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25 Jan 2012
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Re: It’s beginning to look a lot like… another fan art contest?

Up to 4 winners could win! AP card prizes for the winners! Any game!
Lucario_Player wrote:

Don’t know how much I can thank you nat for the art I used for the banner above XD

Previous fan art contests I’ve hosted:
So you think you can draw!?
Draw with me (A fan art event)
Luc and Lii’s Anniversary Fan Art Contest

Prizes are redeemable by ANY AGE game.

PLEASE read the whole post before starting a drawing!

Excuse the horrible pun of a title but getting close to the Holidays and just had to say it lol. I’ve actually been planning this contest since the end of the last contest believe it or not XD Anyways! This *might* be the last time I do a contest since I’ve basically just been lurking around the forums for the past few months (you never know though) so I decided to make this event last until the first week into next year! Also, since I want to keep the prizes just as good as last time I decided to give out the same amount of AP cards! However this time, in order for there to be 4 different places I’m going to ask for over 20 different people to submit something… afterall this is going to last during Thanksgiving *and* almost all of Winter break. Going to try and edit a little bit of stuff from the last one such as rules (might add a new rule or so) or some of the old hints which will be more of actual things I want to see and not so much as hints. So enough with the introductions lets continue on!

Duration: Over 1 month
Date: 11/8 - 1/3 (Submission ends at 9 pm PST [12 am my time]) (I will NOT extend this contest any further than these dates)
Objective: Draw Luc as good as you can!
Theme: the theme will be described by one of many various descriptions below
Judging will Commence as soon as the deadline is reached and *hopefully* will be done on that Sunday the 8th or sooner (only reason I hope this is because I head back to school on the 9th and want to give out prizes ASAP lol)


- Remember that you *must* follow the ToS or you will face consequences with AGE itself
- Anyone can enter due to the fact that there is only AP prizes up for grabs
- You may enter more than once but only 1 drawing will be picked out of everything you enter as *the best* Also be wary, “Quality is better than quantity” don’t think just because you enter a lot of submissions will guarantee you a prize
- Your art may be drawn in any format you choose (hand drawn, digital, etc.) If unsure please ask. (Art may not however be copied it must be personally made by you)
- You may draw in any style you want, examples are drawing as if a regular person, chibi form (hey it won last time!) or even a comic form making it into more of a story
- Your art will be judged by many different aspects (Accuracy, Originality, etc.) Note: Bonus points will be awarded for any details that you add to the art (special quality, background, etc.) (If you do not know how to color or shade you can still enter, you never know you may still win!)
- There will be only ONE winner for each placement (no one can win two times or more, if we find out you entered with 2 accounts you will be disqualified)
-If you have any questions I will most likely answer from forum mail more than the game (I may also be streaming on my Twitch account as well which is you can find in my blurb)
-I will NOT be pushing back the date of submission deadline due to the fact that January 3rd should be *well* over the amount of time needed to make a drawing, afterall there *will* be 2 different school/college breaks going on (in the US at least lol…)
-I will take note as to who is entering the contest just for fun or to actually boost the amount of people entering the contest. If I feel the person is actually trying to boost the amount of people to enter their art will not count

These rules are there to follow and may be updated at any point in time.

How the art will be graded:

Orientation/design (10 points)
- what would you say about the design?
-clever? interesting? too much/little details? well thought out?

Originality (10 points)
- has it been done before?

Composition (10 points)
- is the design carried out well? messy or clean work? mistakes?

Accuracy (10 points)
- are there characteristics that can identify Luc? Does it resemble him?

Proportion (10 points) (Regular character drawings)
-colors work? does Luc look awkward? Does Luc’s body look anatomically correct?

Cuteness (10 points) (Chibi character drawings)
-colors work? does Luc look like he can be hugged to death?

Extra bonus points (will not be said how many but work harder and you might score more)
-detailed coloring or shading
-background - nice background?
-any other bonus that the judge liked about the drawing

So the drawings will be scored out of 50 points per judge with some bonus points added on as well (bonus points may determine a placement in the contest as with past contests drawings have been so close before that I couldn't believe it)

I'm going to *try* and make the judges grade out of 0.1 points to make the scores *that* more even... because I don't need a tie breaker to happen or I'd need to pull the judges aside again after they've judged once XD

Entry Format:

[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]Entry:[/b][url]the direct link to your entry here[/url] or [img]the direct link to your entry here[/img]

(The format here will make it easier for me. Putting a title to your work will also make it easier for the judging sheets and for me as well so be sure to try and think of a title… no matter how corny it sounds lol)

Note: for the people that do digital drawing, it’s not something you have to do but if you wouldn’t mind, could you make a copy of the drawing you do into PNG format as well if you happen to do a drawing with a background? This is only because I *may* consider using your art for well… it might be considered as something to use on a skin for my 3DS that I’ve been wanting to get. Again you *do not have to* do this but I *would* appreciate it lol


I will have 3-5 at the max judges doing the competition (depending on how many I can get)

I will not be a judge in the competition as usual (unless I have not gotten enough judges that is) this way we can keep it fair and have actual random people judge these.

If you read this thread and want to judge feel free to PM me (DO NOT POST) since right now I do not have any judges for the competition. Just be noted though that if you want to be a judge, DO NOT READ ANYTHING PAST THIS ENTIRE POST. Also, once you sign up to be a judge you MUST keep your word for judging. I don’t want to sign anyone up that will say they will judge then do not judge at the very last minute lol. Finally, the reason I would want you to PM me that you want to judge is because I don’t want to reveal the names of judges unless they *want* to be known at the end of judging. This way there will not be anyone trying to beg a judge to give good points to said person. Judges will also not be told who’s drawing is what to also keep it fair to the participants. Finally if you want to be a judge you *must* have Microsoft Word or Microsoft Word Processor at the very least (would prefer the first option but understandable if you want to judge so badly lol)


Human (Blue skinned)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Lv 70 Hunter, Blademaster and Martial Artist
Lv 5x Alchemist
Lv 50 Thief
Armor: LA lv 70 (Upgraded)
Favorite weapons:
True Dagger (lv 70)
The Bow that Uryu from Bleach (Quincy) uses at first with an aura type look
Favorite costume: Rider with dog ears and red angel wings
Favorite Color: Royal Blue

Descriptions on what to actually draw (TAKE NOTE):

My costume is not the usual rider costume you would see on DoMO. I’ve had a few artists tweaked it a little lately for it to come out like any of these drawings (will have more below as well just to let you know as well)

Reference 1 (by choc_nat)

Reference 2 and Chibi form (by choc_nat)

Reference 3 (by tehankee)

Reference 4 (by .Felina.)

Reference 5 (by choc_nat) Note: this is just a reference on what I mean by wrinkle effect as described in the next paragraph, not to be drawn as an actual outfit unless... well read the 2nd "What you should draw me doing" description if you wanna know >.> lol

Basically I wear a plain leather jacket with blue gloves, I wear blue gloves usually, I am usually seen at night with my aura bow, and I wear boots with the edging at the top that shines a little bit. I also have Blue Wings (big most the time but smaller during the chibi type drawings as you can tell), Dog ears (suppose to be like Lucario afterall lol) and the leather I wear has a shine to it if you notice from the drawings above (yes I like the shine on the leather gimme a break <.< lol) and also you can draw a type of wrinkle effect if you want for the leather like in Reference 5. Now your drawings don’t have to be exact from above, after all it’s just a reference lol. However I would like everyone to be following this description of what I am wearing (and yes I am blue in game which if you have never seen me or any of my contests… I’ll prove to you deeper down in the post XD

What you should try to draw me doing:

1) I’m a night person irl so you can keep it simple and just have me with my aura bow out taking aim at night with the stars out kinda like some of the drawings above. Pretty basic description here lol

2) Onto the more descriptive stuff you could say now lol. Well If anyone saw my last contest… hardly anyone did this hint yet at the end not only did this hint place first but it was also in a chibi type form XD So just goes to show you *can* win with any style of drawing lol. Anyways, in this drawing if you’ve heard of Yoshi’s Island it’s a reference to that. If you’ve ever heard of a Fuzzy from the game it’s this creature that… well… makes you dizzy if you touch or eat it in the game <.< however if you eat it… well… in the game if you touch one it explodes (in the drawings they don’t need to explode on contact lol) so… if you ate one well… it makes you FArt (yes I’m using that old joke again >.>). If you want some references here is a video of what happens in the game (watch at 2:13 onwards to see Yoshi eat one) and then if you want picture references… well… I got nat to do a whole series of it so this is how you can see how to draw a Fuzzy descriptive drawing:

Reference 1 (Hugging theFuzzy not dizzy at all but you can make Luc dizzy here too if you want or kinda)

Reference 2 (starting to eat fuzzy and starting to get dizzy as you can tell from his eyes being less shiny with just a small fart cloud coming out not realizing it)

Reference 3 (He has become completely dizzy as you can tell from his hazy eyes leaning over letting himself fart in a fart type position after eating over half the Fuzzy)

Reference 4 (Has completely eaten the fuzzy and he continues to fart the white cloud out and stumbles about and has bad balance from being completely dizzy)

Reference 5 (Has lost it completely from the effects of the fuzzy so much that in his eyes his clothes start to form together and wants another fuzzy) Note: Don't draw this outfit however unless you plan on doing more than one drawing lol this is just here to show kinda a story as well as show a wrinkle effect you can do on the leather if you want

You can draw anything that looks like these if you are going to go by this description but… If you can make sure you try and make his eyes look dazed/dizzy from the effect, also probably should draw Fuzzies all around too (since they move in groups) and finally… yes you can draw me FArting with the white cloud and all lol >.> (and yes I do tie this as a recommendation with the above as to what to do ._.”)

3) This one is as simple as the first description basically lol. Draw Luc kinda like in his reference 2 drawing where he is holding a Pokeball in his hand. The pose he has can be any pose you think would look good. You might be able to find examples of poses in the video I posted down below on the last description as well.

From here on these are the kind I don’t mind seeing being done as well… never know you may win still with one of these!

4) I’ll use this hint from the last one too. I like blood type anime anything from Blood + to Higurashi no naku koro ni to Elfen Lied. Basically if you can draw a room where there is a lot of blood in it, Luc looking like he is in a rage (eyes glowing red, etc), and he is using the dagger I provide below with some aura coming from that hand as well (a nice shade of blue light). This one I could see looking pretty sweet as well actually.

5) Finally, you can draw Luc as… well… lol you can try drawing him either cosplaying as Link from Legend of Zelda (is a pretty big fan of it) (you all can search google for a Link picture if you want one so much XD… that’s only because there is too many to choose from >.<”) or you could also draw me cosplaying being a Lucario…. Trainer XD (yes there is a Lucario Trainer lol you can see in this picture as well as in this video at 1:31, 2:29, and 3:27 [there might be more places in the video but those are the distinct ones I watched up to lol]). This is for anyone wanting to try this category out after they’ve drawn anything above since I prefer my regular costume but… it’s up to you the drawer though.

Pictures to go by:

Rider: 1 2 3 4 (NOTE: THIS IS JUST SHOWING HOW THE CHARACTER LOOKS DO NOT GO BY ACTUAL COSTUME Look at the "Descriptions on what to actually draw" section for actual costume!)
Aura Bow


(10-20 people participate)

1st Place:
- $30 AP card (1 $10 and 1 $20 card)

2nd Place:
- $20 AP card

3rd Place:
- $10 AP card

(21 or more people enter)

1st Place:
- $50 in AP cards (1 $10 and 2 $20 cards)

2nd place:
- $30 in AP cards (1 $10 and 1 $20 card)

3rd place:
- $20 AP card

4th place
- $10 AP card

Make sure you try to fit everything you want to say in a post too because... if and when this topic moves to the Main AGE boards the posts can no longer be edited due to the type of board it's on (has triple posted in the past contest from it due to not having all the information in one post >_<)

Note: if less than 5 people enter the contest will be there will only be one $20 AP card given away

Note 2: if 6-10 people participate only a $10 and a $20 card will be given away to 1st and 2nd

Final Note: If you win the contest please send me a friend request over the forums (so we can use meebo) or send me a friend request at my email address posted on my user profile page (you will have to send me a PM to confirm what email address you are too so no one gets stiffed) This is a much better way

New Note:Sure I may be from DoMO more than any other game on AGE, however ANYONE from ANY GAME can join in on the event. Even new players that can draw just to have a good start in the game they play. You don't need to have DoMO downloaded or even ever have played it to enter, just have to be good at drawing XD

Note for Mods: Please move this to the appropriate board as soon as you can and also if I am able to PM one of you could you let me know as I have already sent a message for trying to move this topic as well as some other information (The Mod that moves this can take this message down once moved)  


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Err... no idea if that was meant to be a post or what but the contest has been over for a bit and all the prizes have been given out now o.o lol

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