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05 Jul 2011
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Welcome to the Event Suggestions Forum!

Welcome to the Event Suggestion Forums! Post any event related suggestions you may have in this forum!

.::Eden Eternal Event Suggestion Guidelines::.

We know that the community for this game is awesome and has tons of ideas and suggestions on ways to improve our in-game events.

The purpose for this forum is so that everyone's ideas and feedback regarding event improvements can be collected together so you don’t have to track it down using search hounds and arcane rituals.

Please know that the GM staff does not check this forum regularly

So why should you post here? Because the purpose of this forum is so that you, the Eden Eternal players, have a place to brainstorm ideas together or to post feedback regarding things you would like to see, in an area where you can discuss them together. Should you have a really good idea you want to share with the GM staff, Contact Us with your idea and include a link to the relevant post in this forum.

Always follow these rules when posting ideas or feedback in this forum:

  • This forum is for ideas & feedback regarding game events ONLY. For ideas or feedback regarding gameplay and promos click HERE: GAMEPLAY - PROMOTIONS.
  • Critiques are to remain about the ideas, never about the person or people posting.
  • This forum is for constructive feedback! It is not a place to post how much you don’t like a certain event, prizes for an event, or other negative things of that nature, WITHOUT providing a comment on how to improve it.

Example: “I hate the XYZ123 event because…..” Bad use of this forum.
“If the following were done to improve the event it would resolve ABC….” Good use of this forum.

Please remember that if you want your ideas heard by the GM team, you need to Contact Us and provide a short description of your idea or feedback AND include a link to your post.  

Please know that just because we do not implement your ideas, does not mean we are not paying attention. Often times we cannot implement ideas due to feasibility, employee schedule, or practicality, especially if you don't Contact Us with your idea.

Please remember to follow our forum guidelines when posting.
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