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11 Dec 2011
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Signature of the Week #1 PROMO

Entry thread located in Aeria Games > Leisure Activities > Music Art and Images
As Lucario has done with a previous fan art competition I have created this thread in each of the game's creative forums as with the main thread only posted in the Aeria Games section there is a great chance that all the people who'd like to enter will never see it. Mods feel free to close this topic.


Signature of the Week
Hey there kiddo, I'm Loz. You might know me from places such as the Lime Odyssey or Creative forums.

Now, I havn't been here long and the best part of the community so far has been the awesome competitions (for Example). So, I'm making a Signature of the Week/Fortnight/Month competition.

My problem is, you see, I have no idea how many people are likely to get involved, so I'm just going ahead and hosting this competition (as an SotW) to find out. I will adjust the length as necessary. If there are no entries then obviously I wont host it again. If there are a few but not enough then it will be a monthly competition and if there are lots of entries it will be weekly etc.

The way this competition will work is as follows:
  • This is the entry thread. You will be able to enter to this thread for 7 days.
  • I will give you a theme or picture requirement so that all competitions aren't the same.
  • I will then create a separate voting thread with all of the entries for you to vote on. This will be open for 3 days.
  • The winner will receive a personalized trophy I've made with their name, a picture relating to the week's theme and the SotW number on it to put in their signature or avatar. Everyone will see this and go "Wow, what a stud/babe." Who knows, this competition could go on for years and you could be perceived to be a God for having won one of the first 10 SotW's.

The rules of the competition:
  • All forum rules apply of course.
  • You may only enter ONE signature.
  • Your entry must be 500 x 200 pixels or smaller.
  • You may not vote for yourself (not that any of you would).
  • Your entry must comply with the selected theme or requirement.
  • You may edit your entry before voting begins by simply editing your post.
  • Obviously your entry may only be your own work. Anyone found to be using another artist's work as their own will not be flamed (that's against forum rules), but you will fill everyone with silent hatred and regret for ever knowing you, no questions asked.
  • Underneath your entry image please post the following in code tags:

Embedding Images
For anyone who doesn't know, you may embed your image in a post by uploading it to somewhere like or then surrounding the link you're given by [IMG] tags. I will use the contest prize as an example.

And the trophy I know you're all dying to see! *drumroll*

Size may vary. Oh and you can also have some karma for winning but I didn't think that was worth mentioning.

This Signature of the Week's theme is:

So whatever you make, it must be obviously related to pokemon, whether you use a human character, a pokemon, a well known location, or just a name e.g. Team Rocket.  

I make new signatures every day so I find it hard to pick which one to put here.
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