quests you’ve accepted on this page.

When you reach level 8, Wheel of Fortune will be open; each player will have one-time free chance to spin the wheel. You will get some valuable items here, never ever miss this chance!

When you reach Level 10, Alliance and Dungeon will be available for you. These two features will be the next key parts in the game. You can gain EXP and level up by following quests; after level 10, you will face another option – join a alliance. Why? Joining an alliance, lets you take alliance quests and gain more EXP.

The other key part is Dungeon. In COG, each level of Dungeon follows each 10-level Pass, and each Dungeon can be divided into three levels: Normal, Nightmare, and H.ell. Of course, more difficult, the more EXP and equipment you can gain. However, do NOT try to attack “H.ell” before being ready and well equipped. Of course, game is also designed that If you do not beat the easier dungeon first you will be unable to progress to the more difficult level dungeon!

You will some times that you get the “You have reached your Population Limit.” or “Insufficient Resources” in your expedition.

“You have reached your Population Limit.” is mainly limited by in-game population, so if you want to increase that, you must build or upgrade you Population building (corresponding to different buildings of different races, such as: Undead named Graveyard, Elf named Log Cabin) to increase the upper limit of population.

When you find some dwellings cannot be upgraded, you need to correct the red marked words, which may be from insufficient resources, or in the case as shown as follows, you have to upgrade other buildings ex: Palace to level 4, in order to successfully upgrade the dwellings!

In addition to upgrading the dwellings, each race has technology that can help increase population : upgrade technology "Imperial Expansion" in <Tower of Truth> can also increase the population upper limit. (Corresponding to different races in different technologies, such as: Undead called as “Pestilence”, Elven called as “Propagation”)

When it comes to “insufficient resources”, you must go to “Castle” in building construction or upgrading of resources (including: iron, copper, stone, lumber), for this example, I will be using the production of copper.

1.First, you need to click on the right top corner –“Tree of Life” in “Castle “ (Same place for Undead and Human race)

2.Open the interface, select building of making copper mine

3.In the copper interface, players can click the “collect” to obtain the copper resource

4.Because I am a lazy guy, so just used to click “Collect all” for all the resources (click one button to collect 4 kinds of resource at the same time), fast and it saves time!

Many new players wonder why are people plundering me? When you plunder another players city you get a fraction of their resources. Check out “Report” at the right side column among function keys.

Tragically, I lost some of my resources and soldier.

This is why when you are off line you should set your army to defense mode!

Now you successfully deploy heroes into “defend formation”. As long as your hero is powerful enough, then they should be able to fight off most armies.

As long as you apply skills as described, you will be able to reach level 20 easily within an hour.
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