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10 Sep 2011
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Ethereous Armageddon

I'm not sure how often I'll be updating this... Not even sure what I'm doing posting this anyway.

Prologue: Awakening

"... in the mine just this morning! Like all of the other ones. You lot really know how to make our small town rather exciting." A woman? My senses were dulled but I was almost positive that was a woman speaking. Sure, the voice was rather gruff, but it also had a motherly tone to it.

"Cynthia, please just show him to me. We've been through this many times before." That was a male's voice... Now that my world had cleared some, I could hear more clearly. There was the distant sound of machinery mixed with all the sounds one would associate with a densely wooded forest.

"Fine, fine. Come, he's in the back room." Yes, most definitely an older woman. And footsteps, the light creak of wood under weight. I sat up giving a groan, hearing my joints pop, my eyes still shut due to the drowsy feeling that came with the return of my senses.

A sudden gasp made my eyes shoot open though. As I looked up, there was a... man, I should say. Although he didn't look to be too old, he didn't look young enough to be a teenager. From what I could see under his armor, his hair was dark, his skin a light tan and his eyes were a vivid pink color. His mouth was wide open in shock as his eyes locked on mine. Our eyes were locked for what seemed like ever before he released a sound, a mere murmur that was vague and unintelligible.

"W-what..?" My voice was low and raspy, most likely from not being used if the rest of my body was any indication.

"Y-you! Kale..." he said, this time a bit louder. The name sounded right to me. So I guess my name is Kale.

"Err.. yes?" I answered, my voice getting less raspy and a tad bit lighter the more I worked my vocal chords.

"But... but you died... I was there! Your body... y-you were destroyed!" Wait, What?

"I... I was destroyed?" I whispered, looking down at my bare chest, raising my hands to my face. The flesh seemed a tad pale, but otherwise it was unflawed. I looked up at the stranger, knowing that my eyes portrayed the confusion that I felt.

"Yes, yes.. You were destroyed... Our kind.. we die quite frequently. However, as long as our bodies are at least somewhat intact, our souls stay anchored to this world. Your body... your body though, was damaged beyond repair. It was a devastating even to many, but none more so than... oh, how will he react..." the man trailed into thought, a worried look flashing over his face.

"Who? How will who react?" I was highly curious. Waking up somewhere strange, realizing that you don't remember a thing, and having a stranger tell you that you were not only killed, but destroyed tends to do that.

"What? Oh, n-no one. Come on, We need to get to Eden."


So what do you guys think? Is it worth continuing? Feedback please and thank you. This is my first time trying righting that isn't for schoolwork.. Lol.


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04 Nov 2011
PostedJan 06, 2012 6:30 am
This is quite good, just continue writing! The first chapter will show the real shape of the story.
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