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20 May 2011
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PostedOct 17, 2011 8:10 pm

@Superman and Folacks

Latin Shaiya in serious troubles
I really, never tought that i have to post in this board (english board), stealing some time and virtual space from other players in this community. Ofc writing in english after 1 year and half after i worked for a company free to play per 6 years, similar to aeriagames. I confess when i arrived all were fine, GameMasters did their job and answer tickets in less 24 hours. After GM Guilherme left the company all were worst and worst every day. You Folacks, designed 2 GMs from Portuguese Comms to help both.. latin and portuguese... I confess in my own experience this were not the best choice taken by aerigames, because MMORPHS games need full time, 24 hours per day and ofc... the interaction with players is necessary in the different interfaces. I do not doubt that this GMs tries to help both communities, but we have some natural problems. They do not speak spanish, do not help community, do not answer tickets, do not attend denuces and do not made events in servers.

Aeriagames also decided to increment the cost per ap, this do not motivates users to continue getting aps when servers failed per a entire weekend. Now my question is... where is the quality that aeriagames can give to their customers?

During the time i served my communities (in other company) i learned that the main principle were the users, community and all the customers, they payed my salary i got, yes... users cry sometimes (well.. always) but their happiness is necesary to get money.

I request and invite to aeriagames personnel, to recover the right way to make games, to share ideas and give quality service on Latin users. It is neccesary native spanish speakers to help latin community and well tracking of the servers and their users.

I really hope u remind why you are aeriagames.... because users... never forget.

M.D. Miroslava Avila García
(one of those miles of customers in Latin comms that pay aeria coins)

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