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PostedMar 04, 2012 1:02 pm

Upcoming Blizzard Art Contest

Portrait Of A Champion - WiP Submission
Contest Source link:

Some time down the Road, Blizzard is going to be having it's "Portrait of a Champion" art contest, and i've been working on my submission in anticipation to this contest. Because i do not feel like re-typing a whole new summery of my work in progress of the piece, i am just going to copy/paste my post from D3Sanc.



*Note that this is my piece i am using in anticipation for the Portrait of a Champion contest being held by Blizzard, of course if the yet to be released rules allow it.

Update: I scraped the original concept art of the female monk and re-drew it traditionally on a sketch-pad, it took me awhile to really find a scene to portray that i could make look good.

This also gave me the opportunity to really embellish a very stylized art style I'll been playing around with off and on, it's a mixture of other comic styles that have inspired me in the past, mostly styles from DC graphic novels like Sandman and the Dark Knight series.

And yes that is a Female Diablo, rumor has it Leah becomes the new Diablo. at least that is what the 2011 Blizzcon poster conveyed. so once i saw a sexy Diablo, i had to throw her in there.

Here's what i used as a reference for the female diablo.


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