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09 Nov 2007
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PostedApr 04, 2012 7:23 am

Aeria Ignite - Funky Question

I did not see a sub-forum for Ignite questions, perhaps we could get one under general somewhere? I know there is a Feedback function on the program but perhaps we could have a subforum for talks, discussions, and suggestions about Ignite?

anywho, question

Has anyone else been noticeing that when they load up the Ignite program they have friend requests pending,....but no "Friend Request Messages" in their profile inbox?

I'm assuming that this is generated from using the "Enter Username" [Add] function on the bottom right hand corner?

Reason I'm asking is because I have gotten Friend Requests showing up on the Ignite window, ...but when I check those persons's profile's, some havent logged-in in over 12 weeks or i'm confused

I've also gotten friend requests from accounts that are umm ?????

Great launcher btw. I think with a few specific tweaks, and additions, we could have a program that would kick steam's butt
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