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21 Mar 2011
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PostedJan 24, 2012 12:02 pm

PW and Email help!

Hello Everyone!

Grand Fantasia US is live!

We apologize for the very extended maintenance. We did some security updates which were Aeria Wide.

All accounts will need to log in to the website prior to being able to get in game. The security updates will cause all accounts to reset their passwords. If you have an alt account and can not remember the email to that account, do not worry. We will be able to change the email for you. Just send in a RT. Please title it "Alt account email change" and fill out the following information about the account.

1) Your full name
2) The email attached to the account
3) An alternate email we may attach to the account (please make sure you have access to this email and it is NOT currently attached to any Aeria account)
4) Your IP address (WAN IP ADDRESS)
5) The Last time you logged onto the account
6) Character information (names of all the characters on the account along with the gear and levels)
7) Where you live
8) Any AP transactions you made with the account
9) The name of the account in question
10) What does the account name mean/ stand for?
11) Country of origin this account was created in.

With the correct information we will be able to verify that you are the owner of the account and we will be able to get you on your way to getting your account back.

Right now we have 24 hours of 2x exp. This will end at 9:30am PST, January 25th.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience of this extended maintenance.
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