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23 Mar 2011
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PostedOct 04, 2011 8:17 pm

[Ended] Week of Spooky Raffles!

Show your support for your server and win Aeria Points!

While Server 4 gets underway, we certainly aren't ready for Server 1, 2 and 3 to pass on! Participate in this awesome week of raffles to win Aeria Points!

Starting tonight with the launch of Server 4, we will be hosting a series of three raffles that all players in only the first three servers of Call of Gods! Participate in all three raffles to have the best chance of winning a raffle!

[ENDED]Started October 4th @ 7pm PDT:
Complete in-game tasks to be entered into the raffle! Receive more raffle tickets for the more tasks you complete!
More Details Here!

[ENDED]Started October 6th @ 7pm PDT:
Use one of these signatures to be entered into the raffle! Show your support for your server and get a free signature!
More Details Here!

Started October 8th @ 7pm PDT:
Team up with your friends to take out an enemy monster team in a Team Battle!
Win or lose, it's all about having fun! More Details Here!

GM Weekly Task ( 10/08 - 10/15 ):
While all the above raffles are going on, don't forget to check out the Weekly Task! Open to all servers!
More Details Here!
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