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05 Feb 2011
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The original version is Spanish one, i used Google to translate. I hope u like the history. Comment if you want.


My name? I don't know. But my companions always called me Randalla.
I grew up in the mine Keitorer, including dwarfs, big traders.
According to them, my parents were Beika, and left me to my fate in the middle of the mine. The reason? I never knew. Simply be satisfied that they had been repudiated by me to be in conflict with society, all my peers gave me the only disgust and I could trust my teammates were in the mine. They always had me carefully.

In my nine years, I had my first friend, Zande. A nice dwarf the one that held long conversations while ore mined copper mine and who taught me the art of two-handed weapons and dual weapons. With it, constantly going to use these weapons against antelope and wild boar.

Despite what everyone thought this civilization was nice. It was good ... Until that day ...

First Chapter, A start fatal

- What is the quest that we play now? - He heard the voice of an individual in the distance blue dress holding a wand noble.

- We need to get Copper Ore. - I answered an elf wielding a bow. - I think we should find Keitorer Mina.

Zande, who was with me, and was witness to the conversation of these two adventurers began to tremble.

- Zande What's wrong? - I asked surprised.

- He draws your silver swords ... You'll see why I say it.

- By Etain! Just come to find copper ore ... I guess the elders will understand and will trade with them a little.

- Innocent ... They come to shed our blood. You've never witnessed this because I wanted to get involved and odiases the elves and humans more than they hated them.

We hasten to wait and see his performance behind a rock. Both young men approached. One of the old dwarf as he walked the copper trade offered, however, looked like a wizard cast a magic missile that sailed his chest struck by it falling on the floor. As it happened, two more dwarves came to avenge his friend. The archer shot an arrow at each target. When the arrows hit their little bodies, the dwarves began to run more slowly, as if bewitched, and before they could get, the mage spell repeated that he did with the first one killed to end their lives.

Zande, left where we were;

- EH, stop, Shed no more blood! I will free Mineral doi your needs! But let alone to Mina.

- The mine belonged to humans one day, dirty crooks. - Muttering wizard. - Copper belongs to Beika, though you trabajéis the removal. Now Die!

An arrow from the bow of the eyebrows hit Elf de Zande. I felt an incredible emptiness inside me.

- Zande! - I cried. - No!

I drew my silver sword. And I ran towards them, regardless of their lives, nor his family nor his task, no matter if you want if you tell the truth.
Feeling in danger began to shoot and cast spells, but I had skill enough to avoid them. And stringing horizontally swords and a sword to end their lives. However. Then I began to feel weak, his legs began to falter, and his breath began to be insufficient.

"Etain ... sorry ..."
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