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01 Nov 2011
PostedNov 02, 2011 6:05 pm

Kleos Recruiing

Recruiting sires for alliance
Kleos Alliance is recruiting sires.

Kleos is a new alliance. In Golden Age, an alliance is not optional, but a necessity. If you want to level up and have military support, you need an alliance.

- All sires are welcome, from beginning sires to experienced.
- Our purpose as an alliance is for fun and learning.
- Active players will stay as long as they like, but inactive players will be kicked.
- No map requirements.

Elder and Officer positions are available.

If you are a serious GA player who wants their alliance to be ranked and dominate the face of GA, this is NOT your alliance. Try clicking on the rank button and applying to one of the top 10 alliances.

(If you are a ranked alliance and you would like a sister alliance PM me... IGN: Trowbridge)
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