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08 Mar 2009
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PostedNov 25, 2011 1:57 pm

Can anything be done if Aeria Partner refuses to credit?

Netflix Offer completion ignored
What happened is basically a misunderstanding I guess. I completed an offer from Peanut Labs for the Netflix trial. Note that this trial did not say I was required to purchase my first month and was even listed under the free offers. I went through the sign-up process over a week ago and after finishing, got a confirmation e-mail which I saved.

Three days after receiving nothing (when the offer said to wait a day or so) I sent them a support ticket with the confirmation e-mail I received from Netflix as proof... as they requested. Then yesterday, about five days after doing so they reply back ignoring the proof I sent them and said I did not complete the offer and abandoned the sign-up process.

I still have this screenshot of the offer completion saved, so my question is that if an offer partner refuses to credit us despite us having proof of completion, can Aeria do anything about it?

I've searched the forums for answers and I've heard Aeria has no control over them. But could Aeria themselves credit any of us who have proof and the offer partners won't cooperate?

Thanks in advance for your advice and opinions, -Jag
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