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27 Nov 2010
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PostedJul 31, 2011 3:42 pm

Help with a new hunter/archer build

need help!!
ok so I want to make a HM hunter (might be archer instead,) but i do not have the gold or the money right now for a restat stone later on so will it be good to do 5str 2 dex and then later on switching to full luck, or is there an alternative better build so that i can solo at low lvls since i cant even ever find a party on my oracle anymore. and then switch to luck so i can start to crit a lot? thanks for your input.


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20 Dec 2008
PostedAug 01, 2011 3:28 am
What lvl is your oracle?

Personally on my archer I went the LUC route from the beginning, which was long long time ago, back in EP 3, and I can assure you it was pain in the arse lol. especially if you solo. It took me ages to lvl 20-30, that was maybe the hardest part for me to date, a lot harder and more frustrating than my 55-56 now. at those lvls mobs start getting tougher but your LUC just isn't high enough to crit often enough. after that you get elemental buffs and Dread gear which helps you a nice bit. Things have changed from EP 3 tho.

Usually priests/oracles are really wanted in parties so it's hard to imagine not being able to find party. Just type in trade chat "lvl XX HM oracle lfp" and I bet you're gonna get company sooner or later. One way to help (and maybe the wisest in the long run) is to lvl it up, then party with others to farm (lvl 5 and 6 lapises for example) and you'll be able to fund your low lvl archer with ease.

Now other ways to do it that I came up with:
Free Loot Box: On Shaiya website, it gives random lvl1 Remedies every hour if just go there and claim it. Those are worth ~7mil in game, and the STR, DEX and LUC ones might be a life saver on lower lvls. Hey, 50 free stat points, who wouldn't like it? Sell the rest (REC, INT, WIS and other junk you might get) and buy more useful remedies or save up for lapises, better gear, Stat reset stone etc.
Ice Cream: PvP event rewards for the winning faction. Don't just be a jerk tho and go there to buy when the event is almost over, go there and help, even if you're not much of a help, at least opposite faction gets free kills Very Happy but even a small help is a help. Then, if you get vendors, buy those Ice Creams, keep some to yourself (faster atk and mov speed) and sell the rest. Good money for low income players and helps majorly in grinding.
Guild/Friends: Get some other players around your lvl, party with them and voíla! It's faster, it's more fun (at least IMO) so time goes faster, even 2 archers duo is good, actually, I think it rocks so much. Just a little less EXP per mob and 2x the kills in same time than you would do soloing, more if it's a good duo.

Bottom line is do what you feel is the best thing for you to do! It usually is. And the last but not least, have fun while doing it Wink

Take care and happy lvling!
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