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03 Feb 2012
PostedMar 12, 2012 9:57 pm

General guides?

Well since there has been no other category for topics, other than general, I thought I would introduce a topic which asks for a guides section. Since this game is fairly new, I guess things are still being processed, but I would like to see a guides section relatively soon.

Currently I am stuck in a loop between upgrading my city from level 5 - 6. I have a bunch of awesome artifacts to do it, but I can't use them because they are for the title "baron"

My best advice would just be: Follow the tutorial. Once it is done, add a few more building and upgrade them as much as you can. Preferably resource buildings with lots of leeway (Meaning a building with a lot of resources to grab from). Then put a cottage beside it and upgrade it as much as you can. Do this two or three times until you run out of resources, then leave the game IDLE for about 1-2 days if you are as patient as some people.

Unlike you patient people, I want to play this game every hour (lol...) so I can't really leave it on unless I'm asleep.

Do this and the next day you should have quite a few resources. Make "upgrading your city" the number one priority. Once your city is atleast level or 7 invest in SOME buildings to get your overall score up.After that it should be fairly easy to get past the baron title and use those artifacts you get from the easier quests, and the daily log-in rewards.

Also if you can, invite ANY friend and get them into the game til they hit at least 250 points. It really helps a lot.

For now, as I am still experimenting this game, that is all I can provide you with. If you want to add anything, just post here and I will add it. Provided it is suitable for the topic.



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28 Jan 2009
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PostedMar 20, 2012 8:40 pm
Good suggestions for new players. It should help them alot.

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