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24 Sep 2007
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[Events] More events coming your way!!!

September 5-September 11
Detailed events of the 3rd week (September 5-September 11):

Commerce Crisis
Monday ~ Tuesday

Commerces' fast development draw many covetous looks of robbers. Three
Commerces decide to wipe out them by hiring troops at high prices with constant
commodity loss in inventory.

During event, accumulate your attack points by your heroes' attack to get rewards
from these three Commerces. Players (first 100) reaching 2,000, 8,000 and
18,000 Daily Attack Points will get the same rewards respectively.
Top 3 players will get an additional reward!


Coins *1000, Prestige *20
Top 1: EXP Package II *1
Top 2 and 3: EXP Package I *1


1. Only first 100 players can click "Claim" button successfully.(Number resets every
hour, starting from 00:10)
2. The points will be reset to zero at 00:01 every day.

Warrior Blessing
Wednesday ~ Thursday


Since the conquest of evil dragons last time, human beings are ready to launch
another counterattack.


During event, you can get rewards by attacking Dragon for certain times.
Top 3 players with the most claiming times can get an additional reward every day.

All Resources *20000, Prestige *20, Warrior Blessing *1
Top 1: Lucky Card *5
Top 2 and 3: Lucky Card *2

1. Only Bone Dragon can be claimed 3 times at most every day.
2. You can only get a 20% bonus for one random kind of resource production, attack
ability or defense ability with 1 Warrior Blessing.

Taurus Constellation
Friday ~ Sunday


Constellation Palace is swept by cold current. Collect Synchic Fire Stone to relieve
people there from coldness. They will reward those who collect certain amount of
Synchic Fire Stones with valuable rewards.


During event, get Obsidian and Synchic Fire at random by attacking wilderness. 1
Obsidian and 2 Synchic Fires can be transmuted to 1 Synchic Fire Stone. You can
finish a task and get valuable rewards by submitting 3 Synchic Fire Stones.

1. You can finish the task of Taurus Constellation for free 2 times at most every day.
2. You can buy Crystal Tokens in Store to get more tasks.
3. Charge $49, $99, $199, or $499 and you will get 1, 2, 5 or 15 free Crystal Tokens

Constellation Box *1, Coins *1000, Taurus Constellation *1, Prestige *50

You can get one of the following rewards at random by opening Constellation Box:
Crystal Patches, Amber Patches, Attack Jewel, Coins, Mystic Stone and certain items
from store.

Hero Training
Monday ~ Sunday

Brand-new Hero Training! Double Experience Obtaining! Fast Hero Growing!

During event, you can get one chance of "double experience" on event interface
every day. With "double experience", hero can get double experience when
attacking, lasting for only 4 hours.
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