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Mantis Groundhog Day!

Will Groundhog Day Herald the Year of the Mantis?

The Hamburg-based developer and publisher Splitscreen announces the Mantis Groundhog Day.
In an exciting special mission, a huge Mantis-Boss will arrive, which is only defeatable using team play and good tactics.
Will Groundhog Day Herald the Year of the Mantis?

We thought we knew every strength and weakness of the Mantis, but a handful of brave pirate scouts recently captured a peculiar sight in Vega: The Mantis prepare for celebrating the end of the Galactic Winter with their own version of Groundhog Day!

But Groundhog Day is a peaceful and harmless event, right? Well, not for the Mantis: While we humans take it as a good sign when the groundhog sees its shadow, the Mantis like to see their "Mroundtis" bringing death and destruction to anything nearby.

We have to stop the Mroundtis from murdering.
We have to stop Mantis Groundhog Day!
What You Need to Know

- The Mantis are gathering near the Planet Aurora in the Vega System, so the Mroundtis will likely appear there as well.
- From what the scout team gathered we are certain that the Mroundtis will arrive on February 3rd and stay until February 5th.
- Our scouts also learned that the Mantis will be offering precious Color Patterns and Cryonite to ensure the arrival of as many Mroundtis as possible.
- The Mroundtis are huge! You probably do not want to fight them alone.

Boost Your Chances of Success

To make sure that all of the Mroundtis will meet a swift end, mission control has struck a deal with one of the best suppliers for Booster technology. They agreed to offer both their yet unreleased Supernova Shield Booster and Supernova Firepower Booster for the whole duration of the Mroundtis Day battle. Very impressive technology indeed!

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