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26 Jun 2011
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The power, the power. Unknown, potent, offering honor to any who can master it. Offering honor and redemption to the Turga race, humiliated and driven out by the Keigers. Gone, gone, are the enemies, just ashes in the wind, that mocking wind that toys with all, the one that blows across Orta and whispers of the return of Lime. It whispers its secrets to all who listen, intoxicating secrets of the power of Lime.

Only yesterday did the young female Turga Mariah hear the wind for the first time. As the wind seethed around her, its sinuous twists and curls coiling around her tall, sturdy frame worn from hardship, she envisioned a future for herself, for her race, for Orta.

The wind was a servant to Nysis, the giver of the fruit, and came to her, telling her of the heroic gleam in Mariah’s eyes, of her quickened heart rate. Nyssis planned to visit the Turga camp regardless, but assured the wind that if Mariah could be a master of Lime, she would be noticed.

A crowd of Turga flocked to her, their eyes drawn to her beauty and their crude hearts drawn to her tender wisdom. She saw the hope in their eyes, the tatters in their clothes. She spoke: “Turga, you have endured much hardship and cruelties. Darkness eats away at this land, and criminals roam free. But Lime has returned, the fruit I am sure you have heard legends of.” A wave of unease rippled through the Turga.

“Only another tyrant will claim Lime again,” one growled. “Do you come to dangle this chance of great power above our heads, to taunt us what cannot be?”

“I do not! I seek the new masters of Lime, with pure hearts and minds. Chaos, that sneaky monster that has ravaged your lives. will no longer rule this land. Orta will come together and reunite, and Peace and Prosperity will be the King and Queen of your lives.”

Some Turgas still looked unconvinced. “Do any among us have hearts of gold? I think not.” An older Turga had spoken, his hard eyes trained on Nyssis. “Be quick to point them out, or move on. We have no heroes here.”

Nyssis tilted her head. “You have all given up, and not even the news of the return of Lime has lifted your spirits. I see one among you who shines bright.” She smiled, and her gaze traveled over the crowd to focus on Mariah. “Come here, young one.”

A startled Mariah approached, and dipped her head in respect. “The wind, it whispered in my ear the news you have just said. I would be honored to bring Peace and Prosperity to this land and put hope into my people’s hearts.”

Nyssis nodded. “You will come with me, as I seek other masters of Lime. No tyrant will let ruin come to this land any more. “A smile crossed her lips. “But it will not be an easy journey. An Odyssey, if you will. A Lime Odyssey."


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26 Feb 2011
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I hate it, but I took a little bit of time to remove mistakes so it isn't too bad Smile

The sun was setting on the quite village. Streaks of light rippled across the make-shift houses, caused by the crude wooden fence that protected the village, at least, somewhat. A wind trickled across the main square and lifted the sand from the ground, swirling it loosely before depositing it back onto the ground. That was all that happened here; you were lifted up from birth, had a brief life, and then went back to the ground. The sea was so far away that watching a proper sunset was not an option; however the spirit of the children within was not deterred. The sound of wooden swords clashing filled the village from dawn till dusk and sometimes long after. The passion of fighting for what you believe in had not been cracked by what had been years of pain and suffering for the small community. They were too close to the Keigers and too far from the capital to have any chance at the raids that fell upon the village frequently. A Turga mother brushed a strand of thin, pink hair from her face and ushered her son inside, despite his protests “It’s not long now, my love. They’ll be here for their payment soon,” she insisted, pangs of pain in her heart as she uttered the next words; “we don’t want them to get you too, now do we?” she chirped, hiding the sadness and regret that filled up her body, but it was all too commonplace in this village of theirs. Few men had been left behind, their pride meant they fought for their wives, and, subsequently, lost their lives.

Her son, Folv Hannker, was all she had left of her husband Strengkoon Hannker. Although she was a widow she kept his name and never remarried. She didn’t ever quite let go of the day he was taken.


Strengkoon wrapped his strong arms around his wife and held her close as they lay by the fire – their young babe cooed in his cot – she leaned back and looked into his eyes longingly “I’m so glad I married you” she whispered, moving to kiss him until the crackle of a dying fire broke the mood. She looked at him, distressed but he simply grinned and got to his feet, carefully so that he didn’t hurt her; being twice his wife’s size was not always helpful.
“I’ll go grab some fire wood” he insisted, he walked across the ground with heavy pads of his cream paws. His fur was a pale yellow, which made him generally a lot brighter than the other Turga’s, earning him the nickname: Sunshine.
“But-” his wife protested, meekly
“I’ll be back before you know it Shéila” he insisted, grabbing an axe as he looked back into her soft green eyes and wished they were closer to his
“Be careful, the sun is nearly all gone” she insisted, getting to her feet to check on their baby
“You just look after Folv, I promise I’ll be fine” he opened the door and slipped out with the crimson red axe in his right hand and a wood basket in the other. He slung the basket over his shoulder and looked out across the meagre village. Life was finally looking up since their race had to retreat from battle with the Keigers, maybe they would be okay without Renvolf.

“Hey, Sunshine!” a familiar voice called out, footsteps were heard and then a pat on the back was given
“Hey, Thoern” Strengkoon replied, happily but the tiredness in his voice was evident
“Out to fetch some wood, are ya?” Thoern cheerily asked. Strengkoon nodded so Thoern turned towards the wood “Let’s go then. Two fists are better than one” his friend announced, his voice was powerful; being the leader of the village it was required, of course.
“I guess but I have to be quick” Strengkoon insisted
“What you wasting time for then? Let’s get chopping” his friend insisted, running ahead with heavy thumps on the loose ground.

Flashback Over

Shéila put her son into his bed and placed a log onto the fire. It was dimming but she daren’t go out into the dark any more. “Mum, it’s cold,” Folv moaned, pulling his blankets tighter around himself
“I know, I know” she soothed, stroking his forehead with her thin fingers, tempered by the manual labour she had to do as a single woman.
“Tell me the stories about dad again?” Folv begged, a cheesy grin spread across his face as his mother sighed
“Not tonight dear” she lamented, tiredly
“But- but you promised!” he pleaded, nearly getting out of bed. His mother, exasperated, placed the quilt back onto him and pulled a chair next to his bed
“Just one” she finalised, a frog in her throat.
“The one about the time he stopped the bandits!” her son cheered. She held back the sob, doing inside what she daren’t to do outside – cry – to hide her turmoil from her son.

“Okay, that one” she tucked him in gently and smiled kindly, maternally, hopefully at her son “How does it start again?” she asked, watching the grin spread across his face
“Dad and the village leader were at the gates and the bandits were running at them” Folv shouted, becoming excited
“Okay, Okay” she whispered, laying him back down “Now then. Where was I…” she paused “Oh yes,” Folv grinned in anticipation, “So the mighty Strengkoon Hannker and Thoern Kruft were stood, facing an army of, maybe, a hundred bandits. They had no weapons, just their fists, yet still they stayed. They were brave warriors-”
“Don’t forget strong!” her son chimed in, she smiled at him
“Yes, very strong,” she stroked his head and then looked back up, thinking back to her story. “The bandits ran at them, charging and your father, and his friend, stood and faced them without a single worry or doubt. They remembered the training. Strike hard, and fast, immediately as soon as the clash began the odds were against them. But your father and Thoern” she choked on her words “They… They- They burst into action, knocking their enemies down without delay. They punched and grappled, but never kicked, they didn’t need to use their legs, until it was them against the strongest two Keiger bandits left” she spoke quickly, getting carried away by the wistful storyline
“Then what?” her son asked, although he already knew, it was his favourite bit.
“Your father grabbed them both in one hand, and threw them away, saving the village. He was the village hero!” she chimed. Her son bounced up and down in his bed excitedly
“I’m going to be like him, one day, I will, I swear!” he insisted, incessantly
“Yes, but for now, you must sleep” she retorted as the fire died down to a lowly ember


They walked back from the forest, carrying armfuls of wood, chatting away even though the sun had left long ago. “I think it’s time we both head home.” Thoern interrupted his friend’s lengthy story about childhood experiences,
“Oh, okay, yeah…” Strengkoon chuckled, forgetting who he was for a brief moment. His wife was waiting.
“Give Shéila my best” Thoern insisted
“Tomorrow we are meeting on-” a loud bang shook the village and the gates burst open. Strengkoon and Thoern spun, terrified. It was Keiger bandits.
“Thoern, what are your orders?” Strengkoon asked, immediately recalling his military training
“We are equals. We will fight them ‘til our death” Thoern replied, steely-eyed “It’s been good to know you, Strengkoon” Thoern rarely used anything but the nickname but this was no ordinary time
“Don’t talk like that, Thoern. If this was the end I’d make sure to get back those coins you owe me” Strengkoon insisted, his strength of character towering over Thoern’s
“Oh- Okay” Thoern stammered, regaining his composure.

A bandit walked over to a house with a torch and prepared to throw it onto the thatched roof. Strengkoon reached, grabbed his axe and threw, knocking the bandit onto the ground. He spun to face the other bandits who had now noticed them and prepared to fight. There were only ten altogether but Strengkoon and Thoern were well past their prime and had no weapons or armour. The first bandit ran at them so Strengkoon took the blow from the hammer, aimed at Thoern, and knocked the bandit to the ground. The second and third were quickly upon them, they were arriving in staggered waves, Thoern grappled with one but a dagger into his knee quickly made him lose his focus and so the sword tore into his arm. Strengkoon wanted to help but his own battle was no easier. He punched the bandit, crumpling the helmet inwards but quickly the butt of a sword was met by his chin and he was knocked to his knees. The sound of a door opening was heard and Shéila burst out “Strengkoon!” she screamed, terrified
“Sheila, go inside” he burst up and tackled the bandit to the ground but the others were already upon him
“No, I want to help you!” she screamed, running towards him.
“Stop!” he roared, holding out his hand. She paused and looked at him longingly, trying to form words but none came to her “Look after Folv” he insisted, his words still strong as the blade was brought close to his neck.

Thoern leapt in the way, having broken free of the other bandit’s hold. He delivered a crushing blow to the two bandits in front of Strengkoon but immediately a spear burst straight through his abdomen and he became weak at the knees, the adrenaline was fading – all used up – he was dying. “Strengkoon, you must-” he coughed up blood “Find the lime!” he groaned
“What, why?” Strengkoon asked, panicked
“That was the meeting we were going to have” Thoern explained, hastily “W- We-” blood dribbled from his mouth “We need to find the lime- to- to save the village!” he announced as the spear was wrenched from his gut and he fell to the floor.
“Thoern…” Strengkoon whimpered, his friend was dead and his fighting spirit had fallen with him. “You still owe me those coins, remember,” Thoern didn’t respond. “Thoern, you remember, don’t you?” he looked at his friend, concerned “Thoern, not now buddy, wake up. We need you” Strengkoon begged, his voice crackling. Thoern’s face became paler and that’s when he knew. Thoern was dead.

Strengkoon let out a mighty roar, rocking the village awake from its slumber as he charged into the open arms of the bandit leader, straight onto the dagger that the leader was holding out readily for Strengkoon in his right hand, and looked him in the eyes. “Keiger, you will not have this village” he boomed, blood leaking from the open wound
“Why did you do that, idiot, you’re going to die and then we’ll continue?” the village leader asked
“Look down” Strengkoon insisted, weaker than before, the bandit leader peered down and spotted what his adrenaline had been hiding from him. Strengkoon had thrust the broken end of the spear used to kill his friend straight into the bandit leader “We die together” Strengkoon insisted.

“Strengkoon!” Shéila screamed out, nearly running to meet him but stopping as she saw him look at her
“Shéila, I won’t forget you. I want you to promise that you’ll find the lime” Strengkoon called, his always strong voice fading
“But,” she protested
“Shéila, I love you” Strengkoon shouted “So please, promise me,” she felt the tears well up inside of her “Shéila, please, do it for Folv!” he begged
“Fine, I’ll do it!” Shéila screamed, her barricades falling and tears gushing from the open dams that were her tear ducts
“Thank you” he mouthed before pulling the blade out and sliding off the blade inside him, it had been fatal, he became cold almost immediately. Both he and the bandit leader fell, thudding against the sandy ground as onlookers – hid inside their houses – watched on. The remaining bandits looked at each other and then fled, not wasting another second. “Strengkoon…” she whispered as a blue light consumed his body “I love you too…” the blue light turned into orbs and the entire scene faded away.

Flashback Over

“Goodnight Folv” she whispered, walking away from his bed and to her own. She had learned to sleep immediately, and without dreams, it did not do her any good to dwell on the past, she always ended up the same way; sad and alone.

* * *

Folv awoke to a startle as a hand touched his shoulder. It was someone cloaked in red. Their face was covered by the hood and nothing but their pale hands were visible from underneath the cloth “Folv, you must go now. The lime is waiting” the disembodied voice seemed to speak softly, straight into his ear
“Who are you?” Folv asked, getting up and wiping the sleep from his eyes
“I am no one, and yet everyone, I need you to find the lime for me, little Folv,” the cloaked figure turned and walked over to his mother. They stroked her cheek softly and then kissed it
“Leave my mum alone” Folv growled
“I wish neither of you any harm” it insisted, clearly male
“What’s a lime?” Folv asked “Is it food, I think I remember seeing one…” Folv mumbled
“You will know when you see it, Folv. Good luck.” The cloaked figure opened the door and left, without delay.

Folv tore his covers from his body and chased the cloak out of the door. It stood by the village gate, looked back once and then the entity inside the cloak vanished, like it was never there, leaving only the cloak behind.
“Who are you?” Folv asked to the chilling wind. There was no response. “Answer me!” Folv called out. A gust of wind tickled Folv’s body
“You must remember: Heroes aren’t born, Folv, they are made”

I love all the other stories by the way, probably not even going to place xD I especially like the shortest story, very humorously done, I think :3


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19 Feb 2012
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Ok here I go:

Lime, the fruit of power used both as a weapon and as new hope, in past and future whoever possess the Lime is the one wielding the everlasting grasp on the world’s faith. On the wind’s breath, I heard that the Lime has been returned to us once again. Everyone on my tribe has set out and I will venture out forth-gaining fame and fortune as I past the land as an adventurer. As a loyal citizen of my tribe, I strive to bring back the fighting spirit of the Turgas. May my name be written in blood on the battlefield or in the finest ink only for the history books, I will become victorious.
As I was leaving my family my younger brother, Crisom, scrambled up to me and exclaimed, “Kyra, bring back some Lime please I really want to eat it!” I burst out loud laughing after I heard him. Once I tried to get myself together, I explained to him, “You silly, the Lime that I’m trying to find have been given to us by the Goddess Nysis, not the local grocer.” My mother and father both with concerning expressions knew the most that I am ready for the adventure. After rigorous training for months in the Katumba Valley I had fully became a commander in our city’s forces. Therefore, this mission is my job and more failure upon the Turgas’ name will destroy our pride as a race. My parents gave me a hug. “No matter how old you are you’re still your parent’s child”, this was one thing we are taught, our ancestors are gods to us and our parents are the priests telling stories about our greatest ancestors.
The city of Kara-Kunta is filled with markets and vendors along the streets selling an innumerable amount of items. Guards dressed in handsome armor, only made from the optimum silvers roam around the city. I favor most light fitted close as they were best for fast attacks. The city of countless souls that are crushed still had a ray of light in them mark our city. After our leader had passed away, various things have changed and the optimism of people was strongly affected. Resulting in this, Kara-Kunta is protected by a fortitude wall that towers the buildings and patiently watches both the city and the plains. I make my way to the main gates where six guards total are stationed here. One guard, with superb armor strolled over and exclaimed, “Hey, nobody leaves the city walls from the order of my commander.” I take a half step forward and self-introduced myself, “I am Kyra Longheart, and I am the commander of the special ops unit formed for quick assassination and instantaneous movements. Here is my evidence.” I held out a pendant given to prominent soldiers, mine was round and made from silver. It was proof that I was able to escape the plague of hopelessness. “Sorry, be were under strict orders since we’ve seen some suspicious activity going on,” the guard said nonchalantly. It is a rule now, if anything observed in the area that is considered apprehensive then we are under alert; thus, not letting anyone enter the gates nor leave. “Listen, it is my obligation to discover the Lime. I need to save our people.” I hastily said. The blazing anger of my blood boiled until my icy cold conscience extinguishes the flame with a critical thinking. I know that this adventure is going to have those hard choices were it has a lose-lose situation any way you perceive it. Standing there for a while discerning about my choices and consequences the guard interrupts and irritably said, “Are you just going to stand there all day?” It was a rhetorical question and I whispered “no” under my breath. This is going against my people and my values, but I ran past the guard to the rolling plains of Tumbara Plains. I know I am a traitor right now, but that does not matter I just want to save my people. Sometimes you have to give up something to retrieve something. Right? My city for the Lime and the strength to redeem Tumbara Plains, in the end I believe that this is for the best. Next time I come here, I will be able to move the future of everyone in the world, the power may consume me or give me the everlasting ability to touch the world’s faith.


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Ha ha, Hakumaiu, you've stolen my favourite character name Very Happy
Im sorry everyone if this is long...and I wouldn't mind comments/suggestions/critisim about the story Very Happy

My fingers brushed against the cold stone as I crouched behind the cave entrance. I could feel the adrenaline pounding, driving me to fight. I fought against it, fighting against every instinct just to remain still. My eyes closed, but it only strengthened my other senses. My ears twitched to the slightest breeze a hundred miles away. I parted my lips slightly, tasting the air. Something was coming.
I slowly opened my eyes, letting them adjust to the dim lighting. A shadow crept from right of the entrance and my tail twitched in preparation. I licked my dry lips. Steady...
A small creature popped rounded the corner. I didn’t even let it have a chance. Within a second I had leapt from my crouched position and seized it by the waist. She screamed.
“Vehriahn!” She accused as I whipped her around. Her dazzling electric blue hair obscured my vision as she pounded me with her tiny fists. “Put me down! Put me down now!”
I chuckled at her and placed her gently on the ground. Her tail swished back and forth angrily with her brilliant amber eyes seething in fury. If she wasn’t half my height I’d be terrified, but I could only laugh.
“How dare you-” she stabbed a small clawed finger in my face, “how dare you scare me like that!”
I raised an eyebrow and we stared each other down. Our only movement was her tail’s constant flicking. Finally I broke the silence.
“How dare I? Why, like this.” In a move that I had perfected over the years, I tipped her onto her back and tickled her sides. She squealed and fought against me with all of her battle skills that ran in our blood. But I, of course, was better. Much better.
“You....stupid... Keiger... brother!” she gasped between fits of giggles.
“Oi!” I shouted grabbing her and forcing her to look into my eyes. The playfulness had left me.
“Did you just call me a Keiger? Did I just hear right?” I snarled. I didn’t mean my anger, but she had to know that it wasn’t right. To be called a Keiger was the worst insult to our race. It was the lowest of the low. They had no honour, they were merciless and despicable. She quietened, and I could see the fear and regret in her eyes. But her angry blaze ignited yet again.
“Yes, and you deserve it,” she snapped. I swatted her ear and she cringed.
“Don’t Kyra, you know it’s not right. Never call anyone that.”
She squirmed under my grip but I didn’t release her. Finally she stopped struggling and her gaze softened. “I’m sorry...”
I sighed and ruffled her hair. “I forgive you. Let’s go back.”
She stood up and shook her long blue hair out with a protest on her lips. “But I didn’t prove that I was the best fighter yet!”
I glanced at her cute pouting face and laughed. I scooped her up gently and placed her on my shoulders where she grabbed my ears. It hurt, but I didn’t mind.
“Don’t worry, I believe you. You’ll be our next champion, right?” I lightly teased. She tightened her hold on my ears and her tail whacked my back in excitement.
“Of course. I’m going to live up to uncle Renvolf’s name!” she exclaimed. My expression lost its playfulness as I remembered him. Those cursed Keigers, they should all die of starvation, dehydration and....shrivel-ation, and give us back our land while they’re at it.
“Yeah, we’ll live up to the Kahn family name, right? Shall we go to Unif’s for tea?”
“If she’s not training,” Kyra agreed. I nodded.
“That’s all we ever do. Train.” I muttered under my breath. Not even Kyra with her accurate hearing heard me.
I refused to look at the gravesite as we walked past. There were too many. Too many families completely obliterated while fighting for their family, honour and land. Even Kyra turned quiet.
“Vehriahn!” A male voice shouted and I spotted my friend running from the training fields. The tip of my tail twitched in annoyance but I smiled.
“Ferif,” I greeted. Ferif was one of our greatest warriors. His blue orb eyes were startling against his honey golden complexion and made him popular among the females. Like me, he had grown his mane, our highest symbol of honour. But unlike me, he wasn’t the top fighter.
“Are you going to join training today? Or have you got babysitting again?” he teased with a wink at Kyra.
“I’m not a baby!” she shouted. But her face was flushed. I resisted the urge to growl. I hope she grew out of her childish crush on him, he wasn’t good enough for her. No-one was.
“Of course not, little Kyra. You’re our top warrior like your brother, right?” he grinned. She nodded. Ferif turned to me again. “So...are you going to accept Unif’s offer of one of the commanders?”
Inwardly I froze, but I put on a lazy smile. “I’m thinking about it.”
He laughed as he and slapped me on the shoulder. “Of course, you have to keep the ladies waiting.”
I didn’t bother pointing out that I had a different reason, or the fact the great leader of the Turgas was my cousin. He already knew the latter.
“I’ll see you around, okay?” I offered and he shrugged.
“I might be difficult to find. But, I can tell you this. If you find a huge throng of women then I’ll be there in the centre,” he grinned and I rolled my eyes. Jerk.
We went our separate ways. As I walked I inhaled the beautiful scent of home. We lived in one of the only meadow areas amongst the plains. There were the exotic scents of spices, usually associated with our passion for victory. Hidden among them were the whispers of the sun, a taste that brought fire in our eyes. But I loved the calm feeling that the sands brought, filled with the song of battle which left no time to think, just act. It was amazing how the adrenaline ran through my veins.
“Vehriahn?” Kyra interrupted my revelling. I looked at her with a soft smile.
“Do you think we can ever win against the Keigers?” She searched my eyes earnestly, begging for an answer. If I was a good older brother I would have lied. I would have protected my beautiful thirteen year old sister from the truth.
“No. I don’t think we can like this.”
“Hey Unif!” I shouted when I entered her residence.
“Vehr? Is that you? Because I would run r-” her voice shouted. Before I could register her warning my mother stormed in my direction. She grabbed my ear and pulled me down to her level. I exclaimed in pain.
“Did you take Kyra to the Keiger territory again?! Did you?” She shouted. I cringed away from both her voice and the pain.
“Well, I-”
“How many times do I have to tell you Vehriahn Tor Kahn?”
“You do not go there. It’s where t-”
“-those vile Keiger vermin live who killed father’s brother live, I know. Now if you can just release my ear...” I interrupted. Her eyes glared holes into mine. It’s well known that Kyra got her temper from our mother.
“You bring shame to our name!” she shouted, but she released my ear. I stood up to my full height while rubbing my ear. What a huge insult. I needed to find a mate and get out of this house.
“Don’t say that aunt, he’s the best fighter of his age group,” Unif protested as she came out. Like all the other women her age, she was dressed for the dessert, however she was probably one of the most beautiful and vicious females of our race.
“Unif,” I greeted, trying to get out of trouble. Unfortunately, I found another.
“What is this about not accepting the role of Commander? I thought you would have seized the opportunity,” she glared at me with hard eyes. I squirmed under her gaze and looked away.
“I want to spend time with my sister,” I responded with a white lie. It sounded weak.
“Is this true?” rang mother’s icy voice. I flinched as I turned back to her. “You dare give up this honour?”
I sighed. I’d lost my appetite. “I’ll go think on it, okay? Look after Kyra, I’ll be back.”
I left before they could start accusing me again. Women were so frustrating. I wanted to go far away where they wouldn’t find me. Why couldn’t they leave me alone?
I punched a nearby tree, barely remember in time to not use my full strength. As it was the tree now leant at an odd angle. I needed to cool my head and get away from this honour-ruled society.
My feet led me back to where I was playing with my sister. Into Keiger territory.
The dessert night air was chilly as I sat on a cliff rise. The moon cast eerie light over the landscape, but it was beautiful to me. I inhaled the scents of the world I loved so much and relaxed in the peace that this night brought. If I went with the army I would never have moments like these.
I began to think deeper about this. Would I give everything up to go into a place for battle? Would I leave my sister to grow up by herself? What if she was bullied again? What if she got into trouble while I wasn’t here? What if...when I saw her again after many years of useless fighting, she no longer loved me?
It was midnight when I heard some strange scratching noise. Instantly, my feline instincts took over. Wondering what it was, my tail twitched in excitement.
I slowly crept over the rocks towards the sound. A hunched shape lingered amongst the rocks. I couldn’t see it clearly with the dim lighting. My eyes flickered up. No wonder, a cloud had covered the moon.
I edged over to a patch of dead-looking trees. The creature continued its strange scraping. The wind was blowing the wrong way so I couldn’t use my nose. I could only use my eyes. Suddenly the cloud moved and the moon shone again. I froze.
It was a Keiger.
A snarl formed in the back of my throat, but I swallowed it. Even the slightest sound could give me away. Should I kill it? Surely one less Keiger was a bonus to us all. Instead I studied it.
I had never seen a living Keiger before. I inhaled sharply, surprised at what I saw. This defied everything I knew about Keigers.
It was a female, with beautiful- I mean, hideous, black and white stripes. Tiny fangs prodded from the edges of her lips, and her delicate- I mean, weak, arms were covered in battle wounds, proof that she was a fighter. Silky hair- I mean, hair that looked dead fell to her waist, covering her face as she worked. As she turned from her task I saw the most amazing ice blue eyes. I gave up trying to lie. I couldn’t breathe.
How could something this beautiful be so dangerous?
Suddenly her eyes focused on me, and we both froze. I cursed mentally. Her slender tail began to weave back and forth in the air, and I could see her muscles in her legs tighten to run. Her fingers twitched to an empty spot on her belt. Neither of us had a weapon. She must have realised it too, because some of the alarm faded from her frightened eyes, yet she still did not relax.
“Turga,” she hissed, as if the very name was a poison. I wanted to snarl in reply, but as I examined her again I couldn’t bring myself to. I don’t know why, but I didn’t want to hurt her.
“Keiger,” I greeted in an even tone. That seemed to surprise her, but she grew more wary.
“Why are you in our territory?” she demanded. Her voice had an astonishing accent that wanted to draw me to her even closer.
I didn’t want her to run, or to kill me, so I spoke casually with a shrug, hoping that she would find me harmless. “Because I’m stupid.”
This brought the faintest smile to her lips, and my pulse quickened. She was too beautiful.
“Idiocy will lead to your death, Turga,” she said wisely. I resisted the urge to laugh.
“Hey, I said I was stupid, not an idiot,” I growled softly, but she noticed the playfulness in it. Her eyes lit up.
“Well, you look like one,” she retorted. I laughed then.
“Well, you know the saying. Takes one to know one,” I responded. I then frowned. Were sayings still the same even though we were different races? Were our races that different?
She grinned, a deadly weapon against my breathing. “I’ll accept that.”
I examined her from head to toe, and she shuffled uncomfortably. “So what is this Keiger doing here?”
“It’s my land.”
“It was my land,” I growled out of habit. She looked startled and I sighed. “Sorry, a reminder of what we have lost.”
An awkward silence stretched out between us. I wanted to continue talking but she was a Keiger. Should I return? Anything is better than this silence between me and this beautiful creature.
“My father banished me from the city for a night because I refused to obey his order,” she answered quietly. My eyes snapped back to hers.
“That sounds harsh.” My mother had the same punishment when we were younger. “Why here though? You are the first Keiger that I’ve seen.”
She tilted her heard and I nearly stopped breathing. But she didn’t answer my question. “So do you come here often?”
I considered my answer. If I said yes, she could find me another day and kill me. But I didn’t want to lie to her. “Perhaps.”
She flashed me her fangs in a smile again. “So, besides being stupid, why are you here?”
“I’m sulking,” I replied truthfully. Her laughter rang through the clearing. Pleased, I leaned against the tree and slid to the ground, visibly relaxing. I should be able to react fast enough if she attacked, but I didn’t want her to realise that her presence made my heart race.
“What, lost another battle again?” She teased and I flinched. Why did she keep bringing up her race superiority?
“I’ll let you know that I’m the best fighter in the city,” I said hotly. She raised her eyebrow, disbelieving. I noticed her leaning on the huge rock and I smiled. She liked my company enough to let her guard down. “Well, at least in my age group. My sister is pretty good too. What were you doing before I rudely interrupted you?”
She hesitated as she looked at the ground. I noticed several little stone carvings. From this distance I couldn’t see them clearly enough, but I was in no hurry to get closer and scare her, or get attacked.
“Can I have a look?” I carefully asked. She glanced at me before tossing one of them. I gently caught it in one hand and held it against the moon. My eyes widened.
“I’m not that good,” she muttered when I remained silent. I shook my head
“No,” I breathed as I continued to twist the carving in the light. It was a Turga, which was strange. But what was even stranger was who the Turga was. My uncle. How strange that a Keiger should be carving him. “It’s beautiful... like you.”
The words slipped out before I could stop them. I froze, no daring to look at her. How could I say that so clearly? Instead I cleared my throat and talked to the ground. “So, uh, do you usually carve Turgas?”
“Umm, not really. I haven’t seen a real one before. I based this one on a painting we have on the last fight. Except I didn’t include his wounds. And that it was a painting, so I didn’t quite know...” her voice trailed off, a relief from her jumbled words. Her cheeks were flushed as she studied the moon with arms wrapped around her knees. How cute.
“This is Renvolf, right?” I confirmed. She nodded. “I’ll point a few things out, because I know him better than you. His ears aren’t that tall, they should be a bit rounder. And his tail was never that slim, he had broken it once so there was a little kink. But you managed to capture his battle eyes. At home, his eyes were softer and more caring. You should come to our city and carve him for us. He’s our hero.”
“Did you know him well?” she asked cautiously. A small smile touched my face.
“Yeah. Everyone loved him.” I tossed the little statue back. “Would you like me to...stay until you’re no longer banned? No-one will miss me.”
She noticed my lie and shrugged, recognising that I didn’t want to go back. She wrinkled her nose. “I dunno, you’re kind of annoying.”
I blinked and stood up, ready to go. I thought she enjoyed my company. But the sheer flatness of her opinion of me was startling. “Well, if that’s how it is, I-”
“Stop, stop, I was only joking!” she laughed. She looked at me with those enchanting eyes again. “Please stay. My name is Savannah.”
I hesitated, captivated. There was that feeling again, drawing me to her. Eventually I sat down, closer than before. “I’m Vehriahn.”
She gave me a small hesitant smile. And that is how our friendship begun.
I stretched, yawning like a huge cat. My ears flickered, catching the sounds around me. My eyes lazily opened and I could feel my pupils slit in the sun. Then I bolted upright. Had I fallen asleep in Keiger territory?!
Adrenaline pumped through me as I examined my surroundings. There was no movement. There was no Savannah.
Sadness filled me but I pushed it aside. She said that she was only banned for the night, so of course she would return back to her home. She hadn’t killed me even though I was asleep. I smiled at that.
I stood up warily in case there were other Keigers around. Seeing none, I gave a sigh of relief. As I walked back to my home, a slow steady smile spread across my face. I had fallen in love.
And I wanted to see her again.
Every night for the past week I visited the same spot, but Savannah never returned. I was beginning to feel despair, but I continued to persist. The feelings I had for her were relentless.
I lay in the moon beams again, wondering if she was even allowed out of the city. I wondered if she even wanted to see me again. Suddenly I heard a stick snap and I jumped to my feet. A growl rumbled at the back of my throat, and my hand twitched to the air on my back where I usually had my sword.
“Easy there tiger,” Savannah joked with a grin, raising her hands. Instantly I felt peaceful as I took in her appearance. Nothing had changed, she was still the most amazing person I had met. Despite myself I laughed.
“Please, I’m a lion.” I rolled my eyes. Her smile widened.
“Have you been waiting for me all this time?” She curiously asked. I shrugged with one shoulder, not wanting to seem too desperate. Pity filled her face. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t find the right time to escape. Rather...I didn’t know if I should come back.”
The last part hurt. Obviously she didn’t care for me like I did towards her. I gazed searchingly into her eyes. “What made you come back then?”
She sighed and sat on the ground, not too far from me. But not close enough. She shyly ducked her head. “I couldn’t stop thinking of you. My hands....I just...”
She gave up trying to say whatever it was and reached into one of her bags. I flinched, but she only brought out a handful of stone carvings. I gasped.
They were all of me. Each statue was beautiful, and I’m not being egoistic. But there was one of my laughing with head held back, one with me sleeping, and one which stared intently, searching for hidden answers. “These are amazing.”
“They are better than my normal ones, which puzzle me. Can... can we talk again? You’re the only one who actually listens to me.” She said almost sadly. Something had upset her and I grew angry. Instead, I smiled, and sat close to her, almost touching. I dared to breathe.
“Yes, I can. We have all night. And, if you want to see me again, we can, every night from now until forever. And I’ll protect you from the things that scare you. I won’t hurt you.”
It had been a month since I first met Savannah. It seemed like I had known her forever. I knew all of her secrets, hopes and dreams. Around my neck I had a stone pendant of a tiger and a lion butting heads. Anything and everything she did was incredible.
Life back at home continued while I met with her daily, but I stopped taking Kyra to the Keiger territory. Obviously this annoyed Kyra. She wanted to continue ‘hunting’ the Keigers in their land so that she could claim it as hers. I lied and said that I didn’t want to get in trouble with mother again. She didn’t believe me.
I fiddled with my favourite dagger as I made my way to the great hall late in the afternoon. Thankfully Kyra didn’t have to go, it was way too boring. It was the monthly meeting of our battle plans against the Keigers, but obviously this time my heart wasn’t into it. Instead, my heart was into a single female Keiger, who was more beautiful than anything else.
I nearly groaned. I was getting sappy.
“Vehriahn!” Ferif shouted and I waved at him. These days my smiles came easily, and I was close to even enjoy being in Ferif’s company. Close.
“Hey, how’s things? I haven’t seen you in a while,” I greeted. He frowned.
“You’re right. What’s up with you these days? You’re never around.” He pulled me to the ground beside him and I sat down. I mentally cursed. I hadn’t been to the training grounds for a few days because I was catching up on my sleep.
“I...” my voice trailed off, but thankfully Unif saved me from giving an answer.
“Order! Order!” she shouted. Instantly all the men quietened. I always found that funny. She rubbed her temples. “Before we start, the Renm family have had a baby boy this week. That’s the only announcement.”
“Unif, have there been any advances on either side?” shouted an old man across the room. She turned her steel gaze to him.
“No, we’re still at a standstill. The Keigers beat us back every time we move forward.” She looked at me. “But, I may announce someone who can change the tides. Vehriahn, can you please come to the front?”
I froze as all eyes turned to me. This was new. She couldn’t be... declaring that I was going to be the captain, right? I knew that she would attempt something soon, but not this big.
Suddenly a huge wave of cheering filled the room and I felt sick. I slowly stood with my head down. Panic took control of my mind. What should I do? Should I accept the honour and the role, and kill people like Savannah? What if I had to kill Savannah?
No. Never.
Taking a deep breath, I looked at her. I didn’t want to do this. But I had to. I had to protect the one I loved. I wanted peace, peace between our races so Kyra can grow up happily. So that Savannah and I can live together.
“Unif,” I inhaled deeply. I had to say it now. “...I do not want to fight the Keigers.”
Everyone turned silent.
“Can you please repeat that,” Unif hissed. I could feel my hands trembling so I clasped them behind my back and squared my shoulders.
“I think we should try to make peace between our races. Both of us have lost many lives. We should work together.”
Silence met me. I could feel the cold sweat trickling down my back.
“So, you are saying that we should make peace with the Keigers? Those creatures,” she spat, “who killed our beloved hero, Renvolf Kahn?”
I flinched as she brought in my uncle, and her father. “Yes.”
This time angry murmurings broke through. But it all faded into one cry. “Treason!”
“I can’t believe you.” Ferif stood up and glared at me. He spat at my feet and left. Several other men and women joined him, giving me revolted looks. I held my ground, I couldn’t back down now.
“Kill him!” Shouted the old man. I doubted that would happen, Unif wouldn’t let me die. Another shook his head.
“No, give him to the Keigers since he loves them so much,” he jeered. I bit my lip, that wouldn’t be a good idea.
“Cut his mane off.” The elder woman suggested. Everyone froze. I felt the blood drain from my face.
They can’t take my mane.
I looked helplessly at Unif, but she wasn’t watching me. She nodded her head slowly.
“Grab him.”
She didn’t just say that. She couldn’t have. Suddenly it was me facing all of the Turga warriors. They grabbed me by the ears and pushed me onto the ground. I struggled against them, and I could feel myself beginning to hyperventilate. Not my mane. It was the representation of honour, everything that we lived for.
I fought like a wild beast, but I didn’t want to hurt them. A woman grabbed my arm and jerked me onto the ground and I lost my balance. I snarled as another held me down, tying my hands and feet. They then dragged me to Unif who held her favourite knife. That was her birthday present from me last year. I could see the hatred of me accepting her father’s killers in her eyes.
“Vehriahn Kahn, from this day forth until your mane grows to its full length, you are not allowed to participate in any of the Turga activities,” she ordered. I exhaled. My gaze found hers and defeat filled me. She wouldn’t save me. I had insulted her beloved father.
“Yes Unif,” I whispered in a quiet voce. Pity filled her eyes. But that didn’t stop her from leaning over and slicing a lock of my bronze mane. Lock after lock fell off as my mane was slowly taken away. I was shaking in fury and the floor around me was covered. It wasn’t until midnight that I was allowed to leave.
I had no honour.
I was not worthy.
Therefore, I was a disgrace.
And should not exist.
The next night I ran to Savannah. I didn’t care if anyone saw me. I didn’t care if a Keiger killed me. I wanted her. I wanted to be near her.
She was waiting there as always, stealing my breath. When she saw me horror filled her eyes.
“What happened to you?” she gasped. I shrugged, not meeting her eyes.
“I’m not hurt. I’ve just lost my mane.” I replied. Strangely Savannah noticed the pain in my voice and how close I was to breaking. She reached up to touch my cheek.
“Doesn’t it mean so much to you?” she asked. I nodded slightly and tears filled my eyes. I bit my lip and looked away. Now was not the time.
“Oh Vehriahn,” she sighed, and hugged me. Surprised, I let my arms slowly circle around her. She fitted perfectly. I inhaled deeply, taking in her wondrous scent. She let me stay like that for what seemed like forever. Too soon she pulled away and looked deeply into my eyes.
“Why?” she asked. I sighed and reached a trembling hand to pull a strand of hair caught in the fluff from the top of her ears. I wasn’t used to beautiful creatures this close.
“I tried to stand up for the Keigers.” I replied slowly. She searched my eyes and found that I was speaking the truth.
“Thank you,” she said, and kissed my cheek. That made it worth it.
I returned home at dawn and found Kyra waiting for me. She didn’t question where I had been, but her eyes fell onto my missing mane. She bit her lip but stood tall.
“Welcome home brother,” Kyra greeted. My love for her increased. She hadn’t shunned me.
I kissed her on her forehead. “Thank you, little cub.”
Affection filled her eyes at the baby name. I hadn’t called her that in years.
“Breakfast is on the table. Yesterday I did one of the trials. I’ve beaten the record. It was yours,” she gave me a cheeky smile and I faked a swipe at her. She dodged.
“Well, I expect you to be better. You had a brilliant teacher right from the start.”
She pouted. I laughed at her and sat down. The food was cold, and didn’t have the usual flavours. It took me another moment to realise that it wasn’t my mother who had made it, it was Kyra.
My gaze settled her from across the table. She emptied her second bowel and her eyes met mine.
“Vehriahn? What’s up?” she asked. I hesitated. All night I had been debating a decision that could put our relationship to the test. I desperately wanted her to meet Savannah. I wanted Savannah to know me and my family more. But I didn’t want her to meet my mother. Was it time? My heart ached ‘yes’. I took a deep breath.
“Kyra, tomorrow night, I have a surprise for you,” I stated casually. Her eyes lit up.
“Really? I love surprises. Is it that dagger I’ve wanted for aaaages now? You said that I could get it soon!” She sprang from her seat. I laughed at her and pushed her down again. Then, I would make it two surprises. I would give her my dagger and introduce Savannah. Then, I would ask Savannah to be my mate.
And I would be the happiest man alive.
“Hey Savannah, did you want to meet my sister tomorrow?” I asked shyly as I traced patterns on her hand. She filled my senses. My nose was full of her strange Keiger scent, my ears listened keenly to every move she made, my eyes constantly watched her, my hands brushed against her soft skin and I could taste her exoticness in the air. She stiffened but relaxed as she leaned against my chest again.
“Yeah. From what you’ve told me, I think I would like Kyra.” The way she said my sister’s name was amazing. She fingered at the remains of my mane.
“I’ll meet you here at noon, okay?” I touched a new ring she had on. I felt uneasy about it.
“Yeah,” she agreed softly, not meeting my eyes. Savannah was cute when she was shy. I gently kissed her forehead and leaned back.
On the way to my home I left my dagger in the cave that Kyra and I usually played in. I had polished it until the gems glowed, and enhanced it so that she could wield it easier. I would make her find it while I searched for Savannah.
The next day I was practically bouncing. I couldn’t wait. Kyra would love Savannah, once she got over the whole Keiger verse Turga things.
“Okay Kyra, your present is somewhere in this cave. Let’s see how good your Turga searching skills are. I’ll be right back,” I reassured her. She tilted her head but nodded. Excitement brimmed in her eyes. I gently patted her head and left the cave with a wave. I left her standing there, with her beautiful blue hair floating softly in the breeze, her little honey ears twitching, and her eager gold eyes following me.
That’s how I would always want to remember her.
As usual my instincts tingled in the Keiger territory, telling me something was wrong. I ignored them and happily bounded over to our meeting spot.
“Savannah!” I shouted, and my voice echoed back at me. “Savannah!”
I stopped shouting and sniffed the air, trying to find her unique scent. But something different hit me instead. I froze.
It was part of her scent, the foreign tang that I had grown to love. But now it smelt wrong. It was mixed with other scents, dangerous ones. Keigers. And a lot of them. They were close, but they were heading towards the caves. And then I realised why. They were following a scent that screamed ‘Turga’.
They were chasing after Kyra.
I don’t know how I got there so fast. All I knew was that I was running, faster than I had ever done so before. My feet were aching, but I continued to push forward. I had gained on them, but I was losing energy fast. I slowed down, trying to catch my breath. My gaze drifted across the landscape and stopped.
There was a silhouette of a female Keiger watching me, her ice blue eyes glowing as her striped tail twitched. There was no emotion on her face.
It couldn’t be....Savannah?
Another Keiger came up behind her. It was a huge male with black fur. I felt a growl forming in my throat. He smirked at me and leaned down to kiss Savannah. My Savannah.
My heart stopped.
“No!” I shouted. And then I heard Kyra scream. Something died inside me. I looked at Savannah, despair written all over.
“How could you?” I whispered, backing away. Savannah didn’t meet my eyes, but I could see the pain. But I would never forgive her if... if Kyra....
I turned my back to Savannah and ran towards my little sister.
Savannah was married. It explained the uneasiness of the night before and the ring on her hand. The night I met her...was that why she had refused her father’s order? Because she didn’t want to marry him?
The Keigers are like the Turgas. We are both forced to do things that we hate. We love, we laugh, we cry and we have secrets. There is good in the Keigers, and there is bad in the Turgas.
We are the same.
And I hope all of us will one day realise this.
Especially Kyra.
In the cool of the dessert night a figure could be seen sitting on a cliff rise. The eerie moon lighting cast conflicted blue shadows across the Turga’s face. It hardened as it stared out to the Keiger territory. The Turga was still. The only movement was her hair, whipping in the wind and snapping like a silent fury bred over the years.
The Turga slowly grabbed her billowing hair and pulled it taunt. With a swift movement after many years of thief training, her knife fluently separated her fistful of hair from her head. The dagger was beautiful, a memory of one she loved. Stray electric blue strands escaped as she turned her glowing amber eyes to where her brother was killed.
“Hear me, filthy Keigers,” she spat out, her voice loud and clear over the vast distance, “I, Kyra Ren Kahn vow to avenge my brother and uncle. I will not rest until your race has been obliterated, and our land reclaimed. I shall follow the blue columns that have appeared since last week, and acquire the Lime. You will face your destruction. I vow this in my brother’s name, Vehriahn Tor Kahn, who you killed in the raid seven years later. You took someone who I loved, and now I will take everything from you.”
With that she released her fistful of hair and turned away, not watching as it danced in the wind. With her long hair, she lost her mercy.
And Kyra Khan became a part of the Lime Odyssey.
And the legend of Kyra the Ruthless was born.


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Jask walk out into the sunlight. He covered his eyes from the early morning sun. He yawned.He glanced around the surrounding area. It was the East Tumbara, filled with grass and with no trees for miles. He stretched his sore muscles. He packed up his tent and started walking. A week ago, Jask had seen a giant glowing pillar in the distance of the East Tumbara, and he knew it had to be a Lime. A lime was the only way to get his voice back. Jask was Mute.
From birth, Jask had never spoken a word. He could grunt and moan, but he could not speak words. To make up for this, he studied well and trained even better. He became the top in his village. He had lead the village through tough times after they had lost the East Tumbara. He had been their shining savior. But as time moved on, He knew he had to find his voice. He left the village in the capable hands of his younger brother, Nerin. He had informed the village, and they had prapared a small festival for his departing. He had wave them goodbye and started his journey.
Jask trudged along throught the grasslands, feeling the warmth of the sun beat down on his fur covered skin. He stopped. He looked around. He felt he was being watched.
"One shouldn't walk alone," said a voice from behind him. Jask turned around.
A human in dark clothing walked up towards him. He wore a hood that covered his face.
"Well? Got anything to say?" asked the man. Jask motioned at his throat.
"What? CAT got your tongue?" laughed the man. Jask gritted his teeth, but kept calm. He motioned at his throat and coughed.
"Oh, your sick." replied the man actually sounding concerned. "I'm Lance," the man continued, holding out his hand. "I'm a tailor." He removed his hood, revealing a brown beard and short brown hair that matched his brown eyes. Jask shook the Lance's hand and smiled.
"Where are you of to?" asked Lance. Jask took a map from his bag. He showed it to Lance. He pointed to the spot he had approximated to be the Lime.
"Going towards the East Tumbara? I'm going that way too." replied Lance. They both walked off towards East Tumbara, Lance talking to Jask, and Jask just smiling and nodding.

"So Jask is your name?" asked Lance, reading the piece of paper Jask had given him. They sat around a fire, their tents behind them. "You are mute and are looking for the Lime to find your voice." Lance continued.
Jask nodded. Lance handed him back the paper. "Well Jask, I'll help you with this, because I want to learn about the Turga. I plan on writing a book on Turga and you'd be the perfect main character!"
Jask smiled. They ate and slept. In the morning they packed up and started traveling again. Lance told Jask fantastic stories of monsters and wars, as well as stories of Turga and Muris. Jask just listened and made an occasional gesture, to show he was listening.
"There was this one man I knew. He had fought with a Muris once. Tricky little things they are. They don't hurt you, only stun and confuse you. Well eventuall my friend caught it, but when he did, it just dissapeared." Jask listened intently. Lance sighed. "I have never met a Muris before, and your the first Turga." Jask looked at him. "I have lived with humans all my life. Never left the town. Never even visited anyplace." Lance stopped walking. "I'm the one who should be mute. I have no stories of my own to tell." Jask grabbed his shoulder. Lance looked up. Jask pointed at himself and held out an empty book. Lance smiled. "You're right! I'll write the best story ever!"

A boy picked up a book from the store shelf. "What is this one?" he asked the store keeper.
"That is a tale of a Turga and a Human that quest for the Lime." replied the store owner.
"I'll get it!" The boy ran over to the counter and gave the money to the owner.
"Have fun," replied the store owner, taking the money. The boy ran off, passing a cloaked figure on the way out.
"How are you?" asked a deep voice to the store owner.
"I'm good," Lance smiled. "I see you're using your voice well. Its good to see you Jask."

I went short this time =P


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Story Time: Turgas

During a dark moonless night, a family of Turgas fled from their town! Behind them, they saw fire blazing over their beloved town like a sick fiery beast laughing as it burns the town to ashes. Along with the sight of fire, they heard screams of horror, fear and pain. What foul, twisted creatures would have caused this inhumane calamity? The Turgas’ arch enemies: the savage Keigers.

Years have passed since the dreary misfortune. The Turga family, again, continued to live a “joyful” life, and settled in a tranquil camp- just west of their old town. Geb, the father, was cold and gloomy; however, he loved his family more than his own life. He was well fit, strong, and a powerful swordsman. He vowed to protect his family. Nut, the mother, was a cheerful woman; she always had a smile in her face. Nut loved to cook, and she specialized in healing. She was often seen wearing a silver necklace which her husband gave to her in their wedding. Isis, the daughter, was a charming young Turga. She was graceful, elegant, and good-natured. At a young age, she followed her mom’s footsteps, and learned the divine magic of healing. She would sacrifice anything to protect her family. Seth, the son, was the youngest member of the family. He was mischievous, naughty, and playful. One of his favorite hobbies was to play tricks on others.

The family was welcomed in the camp. They made friends, and lived in a warm and cozy home. Every day they would visit their old town, but every day they would come back sobbing.

As the story of the of the Lime spreads in Orta, the family gained hope. With the Goddess’ legendary fruit, they could live in eternal happiness, and they could restore their old town- which turned into a grave of ashes. They will be known as the masters of Lime, and be legendary just like the Lime itself. Day after day, the family searched for the mysterious Lime; until one day, the Keigers besieged their once peaceful camp. Nothing was left of their camp, but piles of displeasing corpses, and the sight of a new loss. Along with the loss, Nut was nowhere to be found.

Geb, Isis, and Seth seek for her, and followed the Keigers without bringing any supplies, but within a moment they lost sight of the beasts. The dreary man then held up his hands, and cried the words, “show us the path to my dearest,” towards the stars.
A ghastly voice whispered, “A wish must come with a sacrifice,” Geb nodded, “and a sacrifice must come with a terrible loss…”
“If I shall, I will accept your offer,” put forth Geb. “However, you must promise that my family will live on in eternal happiness.”
“As I said earlier, a wish must come with a sacrifice; although I will promise that the one you seek will be found, and your saga will not be forgotten.”
“How about the Lime?” the father asked, “Can u show us the path to the divine fruit of the Goddess Nysis?”
“Ohh my great, hasty warrior, you must be delusional. The celebrated trophy of the Goddess is beyond my power.”
In his last moment of life, Geb whispered, “Then, I shall sacrifice myself.” Thunder crackled, and the children were paralyzed with fear. Tears fell from their young eyes. With his last breath, Geb mouthed the words, “I love you.”

Within a single heartbeat, the earth swallowed their loved sire. For a sudden, the children were alone in the bloodcurdling prairie night. The misty sky crackled once more; then, the ground shook and, a path was made. The children followed the path. For such a great sorrow, they were determined to find their mothers because they know that was what their father wanted- that was what they wanted
After hours of venturing, the children finally stopped and found what they were looking for. A huge smile marked on their face, yet after examining, doubt and sadness set in. They lost hope of living, and their dream of living in eternal happiness was lost in their thoughts. The children headed to the nearest town weeping for what they saw was a corpse of a woman who was wearing her prized, silver necklace.

“What happened after?” asked Fae.
“The children arrived in this town and started a new life” the pale man replied.
Fae asked to the man, “Can u show me the path to where the children are?”
The man chuckled and very slowly fainted. He said in a ghastly voice, “Ohh my lone traveler, you must be delusional. A wish must come with a sacrifice, and a sacrifice must come with terrible loss….”
“How come a wish must come with a sacrifice?” asked Fae
“Shhhhhhhhhh, I have not finished. As I said... a sacrifice must come with a terrible loss, but a terrible loss must come with a reward. A sacrifice will eventually be rewarded. Now, I am spreading their odyssey for I have promised my dead, hasty warrior.” The man once more smiled and pointed towards the edge of the cliff. There, a grave stood, and behind it was a cheerless young Turga. The pale man faded completely.

Ten years ago, a young Turga lived in a halcyon town with his dearest family. All four of them, his father, mother, sister, and himself, enjoyed life in this town. Their only dream was to live with an everlasting happiness in what they call “the Town of Joy”. This child loved to play mischievous tricks on others; but one day his tricks had gone too far. Not far from their town, was a camp. The camp was dominated by the Keigers. The boy traveled to the camp, and burned it to mock the Keigers. He ran home swiftly while laughing at what he had done. Later that night, the Turgas heard an ear-splitting sound of a battle horn; it was loud enough to wake the dead. They all knew what it meant: their town of peace and tranquil has become a battlefield. The Turgas tried to defend their town, but just like what the boy did to their camp, the Keigers ignited the battlefield. The family of Turgas fled from their town!

Now that everyone he loved was gone. He promised to himself that he will become the master of Lime, and correct his mistakes. The boy got to his feet, said good-bye to the grave, and left. He continued to dream that someday he and his family will live life in eternal happiness.


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This event is now closed. Thanks for all the great entries! Please give me a day or two to review all of the entries and announce winners Smile

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