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[News]Account Sharing & Multiple Accounts info

Things you NEED to know!
Account Sharing

Account sharing is where more than one person has access of an account. It is a violation of our Terms of Service.

Account sharing creates liability and security issues. If a report comes to us and we determine that the base cause of the issue is account sharing, all accounts involved will be permanently banned. Prevent this by never giving out your password to anyone.

Multiple Accounts or Characters

In order to maintain a fair standard for all players, we do not allow the use of interacting multiple accounts.

You CAN have multiple accounts.
    This protects several things including but not limited to:
  • Families who play the same game
  • Roommates/Friends at same house who play the same game
  • Players who want to experience different factions or test aspects of the game
  • Players who are tired of an account and want to try a new account

Those accounts CANNOT interact with each other.
    This covers several things including but not limited to:
  • Using alternate/multiple accounts to spy on other alliances
  • Using alternate/multiple accounts to farm resources
  • Using alternate/multiple accounts to artificially bulk-up your fighting records (fake fights)
  • Using alternate/multiple accounts to weaken other players/wilds for your main
  • Using alternate/multiple accounts to "mule" or hold items for your main
  • Using alternate/multiple accounts to break the TOS in an attempt to shield your main
  • Using alternate/multiple accounts to do anything that would be a violation of the TOS

Players found to be violating our rules regarding the use of multiple accounts may be banned without noticed. Don't have your accounts interact and you won't have a problem.  


All trades are considered final. This policy is found in our Terms of Service. If you lose an item to another player, our team will investigate the person who did not follow through with the trade and we may also take additional account action if we deem it necessary. Your item, however, is lost forever. We will not recover items from other accounts due to trades gone bad.

Because there is no "trade system", there is no safe way to trade. Any trade you make is done on faith alone and is not covered by any means by the GM staff.

Signs of a suspicious trade:

  • Low level characters (10 or below) wanting to trade items for coins or trading very rare items
  • Over-insistence that you trade first (beyond reasonable hesitation)
  • Asking you to give them an item while they send you the other item from another account

    If at any point you feel a trade is too goo to be true, it probably is. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, DO NOT continue with the trade.

NEVER do the following:

  • Never give your account password to anyone.
    Do not give it to your friends or family, either. It is against our terms of service to account share. AGE employees and GM staff WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD. Immediately report people who ask for yours to us via Contact Us.
  • Never "Lend" an item to someone.
    There is no lend feature in our game, and we will not cover items that are not returned that you loaned away.
  • Never give an item to someone so they may "try it on".
    Chances are if someone wants to "try on" your item, they are not intending to give it back.
  • Never give your password or account access to someone offering to buy you Coins/AP.
    If someone is doing this, chances are they are intending to steal your account. Instead, have them use the "gift coin" feature if you're trading for Coins..

Protect yourself by:

  • Taking screenshots of the agreement prior to trade, and the trade itself, as well as your attempts at contacting a person who "disappears" midway through trade.
  • If a GS is around, ask them to observe or act as a conduit for the trade.
  • Never giving your password to anyone, even friends of family.
  • Trust your instincts. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Report all suspicious behavior by submitting a Contact Us

So, you wanna be a scammer...

Despite our policies in place in regards to recovery of items, this is not a free pass for scamming. If you are scamming, and you are reported, the items you scammed will be deleted and your account will be banned, often permanently. Part of our Terms of Service and our rules state that you may not hinder or otherwise make unenjoyable the game for others, which scamming clearly does. If you make alternate accounts to scam, you will be permanently banned without notice or question. If you scam someone, they've seen your name and they're probably going to report you, and you will be caught and banned.

Aside from that, scamming is just plain lame, and you don't want to be a lame-o, do you?

Coin Buying/Selling

Coin selling means trading real life money for in game currency or items outside of the official channels. AP may ONLY be purchased through our Billing Site or redeemed via Fun Cards. Both buying and selling "coins" is against the Tems of Service and will result in all related accounts getting banned.

If another user wishes to purchase one of your items from you, they may only do so with provided in-game capabilities - such as gifting Coins or sending you items. They may not, for example, offer to PayPal you 5$. This is against our Terms of Service and we will ban all accounts suspected of such activity.

It is possible to exchange codes that are worth AP (or bonus AP on purchase) for items/services in our games. This is not something that is supported by Aeria Games, but it is something that we allow. This is allowed, because AP codes (or coupon codes) have no value other than in our system, and as such are not considered sales for real money. Any transaction that involves real money (or items/codes that are redeemable for real money) is strictly prohibited on our site, and in our games.

Fun/Extreme Cards, Epins, Coupon Codes, and Gift Codes all fall under this. These are all part of our system, and as such can be traded for something else in our system. However, any trades are made at your own risk, and as such we do not provide any support for these trades (except to remove scammers).

Above all else, be sure to have fun and be safe while playing Golden Age. We are here to help, if you have any issues please Contact Us.

"He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious." -Sun Tzu
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