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08 Jan 2009
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PostedFeb 21, 2012 10:40 am

Re: New Morning Event Schedule!

Will Take Effect on 3/16/11!
GMFalcon wrote:
Here is the new morning event schedule that will begin on 3/16/11! All events will be held at either 11AM or 12PM Pacific Time and will have an individual forum post just like our Afternoon events! This change came about due to some rearranging of our GMs' schedules, and some discussion amongst the GMs on how to get all the Maps involved in the mornings. The events will be more than just Supermarket Sweep, so we can vary it up week-to-week.

So here you go! The brand new morning schedule:

Friday: 20-30 PvP - Linked Cantabilian

Remember, all events will be held at 11AM or 12PM Pacific Time, and will be announced the night before on the Official Events Forums.  

Sad... i work then ... QQ

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