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04 Jun 2011
Vejen Denmark
PostedJan 09, 2012 5:07 pm

Idea for increased playerbase,

Hello, so I have noticed that there has been a lot of discussions about the games playerbase. And I thought of a few ideas to increase it.

1. AGE could reward players for inviting other players to the game, for example invite 1 friend get (AP, In-game item etc) Invite 5 friends get a larger prize and invite 10 friends so on.. It could be pets, AP, crystals, anything really. It would motivate players to invite friends and people they know because they would gain something for themselves and AGE would gain potential spenders!

2. When you sucessfully invite a friend to the game, each time him/her buys AP you will get X Percent of what they bought. Not meaning that you take that amount away from the buyer but that the inviter gets a bonus for having invited a player who spend money on the game.

This ofcourse requires that players are able to get a link that they can give to their friends which will activate the rewards if they sign up/play the game. Also I think that if this should work proberly, the person who got invited must first click the given link, register for AGE, download AND log in to the game.

Feel free to add more ideas or give comments on this post Smile
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