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Psychotic Tendencies #5

Psychotic Tendencies
“Always a downside”

Previously things seemed to be coming to a tragic end as Athena and Torch were forced to retreat as Deln remained behind to hold off the horde of monsters overrun the forest. In a state of heartache, Athena stops and decides to aide her ursun companion; Deln even though it means certain doom for them both. Though not thrilled about the decision; Torch refuses to have her go alone and chooses to go along with her, but before either of them can go they are greeted by an army of recently awaken guardians more than ready to aid in battle. Meanwhile; Lucifer and Alec ride Appacka through a group of monsters and make their way inside the Angor Quarry where they are soon separated from the large yak when it rams into a pillar causing a cave in. Further inside the quarry, Steel Blade and his love; Claire accompanied by Zander take one the golem leader; Herak. Spotting a black armored boot in a red crystal during the battle, Zander soon refrains from the battle leaving the two to fin for themselves as he gets the piece of armor out of the crystal and continues down the quarry. Claire is targeted first by Herak and is viciously attacked until Steel Blade manages to gain his attention, freeing Claire from his grip. Unfortunately Claire is too injured to heal and being to match for Herak alone, Steel Blade is easily beaten by the golem leader while all Claire can do is watch and cry. At the same time Lucifer makes short work of the monsters in her way, but as soon as she finishes Alec takes off in the direction of stomping sounds. In the process leaving Lucifer all alone…

In the forest of Limestone mountain, the battle between the horde of monsters and the eternal guardians continue on. Each struggling for victory as the lives of the townspeople hang in the balance. Time passes during the struggle as soon the number of monsters begin to finally thin out. One after the other the golems and mushroids are destroyed by the guardian forces until all that is left are the remains. Silence fills the air for a second as realization sets in, followed by a random guardian’s victory cry. Suddenly the forest is filled with victory cries from all as the war with the horde is over. In the celebration Athena takes a moment to hug Deln, but before any words can be shared;

“The quarry is caved in!!”

Shouts a random guardian as everyone begins to head to the location. The guardians try to get through the rubble, but with no luck. A group of guardians head back into town to get assistance from the miners. Meanwhile; inside the quarry on the other side of the cave in Alec makes his way to the location of the noises and witnesses Herak stomping on Steel Blade. Alec turns to see the cleric Claire injured and unable to do anything to help as she cries. Alec quickly approaches Claire, startling her at first, he says nothing as he franticly digs in his bag and grabs a bottle filled with blue liquid.

“Drink this so you can heal yourself and your friend!”

With no hesitation Claire drinks the mana potion to regain her healing powers and aid Steel Blade. With little concern for her own condition she concentrates all her efforts on healing her lover. In doing so she catches the attention of Herak; who then begins to make his way to her, but before he can get far Steel Blade grabs hold of Herak’s ankle. Herak looks down at Steel Blade and kicks him off. Claire continues healing Steel Blade in an effort to keep him alive. Alec digs into his bag and finds a mysterious sack and dark green potion, then runs to Herak who is now making his way back to Steel Blade. Running between the massive golem’s legs and standing between Herak and Steel Blade; Alec throws the bag at Herak’s void of a face, which bursts into a black power blinding his remaining eye. Alec follows with throwing the potion in his face as well, causing a burst of flames to ignite in Herak’s face. Roaring in pain, Herak begins swinging his fists violently in all directions as Alec uses the opportunity to try and drag Steel Blade to safety. Cautiously making their way around the rampaging golem, Claire finally heals herself and is able to assist in taking Steel Blade to safety. Despite the efforts, the rescue is short lived as Herak grabs Steel Blade by the leg, snatching him from Alec and Claire, and slams him into the wall. With Steel Blade unconscious, Herak turns his attention to Claire and Alec. The once black void face and green eye is not a burning red void with a black eye; enraged at what trouble his intruders have been.

“You have been a nuisance for the last time human!!”

Turning his attention to Alec for the first time his anger only grows at the sight of the zumi who caused the recent injures to his face;

“And you!! You I will squash like the little vermin that you are!!!”

Herak, with his massive hand, reaches out to Alec. Claire shields the zumi with her own body as Herak’s massive hand soon reaches them both. Alec curls up in fear as Claire calmly closes her eyes to embrace her death, but suddenly the sound of a swift slash interrupts the impending doom for the two. Claire opens her eyes and sees a female warrior in red and black armor, pale skin, with platinum white hair standing between her and Herak with her swords in her hands. Herak takes a step back as he lifts his hand back up to see his fingers are now gone. Herak then lowers his hand as too now sees the female warrior; Lucifer standing before him. With a serious look on her face she looks past Herak, at the severely injured Steel Blade behind him. Lucifer then looks back at Claire as she reaches her hand out to Steel Blade and for a moment gets a flashback of when she reached out to the armored black knight in her dreams. Lucifer then looks back at Herak with a look of determination;

“Keep him healed.”; As she points at Steel Blade. “I’ll teach rocky here how to keep his hands to himself.”

Herak charges at Lucifer as she charges at him. As Herak makes a punch at Lucifer, she blocks the attack with her swords. Herak pulls his fist back and swings his fingerless hand around to sideswipe Lucifer, but she is once again able to block the second attack with her swords. As Herak’s attack makes impact with her swords, Lucifer takes the split second and spots a potential weakness in Herak’s arm. Lucifer takes one of her swords and throws it into the spot in his arm. Hitting the spot dead on, the blade sticks but is barely in spot. Lucifer tries to get to the sword, but is slapped down to the ground. Afterwards Herak then grabs the sword stuck in his arm. Now in pain, Lucifer struggles to get up off the ground. As she looks up at Herak she sees him remove the sword from his arm. She grabs her other sword and jumps up to stick it into the same spot the other sword was in Herak’s arm. This time the sword goes in further, but as she does so Herak grabs her with his massive hand. In his hand Lucifer manages to use both feet and kick in the handle of her sword even deeper into his arm, causing it to stab through the other end of his arm. In pain, Herak drops Lucifer and begins to pull the sword out of his arm. Lucifer falls to the ground hard, but with no time to spare she quickly arches her back, popping it back in place. She then spots her other sword and grabs, goes under the arm she stabbed and stabs the other sword through the same arm. The sword only goes half way through as Herak takes notice to the new wound and attempts and smash Lucifer with his fist and feet. Dodging every attack Herak makes, Lucifer pays close attention to the sword in his arm. Herak makes a heavy stomp in the spot Lucifer was at, missing her as she jumps back. Lucifer then runs at full speed straight for Herak’s arm. As Herak swings a punch at Lucifer and rolls forward to avoid the attack. She then leaps up and grabs Herak’s wrist, forcing his arm down, causing Herak’s arm to begin cracking and tearing where the swords were stuck. Lucifer then gets back on the ground and makes her way under the sword she recently stabbed into Herak’s arm. She then does a handstand under the sword’s handle and kicks up with both feet forcing the sword through and breaking Herak’s arm right off. Lucifer looks up for a second with a smirk that then turns into a shocked expression as she realizes she’s still under the now collapsing arm, but before she can move the heavy arm falls on her. Alec looks on at Herak as he sees the incident take place. Alec then looks at Claire as she struggles to heal Steel Blade as he lies, beaten and broken. Steel Blade begins struggling to remain conscious as his injures begin to take their toll on him. Lucifer breaks out of the pile of rubble left from Herak’s arm only to be grabbed by him as he sees her.

“YOU! For breaking my arm you witch-”

Herak then slams Lucifer into his stone hard chest and quickly wraps his arm around over her to crush her against his body.

“-I will break every fragile bone in your body!!”

With her back pinned to his chest, Lucifer struggles to push Herak’s arm off of her and break free. With all her might she manages to open a gap to slip through, but instead turns around to where she now faces his chest. Once in position his arm slams back into her crushing her a bit more. Despite the situation at hand, Lucifer still manages to say something in the midst of what would appear to be a crushing defeat;

“I do have a weakness for cuddling, but I prefer to have my cuddle buddies a tad bit warmer, softer, and easier to cuddle back.”

Then Lucifer begins to head butt Herak’s chest, though at first glance of witnessing the questionable assault Herak only stares at her. Each head butt she makes only stains his chest with her own blood. Until the sudden sound of cracking begins to follow with each strike from her head. Herak squeezes Lucifer tighter against his chest as her ribs begin to crack and break. The pain of her broken bones causes her to stop for a moment as she coughs up blood and spits in on his chest. Herak squeezes even tighter, crushing more of her bones in her upper body. Despite the severity of pain Lucifer is sustaining she still manages to make a blood choked laugh and a remark;

“I’m so…so…sorry. I’m sure I give better head…butts than…this.”

Lucifer starts head butting Herak’s chest again, with faster and stronger strikes then before. Each impact twice as strong as the last, eventually causing a piece of his chest to break off. Herak’s strength weakens a bit as his hold lightens up enough for Lucifer to move her arms, and she begins to push against his chest to make some space between her and his chest. Once doing so she takes her hand and balls up a fist and with a single strike she punches through his chest cavity. The fatal strike causes Herak to lose all strength and he falls back in full force. Herak isn’t even able to lift his head, but still speaks as he lies helpless on the ground. On his chest, Lucifer lies still and motionless with her arm still stuck in his chest;

“Serves you right human insect. I may not have killed the coward who deserted his own comrades. That pathetic cleric may never face death at my hands as I had intended. The vermin zumi has been spared my wrath, but that warrior. He, he will surely die if he isn’t dead already. And you…you may be the end of me, but you won’t see that end. You’re already dead.”

Herak’s words are followed by more blood choked laughter as Lucifer slowly crawls up to where Herak can see her. Herak’s eye express what he refuses to in any other way, as Lucifer makes a full grin with her blood stained teeth.

“I figured after the good time we had, even though I did most of the work. You would at least be just a bit better at pillow talking.”

Herak remains speechless as Lucifer begins regenerating and her bones start popping back into their proper places. No words from Herak, Lucifer begins pushing the hand she punched through Herak’s chest deeper inside.

“There we go. Here’s a little tip for the next life rocky stones. Next time you want to show a girl a good time, trying taking her somewhere special.”

Suddenly the comment is interrupted by more crackling and squashing as Lucifer bites her bottom lips. During which Herak begins shaking and twitching violently.

“Anyway, one thing you should never do on a first date; give a woman your heart without knowing her.”

As Lucifer rips out Herak’s dead heart. Alec can only look at Lucifer in amazement as she walks up to him with the heart in hand. Alec turns his attention to the heart in her hand and finally decides to say something;

“Shouldn’t you put that disgusting thing down?”

Lucifer looks at her hand with the heart as a warm sensation comes from the heart although it doesn’t beat and as she continues looking at it, it eventually fades away. Before Alec can respond to what happened, Lucifer walks over to Claire and Steel Blade. Where Claire leans over the now dead Steel Blade, crying over her loss. Lucifer looks at the depressing sight and soon she is hit with flashes of a woman crying over someone she cannot see and Claire crying over Steel Blade. Alec walks to Claire to try and comfort her as Lucifer still struggles to keep her mind on reality. No words are said for the moment as Alec then leaves Claire for the moment to mourn her loss. Later; Steel Blade is buried in the spot he died at with Herak’s rubbles to circle the grave. Claire takes a look at a pendant given to her by Steel Blade as a token of love. She then takes a deep breath in effort not to cry as she puts the pendant back into her pocket. Claire then walks away, further into the quarry as Alec walks behind her at a distance. As he walks away he hears the sounds of carving and turns to see Lucifer carving something into the wall. Alec walks over to see what it is she is carving, but as she finishes up she turns to grab him by the back of his shirt and place him on her shoulder.

“What were you doing over there?”

“Nothing, just a little finishing touch.”

As they walk on Alec sees a single tear fall from Lucifer’s face, but she too says nothing as the rest of the moment is filled with silence. Back where Lucifer was carving into the wall over Steel Blade’s grave are the words;

“True heroes don’t live to fight for glory, but die to fight for love. Rest easy brave hero.”

To Be Continued…

"Being psychotic allows me to have an entirely different view of the world around me, makes everything a bit more interesting. So although either way you are a sorry sack of sht. In my mind, you're a more interesting sorry sack of sht" -Lucifer
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