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Yay! Finally :D



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Chapter Twenty-Three: The Ixion

Luck stepped on a pedal and the Chiron gained speed. Ark clasped the handles on the light, balancing himself.
"Be careful, we don't want to be spotted," Ark scolded.
"Okay, sorry," replied Luck lessening her foot on the pedal. Luck jerked the wheel left and the vehicle made a sharp left turn.
"What are you doing?" asked are, jolted around.
"Getting out of their line of sight," replied Luck, intent on driving.
"Well don't do that again, I almost fell off!" said Ark grabbing the railing on the side of the vehicle.
"Sorry," replied Luck, still watching the green blur in front of them.
"I'm gonna try to work this thing," Ark informed, looking at the panel of buttons and switches.
"Don't give us away," warned Luck.
"I won't."
Ark pressed a button. Nothing happened. He flipped a switch and the panel of buttons lit up.
"Its on," said Ark running his hand over the buttons.
"Okay," replied Luck, not paying attention. Ark pressed a button on the end of a handle. A beam of light blasted out and shone upon some grass. The grass glowed brightly.
"Whoa..." exclaimed Ark surprised.
"What is it?" asked Luck.
"The grass-" Ark started.
"What is it?" asked Spike's voice through the box.
"Sorry, just trying out the light," Ark answered.
"Oh... well... tell us first next time," replied Spike, slightly annoyed.
"Okay," replied Ark. He sat in the seat connected to the light. He sighed. What a rough day. They had just been coming home the night before! And then the craziness started. Ark was tired. He heard a rumble. He glanced in the direction of the Ixion. The giant mounted cannon raised up towards the sky.
"Ark! Use the light before it fires!" yelled Luck, glancing back at him. Ark sat up in the chair and grabbed the controls. He aimed the light at the machine in the distance. He used the panel to lock on, swiveling towards the Ixion. He pressed the button. The beam shone across the field and hit the side of the metal beast. It glowed and Luck slowed to a stop. They waited. Nothing happened. The Bahamut did nothing.
"What are they-" Ark started.
The Ixion fired.

~To Be Continued


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28 Oct 2010
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Chapter <3: Couples Day

The boy and his older brother walked into the city.
“Finally we’re back!” said the boy.
“Well Ark, I wanted to make it back for Couples Day,” replied the brother.
“Ventro, are you in a couple?” asked Ark.
“Um-I… That doesn’t matter. You should go out and have fun today.”
“Okay, but can I have some money?”
“Sure.” Ventro handed Ark a handful of coins, “Go wild!”
Ark ran off. He ran towards his friend’s house. He walked through the fence gate and walked up to the door.
“Hey Seb! You home?” He yelled knocking on the door.
“Hi Ark,” replied the little girl that opened the door.
“Hi Sonika, is Sebastian home?” Ark asked again.
“I’m right here,” replied Sebastian, walking into the hallway.
“Want to hang out today? I just got money from my brother!”
“Sure! Let me get some of my stuff and we can go,” replied Sebastian, running into his room.
Ark and Sebastian had been friends since childhood. They had always pestered Sebastian’s little sister or learned skills from Ventro together. They were as close as siblings.
“Tell mom and dad I’ll be back late, would you?” Sebastian asked Sonika.
“Fine, but bring me a present!” replied Sonika.
“Deal.” Sebastian hugged his little sister goodbye and ran off with Ark.
“What do you want to do?” asked Ark, now walking next to Sebastian.
“I heard there is this ball at Town Hall, and everyone is invited.”
“Sounds great!”
“Okay, we’ll spend the day having fun, then get ready for the ball right before it starts.” Sebastian recommended.
“Okay Seb. Let’s go to the shop now!” They both ran off towards the downtown shopping street.

Surrounded by toys and models of houses and carts, Sebastian picked up a Turga doll.
“You think Sonika will like this?” Sebastian asked Ark.
“She’ll take whatever you get her,” He replied, picking up an hourglass.
“Okay then, I’ll get it.” Sebastian walked over to Ark with the doll in hand.
“I’m going to get this watch,” said Ark, holding up a black watch with a silver design of an hourglass as the background.
“Cool, I’ll get this one,” replied Sebastian, picking up one with crescent moon background.
They bought the items and stepped outside into the dimming sky. It was getting late. They started walking toward Ark’s house.
“What a full day!” exclaimed Ark.
“It’s almost time for the ball,” replied Sebastian. “See you at my house.” He walked towards his house.
Ark walked into his house and into his room. Ventro was not going to be home that day. Ark could guess why. Ark took a bath and dried himself afterwards. He combed his hair nicely and got dressed in a nice shirt, a tie, black pants, and a suit coat he had gotten for his birthday. He tied his tie and looked at himself in the mirror. He closed the clasp of his new watch around his wrist and checked the time. He walked out the door and proceeded to Sebastian’s house. He knocked.
“I’ll get it!” yelled Sonika.
“Is Seb ready?” asked Ark when Sonika opened the door.
“Almost,” she replied, playing with her new doll.
“Right here,” said Sebastian, walking down the hallway in his own suit coat.
“Let’s go then,” replied Ark. Sebastian checked his watch.
“The ball starts in fifteen minutes. We can be early for it,” continued Sebastian.
They both started walking slowly towards the Town Hall, talking as they walked. They talked about what they had done recently.
“Yeah, Ventro and I just came back from camping in the forest for a whole week!” explained Ark.
“Cool! I remember one time I swam in this crystal clear lake. I love the outdoors!”
They both laughed and continued to walk. They finally made it to the estate size Town Hall as other were arriving. Many couples walked in and some single people walked in as well. The hall was filled with guests chatting to each other about their excitement. Ark and Sebastian walked around and greeted people they knew.
“There are some many people,” said Ark to Sebastian.
“I know, and so many are couples,” he replied. Ark checked his watch. It was time to start. A man with a microphone appeared on the stage and everyone quieted down. The man was the Mayor.
“Citizens. I welcome you to the Annual Couple’s Day Ball!” people cheered.
“I hope you have a partner, because we shall start the music and dancing, so please enjoy yourselves!’ Everyone cheered and people started dancing to the music.
Ark and Sebastian leaned against a wall.
“This is boring,” whined Ark.
“Hey, I don’t have a partner either,” replied Sebastian.
“I’m going to get some punch,” scowled Ark.
“I’ll come,” sighed Sebastian. They walked over to the refreshment table and each grabbed a cup. Someone bumped Ark, and he almost spilled.
“Hey watch it!” Ark yelled, turning around.
“Sorry!” replied a girl. Ark froze. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She wore a blue dress that matched her eyes, and her curly brown hair hung from her head.
“No, it was my fault,” Ark apologized, blushing.
“What’s wrong?” asked Sebastian, walking over.
“I bumped into…” Ark replied, motioning to the girl”
“I’m Luck,” she finished.
“I’m Ark, and this is my friend Sebastian,” Ark introduced.
“Well I-” started Luck.
“Here you are!” yelled another girl, walking up to Luck. She wore a green dress that matched her eyes. Her brown hair bounced as she walked over.
“Sorry Cecilia, I was just talking to Ark and Sebastian.” Luck apologized, motioning to the boys. Sebastian was shaking.
“What’s with you?” Ark whispered to Sebastian.
“I’m n-nervous,” Sebastian stuttered.
“Why?” asked Ark. Sebastian bowed to Cecilia.
“May I have this dance?” he asked politely, standing back up and offering his hand. Cecilia blushed.
“S-sure.” They walked off into the crowd of people.
“May I?” asked Ark, mimicking Sebastian.
“Of course,” replied Luck, smiling. He took her hand and they started to dance to the vibrant music. They twisted and turned through the crowd of colors and smiled at each other. The music stopped and everyone stopped dancing, and clapped. The Mayor entered the stage and took the microphone.
“Now, what you all have been waiting for… the slow dance. So grab your partner and slow things down.”
Many couples stared to sway slowly from side to side as the music started. Ark blushed when Luck took his hands and placed them on her waist. She smiled and slowly swayed. Luck yawned. Ark glanced at his watch. It was almost twelve. Luck rested her head on his shoulder. They continued to sway, and Ark smiled. The clock tower struck twelve times and the music stopped. Couples all around kissed. Luck stood up.
“You’ve earned this,” she smiled. She kissed Ark.
“Thank you for tonight,” smiled Ark.
“It was my pleasure,” Luck smiled back.
They parted as guests started to leave. Ark walked away with a skip in his step. Sebastian caught up to him.
“How’d it go?” asked Sebastian.
“Amazing… you?”
They walked in silence for a bit.
“Couple’s day is great.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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