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05 Jan 2012
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PostedJan 11, 2012 11:11 am

Gunster support possible?

Gunster, a game previously hosted by Ijji
In case anyone was wondering, Gunster (Gunstrike for the JP version) was a very fun game that many people enjoyed, however after a very very short trial (we're talking about a week or two) Ijji decided to cancel it. The game had tens of pages of people complaining on their forums to bring it back, and many others I've known that simply loved it and are sad to see it go. There is now a project to see it be revived, but all public versions of this game are gone (not to mention Gunstrike the other version was quite a bit different in radical ways).

Seeing as aeria games has acquired Ijji, if it is possible to see this come back it would be simply amazing. If a petition is required for something like this, I am more than willing to get as many signatures as I can, although when you look at Metal Assault and how Gunster was similar but more fluid, floaty, and popular for it's short run, it should speak for itself to some degree.
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