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01 Oct 2007
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PostedJul 23, 2011 3:43 am

Hunter tank... hmmm....

Note: This is more of a proof of possibility rather than a guide.

As some players have learned, I tank with just about everything from Warrior to Thief. But Hunter? No shield, that means I'd die if I tried to tank a boss...

But hmmm.... We are at the last boss and nobody can break the boss... Except for the Tank... But the tank can't change classes...

Oh, whatever, let us try it anyways! Party goes: Tiger tank? *Changes class* Party goes: Ok, level 45 maybe, 30? no. Me: (mentally: eh? my level 5? tiger?) Ok, keep me healed! *party stares for a moment* *Walks up to boss, aims, starts shooting* A minute later...

Didn't get a good capture of it dying, but I got a capture of it right before. Next up will be seeing if an illu can tank that... (And yes, for the first half of the bar, I actually stood still and let it hit me for the lols. It was second half that I got bored of getting hit by the orange heart debuff and started dodging (my healers were running out of mp))
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