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09 Jan 2012
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Sacred Veil Saga/ Book 1: To Seek A Legendary Treasure

A money grubber, rude hot head, and an innocent by-stander...oh my how will this work?
Chapter 1/ A Destiny Worth A Gold Piece
part 1

"You can't drink me under the must be nuts!" A fat guard laughing letting his stomach jiggle a bit making him almost look like he was going to pop. The stranger stared from across the table at the guard preferring to keep eye contact with him at the risk of saying something rude at that moment.
"Oh? Too afraid to put your gold where your mouth is...?"
The laughing immediately stopped as he glared at the stranger, "That's big talk coming from some dry county warrior...very well lets put a wager...would be boring to not put you in your place."
The stranger took out a bag of gold coins which was surprisingly a large amount. The guard began to grumble realizing that was close to the amount he just made but merely shoved off his nerves then placed his bag harshly on the table taking out some coins to match the amount.
The bartender walked over to the table placing large bubbling mugs of beer in front of both contenders curious of how much the tab would end up not that he was disappointed since it'll be quite the profit.
The guard began to chug the beer down so quickly some of the beer was running down his mouth dripping on his rather large gut. The man closed his eyes trying to not vomit seeing how much this man reminded him of a pig.
"Heh you won't win you string bean! I be the best drunker in town!"

The man laughed a bit under his breath already noticing the guard was slurring his speech which didn't take as long as expected. Time had passed by slowly showing how long they had been there from the amount of mugs littering the table.
There was a sudden crash as the guard slammed into the table cracking it a bit down the middle. The bartender walked over then counted the mugs on each side.
"Oh my...The guard has 10 for you sir..."
But just as he was about to count the stranger sighed, "No point in counting I'm not the least bit drunk...I have 15 mugs on the table."
He pointed to signal the barkeep to look under the table. When the Barkeeper looked at the floor his eyes widened. There was an extra 10 under the table alone.
"Sorry had to make some extra room, and I wanted him to be more motivated it would kill the poor guy if I hadn't hidden them."
The stranger grabbed the guard's coin bag then paid the barkeep for the damage of the table and all their beers using the guard's money not that it was much compared to the profit he obtained.
"One last question Barkeep. Where is the town post? I've got a job to do for this tiny ole town."
"Its in the back of town towards the right path. Wait..your...the hired help from the city?"
"Mmhmm a warrior for hire..names Suyin. Oh and sorry about that slab of sweaty fat meat you have jammed in your table..." He shivered a bit looking away then waved as he left the Bar.

A delighted feline like female began to wag her long cat like tail taking one last sip of the whiskey. Her yellow eyes narrowed towards the door where the warrior just had left. Her face turned red thinking of all that gold in his possession.
" much gold...I just hit the jackpot...a long black haired warrior from the city...his eyes so blue." She suddenly trailed off then snapped back to reality, "Rawr! why am I day dreaming!? Its my duty no...its my destiny to have those coins in my possession!" She took a large gulp of the remaining whiskey then slammed it down putting the coins next to it to pay for the single drink. She charged out of the bar almost tripping over her own feet out of excitement.
She ran towards the town post almost as if running on air her eyes full of desire.
"I'm coming warrior boy! You won't know what hit you!"
Little did she know how wrong she was....



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09 Jan 2012
Richmond United States
PostedFeb 05, 2012 4:52 pm

Chapter 1/ A Destiny Worth A Gold Piece

Part 2
Suyin groaned a bit, "I shouldn't have drank before work."
He took out a poster from his pocket then uncrumpled it carefully making sure it wouldn't rip. After looking it over he frowned a bit, "Every time I look at this it sounds promising but they could be exaggerating it...I don't want to do anyone a free favor due to a misunderstanding."
Nearby the feline thief watched him from the shadows, "He seems more like a mercenary than just a plan warrior...a mean one at that."
She leaned over a bit to see what he had in his hands then realized it was a help wanted poster for the beast outside the city which has been terrorizing the town for quite a while.
"Oh what great news! When the beast kills the poor sap the money is as good as mine hehehehe."
Shire paused for a moment then growled a bit under his breath, "If you plan to stalk me keep your voice down idiot."
She leaped into the air startled by the sudden stern voice then realized she said her thoughts out loud causing her to panic.
Out of stress she lunged towards Suyin with her daggers drawn, "RAWR!"
Within a single second she was suddenly upside down with her face in the dirt, "Meow?" Her head came up as she spit some dirt from her mouth.
"...Don't even bother me again...such a waste of time." Suyin began to walk off completely ignoring the irritant.
"WAIT I'M NOT THROUGH WITH YOU JUST YET!" She flailed her arms like a child going through a temper tantrum. "I WILL FOLLOW YOU TILL THE END OF THE EARTH IF I HAVE TO!"
Suyin had walked off completely blowing her off.
"Ummm..." a voice seemed quite confused by the sight.
The feline thief quickly turned her head to see a mouse like mage carrying food and staring at her with a lost look.
She jumped up then quickly grabbed the milk from the bag he was holding then gulped it down like she hadn't drank in two weeks.
"Hey...that's...that's ugh my food..." he seemed really shy since the demand for the milk back was almost silent.
The milk had been completely consumed dry. She smirked towards the mouse like mage then a hyper look came to her eyes, "I'm glad we ran into each other I am Mari and today is your lucky day my servant!"
"S...S...Servant?" he didn't seem happy more like surprised.
Mari grabbed his arm pulling him so quickly the bag fell to the ground.
" food..." Before another word Mari ran off with her 'Servant'
Suyin shivered a bit, "..?" He couldn't figure out why he did that but assumed something irritating was coming.

It had been an hour since Mari took off with her servant to track down Suyin which finally they had near the shopping district. "Okay lets do this all according to plan!"
Suyin walked up to a vendor seeing some fresh food. He noticed the shopkeeper was a Muris a mouse like race. The Muris seemed a bit nervous but payed no mind as he selected an apple then was about to pay for it.
"RAWR!" Mari swung on a rope she had tied to the roof swinging towards Suyin at a quick speed aiming to stab him.
Suyin looked quite annoyed then just took a step back causing her to shoot past him.
A sudden crash was heard as people stared at a broken wall where one unhappy thief was partially stuck inside.
Suyin sighed then payed for the apple anyway walking off.
The Muris shop keeper walked over to the wall pulling on Mari's legs to get her out.
After five minutes of pulling she finally popped out of the hole covered in dirt. Mari looked furious.
"Perhaps if you didn't yell he wouldn't notice you."
Mari growled then shouted with her fists raised, "I'LL GET YOU YET!"
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