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01 Feb 2009
Honeoye Falls, NY United States
PostedAug 07, 2011 3:23 pm

Some forum links stopped working except in IE

Some recent change in the forum web pages stopped working correctly in most browsers except IE. Things still work correctly in IE 9, but that's my "last resort" browser. Using Firefox 5.0 or Chrome 13.0, the Login function doesn't work properly. In Firefox, it shows Login even when you're already logged in. Hovering over Login doesn't display the popup where you can enter your id and password, and clicking Login takes you to a page that says "The page you're looking for is not available". In Chrome, you see the Login popup but it doesn't work. In both browsers, clicking "New Topic" takes you to the "not available" page. I haven't updated any of these browsers recently, and they used to work, so the problem is in your pages, not the browsers. And I should point out that your competitors forums still work properly in both Firefox and Chrome. I understand that it's difficult keeping up with the idiosyncrasies of all the browsers, but I really hate having to use IE to contribute to your forums.
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