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Psychotic Tendencies #10

Psychotic Tendencies

“Just a little retribution”

The job Lucifer and Claire took as hunters for local Seabell restaurant; Eyern’s Eatery, took a turn for the worst as members of the local bandit guild; Eagle gang came to assault the two. Unknowing of the true threat Lucifer and Claire posed, the groups harassed the two until Claire had enough and struck one of the members with her mace. This led to fight that ended in the appearance of the female warrior who was spying on them earlier. Back to doing her job; Lucifer left Claire the to swordswoman; Slay to introducing themselves to one another. Though thankful for the last minute aid from Slay, she herself was well aware that even without her help the two would’ve had no problem with victory.

The three eventually make their way to the back of the restaurant to drop off the first of many boars slain by Lucifer when Eyern’s cook walks out the door. Surprised to see an orc walk out of the restaurant, Lucifer and Slay ready themselves for a fight only to be calmed as the orc poses no threat to them. The orc; K’Lar reveals to Slay by request, his Eagle Gang brand, which had been crossed out. Indicating that he had casted himself out of the gang. K’Lar goes on to tell the story of how the gang were once free spirited pirates that eventually were turned into ruthless, violent killers once under the leadership of an ogre named Ketak. The story explains that the Eagle Gang was defeated by a mysterious black airship and black and red sails. Forced onto the shores of Tranquil Hill, the Eagle Gang raided the farming colony of Fort Verdure and claimed it as their own.

Before K’Lar could finish his story he was interrupted by the sight of thick black smoke rising in the distance. Slay instantly rushes off to the source of the smoke to discovery her fears realized. That the child; Syncrocity, who was in the house last she saw, is dead. The weight of it all becomes hard to bare as Lucifer places a hand on Slay’s shoulder and is hit with more flashbacks. As soon her eyes change to a golden color. She continues the conversation from her flashbacks in present time, catching Slay off guard and eventually leading to tears as she faces the fact that her daughter is dead.

Inside Eyern’s Eatery, Slay sits at a table alone, with her head held down in sorrow staring a picture of the cheerful Syncrocity. Lucifer and Claire sit a distance away with K’Lar and Eyern looking back at Slay before carrying out a conversation;

“That poor woman, she looks like she could hold her own in any fight, but there’s no amount of training that could prepare anyone for that.”

Eyern says as he takes a drink from his mug. K’Lar sits still with his fists clinched in anger;

“I have heard numerous stories of how the gang has reach all new levels of low, but this is just far too **** low.”

Claire looks to Eyern as she asks;

“What of the proper authorities? Surely they have plans on addressing this matter?”

Eyern lets out a loud laugh before answering Claire’s question;

“The town police? Yeah, good luck waiting for them to do anything about it.”

Eyern points at a large picture on the wall of a large group of armored officers and continues on talking;

“The only ones who would’ve given that gang of ruthless animals what was coming to them are those proud and brave men and women there. Sadly, most of them died the night the gang shipwrecked here and raided Fort Verdure. Slaughter the lot of them along with the farming colony, poor souls. The ones who survived the raid, but were still brave enough to take them on died when they tried taking over Seabell. After that, as the years passed, officer after officer was hunted down and killed by those monsters. Including town police chief; Gregory Connor, not only did they kill him, they killed the man’s entire family. Now we have that poor excuse for a chief; Rolf and he amounts to hog spit.”

Out of nowhere a voice says;

“And what of these so called guardians?”

Everyone looks towards the source of the voice; Slay as she puts her picture of Syncrocity in her pocket. She then gets up and walks to front of the restaurant;

“What would they do that the officers won’t do?”

Eyern scratches his had nervously, but K’Lar answers before he can;

“They do very little if anything at all. They may slim down their numbers for a bit, but they never finish the job.”

Slay grips her sheaved sword tightly;

“Then maybe it’s time to finish this once and for all.”

“Believe me, it’s long overdue, hun. The problem is, it’s also easier said than done.”

Eyern responds before taking another drink from his mug. Lucifer gets up from her seat and walks over to Slay;

“She’s right, maybe we should just charge into Fort Vendure-”


Claire quickly corrects Lucifer as she then continues talking;

“Fort Verdure and kill everyone who’s a member of the gang.”

Claire gets to her feet and walks over to join the two when suddenly K’Lar speaks up;

“If you two are that determined to take out the Eagle Gang, you’re going to have to do it more efficiently than just running it and killing members. You’re going to have to tear down the gang through rank.”

Slay turns back to hear what K’Lar has to say, Claire stops as well, while Lucifer stops at the front of the restaurant and notices three familiar children from before; a dark purple haired boy with rabbit ears, black haired boy, and blonde haired girl. The three run along with a fourth and smaller little girl with dark purple hair with two pigtails and cat ears. They run playfully past the restaurant as Lucifer watches them until they are out of sight. K’Lar explains the key members of the Eagle Gang to the three;

“There are a few key members to the Eagle Gang that keep the confidence high within the gang and also bark orders from Ketak to the low dogs at the bottom. What you want to do, is work your way from the lower ranks to the higher ranks, then head inside the Fort to deal with the two inside.”

“Name the ranks, I’ll deal with them one by one.”

Slay says, eager to exact revenge on the gang. K’Lar then gets to the point of naming off the high ranked members of the gang;

“First there’s Hakar; The Eagle Eye. He’s the first one to take out. He trains and commands the new members of the gang. Despite the lack of strength from the ones he commands, he himself is no push over. He’s a red skinned orc, egotistical as Hard, but a handful in combat. Then there is Johnny Two Hands; The Speedy Axe, he earns his name from his skills with the axes. He’s a blue skinned tuskar who mastered wielding two-handed axes with one hand, so he’s dual wielding axes and roams about the grounds of the fort. If you underestimate him, he will slaughter you. Ketak takes great pride in Johnny as his executioner. Then there is Boswell; The Eagle Gang camp leader, he isn’t as power as Johnny, but has influence over the gang within the camp. Boswell also is the one to go to when it comes to taking bribes and organizing patrols around Tranquil Hill. If the gang does anything around here, its through Boswell, taking him out will cripple the chain of command. Ketak hasn’t been seen by anyone in Tranquil Hill since the raid years ago, but I’m more than certain he’s in the main building in the back of the fort. Now, as for inside the fort; Ketak has a tuskar as his second in command. His name is Quade and he commands a special group of members known as Eagle Gang leaders. These warriors are the sole backbones of the gang, they command small groups within themselves. Ketak was an excellent strategist when it came to organizing units. These are your obstacles, take them out in that order and the Eagle Gang will have no way of recuperating and will crumble from within.”

Slay looks at K’Lar and asks;

“If you were aware of all this, why didn’t you organize a team and destroy the gang years ago?”

K’Lar turns and lowers his head in shame as he replies;

“Because I would never be strong enough to take them out.”

Eyern stands beside K’Lar and pats him on the back as he explains on his behalf;

“The big guy was heavily injured when he turned on the gang. Out of everyone, he only managed to save one girl.”

Slay looks at K’Lar for a moment and something comes to mind, she withholds herself from questioning him further. She lets out a heavy sigh and walks out, Lucifer rushes out to Slay, but by the time she makes it out she is nowhere to be seen. Lucifer comes back inside;

“She’s gone.”

Claire turns to K’Lar and eagerly asks him;

“Where would Hakar be located?”

As K’Lar describes the location of Hakar’s usual location, Slay makes her way outside of Seabell’s walls and towards the Eagle Gang’s territory. With her sheaved sword in hand, Slay approaches a pair; a tuskar and a orc having a conversation. The orc notices Slay walking to them and attempts to grab his axe as the tuskar turns around. Before either can do much else, Slay grips the handle of her katana and instantly makes two slashes at them and appears past the two. She places her sword back in its sheave as suddenly the two spray out blood. She continues on as the two eventually fall to the ground, dead in their own pools of blood. Ahead, a group of bandits spot her;

“The Hard is this? Another guardian making a name for themselves?”

“Want me to get Boswell?”

The one orc looks over to the other bandit;

“No, Hakar said that if we came across anyone we couldn’t handle ourselves then to send them his way.”

The bandit rushes off to go get Hakar while the others start to make their way to Slay. As they approach, she continues walking in the direction towards them. Unfazed by the danger approaching, Slay stops and grabs the sheave of her sword. Taking it from her belt she point the handle end of her sword at the orc before her. The orc looks at Slay;

“You’re a long ways from home little lady. Perhaps you’re a bit confused on how to fight, but-”

The orc then grabs the handle of Slay’s sword and pulls it out of the sheave, holding it in his hands;

“-You’re not supposed to hand your weapon to the enemy. Nothing’s more embarrassing than being beaten with your own weapon.”

As the group laughs carelessly, Slay looks at the orc with emotionless eyes that slowly turn into those of disgust and hatred;

“You say that as if you truly think you’re even capable of wielding a real weapon.”

The orc looks back at Slay with irritation;

“What did you say to me!?”

With uncanny speed of her slight of hand, Slay grabs her sheave like a sword, swings it across, missing the orc on purpose, then swinging back, hitting the orc on the back side of his knee. As the orc hollers in pain while dropping to his knee, Slay move to the side a bit, with sheave in hand she places it on the wrist of the orc and then slides it up his arm, whacking him across the face with it, causing him to fall to the side. Contrary to the lightning fast speed those around her see, everything is in slow motion. Only thing heard is the slow, paced beat of her own heart as the orc falls to the ground. Slay pulls back the sheave, repositions herself while holding her sheave like that of her katana before swing it dead on into the tuskar bandit’s stomach. The blow from the sheave is so tremendous that the tuskar to vomit up blood before hitting the ground himself. The next orc swings his axe at Slay, but as the world still moves in slow motion around her, she makes her way between the arms of the orc as the blade of his axe hit’s the ground. With her sheave lowered and between the orc’s legs, with great force she raises her sheave upward hitting the orc in the crouch. Releasing his axe as he hold himself while dropping to his knees, Slay uses one foot and kicks the orc in the chest causing him to fall on his back. With her foot still on his chest, Slay steps on, then jumps off the orc holding her sheave over her head with both hands. Coming down on a charging ogre, then whacks the ogre on top of his head, causing him to crash face first into the ground. Slay quickly turns her head to see the first orc slowly trying to get up with her katana still in his hand. In less than a second; Slay makes her way to him and shatters his wrist with her sheave. The impact of the blow lifts the katana from his hand and into the air, where Slay then catches the katana with one hand. As if she wasn’t fast enough already, her speed picks up even more as her heart rate picks up as well. Slay swings down with her sword, cutting off the head of the first orc. She dashes past the tuskar as he puts his hand up, signaling for her to stop. The tuskar then freezes in horror as suddenly the top half of his hand grows a single straight blood line across it before falling clean off. The tuskar’s face too grows a bloody straight line across before the top half of his face falls off. Slay rushes towards the orc as he still holds himself in pain, a vertical slash from bottom to top is made as Slay jumps over the orc as he sprays out blood before he splits in two. The ogre remains face down on the ground as Slay slowly approaches from the air. As Slay gets closer down to the ogre, he suddenly springs to life and dodges the attack. Missing the ogre as her sword hits the ground, Slay is left off guard to the ogre as he grabs his great sword and prepares to strike Slay. The ogre then stops and looks past Slay with his eyes opened wide as the sound of a roaring beast erupts. The ogre is then jumped on and mauled by a saber-toothed tiger.

Everything returns to normal as Slay sees the tiger mauling the ogre to death, she turns to see Lucifer with her hand out to help her up as Claire looks at the violent aftermath of Slay’s assault;

“My word, is this your doing Slay?”

Slay swings the blood off her blade before putting it back in its sheave;

“It pales to what I used to be able to do.”

“It’s still awesome though, if you ask me. I think the name Slay fits with you.”

As Lucifer smiles at Slay, who looks back at Lucifer;

“Not quite in the mood to smile at the moment.”

Lucifer looks back a bit confused as Claire speaks on her behalf;

“Have to excuse Lucy, I just think she hasn’t comprehended the magnitude of the loss of your daughter.”

“I been meaning to ask by the way.”

As Lucifer’s tiger returns to her, stained with the blood of the ogre, she pets her new pet;

“Why does everyone keep thinking someone died in that house?”

Slay then rushes to Lucifer as she is still kneeled down petting her tiger;

“What do you mean ‘thinking someone died in that house’? You’re saying no one was in the house when it burned down? I could smell the stench of burning flesh, something you never forget.”

Lucifer stands up and looks at the sky for a second as she responds;

“Yeah, crazy how that is. I can’t remember how I would know the smell or how I know the difference between burning human flesh from the burning of other flesh, but that wasn’t the smell of human flesh.”

Lucifer then looks at Slay and smiles at her;

“Not that you or her are actually human-human.”

Slay raises an eyebrow to the remark;

“What do you man by that?”

“You have such cute cat ears.”

Lucifer comment even surprises Claire as she looks at Slay and sees no cat ears until suddenly Lucifer starts messing with Slay’s hair, eventually revealing her cat ears;

“See, cat ears. Anyway, only thing I smelled was burning tuskar. Has a pork like smell to it.”

Slay looks at Lucifer with hope in her eyes;

“You mean Syncrocity is alive?”

Elsewhere, inside the building of Fort Verdure; in Ketak’s throne room. The large red skinned ogre sits on his throne with his massive hammer leaning against the side of his throne. Before him is Lady Graves, her four ursun servants, and five mysteriously hooded individuals. Ketak just stares at them for a moment, saying nothing at all. The visitors are surrounded by the best the Eagle Gang has, not a sound is made as the smallest of the hooded individuals looks up at Lady Graves, who lowers her head as the two whisper to one another. Unable to hear anything said between the two, Ketak grows irritated as he leans forward from his throne and roars at the group;

“Speak up!! Do not speak amongst yourselves in my presence!! Dare come to my home demanding my audience only to hold conversations in private!?”

The small hooded person cowers behind Lady Graves’ leg while Ketak yells at them. Ketak then gets up from his throne and grabs his hammer;

“I am one who cherishes his time and live for battle and bloodshed. You will find that if I had any lack of strength in anything at all, its patience. Your ursun give no fear to my men nor I. Your youngling may like to believe it is safe behind your leg, witch, but the truth is; none of you are safe here. I will slaughter your lot and feast upon the flesh of your youngling, if I so please.”

The hooded figures suddenly spring to life as each instantly arm themselves with weapons. One arms itself with dual lifesavers and makes a combat stance, while another stands with its trident, the next one arms itself with dual large needles. The following one pulls out a massive mechanized hammer and positions himself in front of them all. Unable to see any of their faces from their hoods, they stand ready as the heavily armored ursuns position themselves around the group, all ready to protect Lady Graves and the small hooded one. Lady Graves smiles for a bit as she then speaks;

“You misunderstand, Ketak. We didn’t come here to fight you, I came offering power to you.”

Ketak looks at the group, one by one and laughs at the offer as he sits down;

“I haven’t laughed like this since I slaughtered the old inhabitants of this fort. So long ago. The Eagle Gang as well as myself, have no need for the aid of a witch. Be gone witch, perhaps I shall spare you and your wretched dogs from a bloodbath this day.”

Lady Graves sighs for a second then says;

“I’m sorry to hear that, perhaps after a lesson in humility, you’ll find yourself reconsidering my offer to you.”

Ketak quickly grabs his hammer in a rage;

“You dare speak of humility to me!? You cursed witch!! I’ll kill you all where you stand!!”

Ketak charges at them enraged, but as he reaches range and lift his hammer to strike at them. The group vanishes without a trace as his hammer hits the ground, creating a small crater. Ketak sees that they are all gone and lets out a loud roar that echoes the halls of the fort building. Outside, a lone figure stands in the distance;

“So it’s on then? Awesome, I been itching for old fashioned mayhem all day.”

The figure watches Lucifer, Slay, and Claire;

“And I have the perfect little group to have the most awesome fun with too, byesies.”

To Be Continued…

"Being psychotic allows me to have an entirely different view of the world around me, makes everything a bit more interesting. So although either way you are a sorry sack of sht. In my mind, you're a more interesting sorry sack of sht" -Lucifer
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