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05 Jan 2011
United States
PostedJul 01, 2011 7:20 pm
I would give the service i have personaly seen so far a 3. I say 3 because i was ignored by a GM in game and out of game. I understand when a GM gets online they are flooded and over whelmed. So i took the time to send them a message on here and never got a reply. I would have understood a late reply but NEVER is very unacceptable. I did subit a ticket after a week or so of waitting for the GM and Wrote in the ticket what i needed the problem and the GM who ignored me and was promptly taken care of. So in the future i may try a GM again but more then likely not. As for the customer service on the tickets i would rate a 4.


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30 Nov 2007
Rego Park United States
PostedJul 05, 2011 8:02 pm
Total crap....i get banned suddenly with no inquiry for some "unusual activity." they str8 up permanent banned my main account. I am still waiting for a damm reply to my ban appeal. it is a mistake. I never broken any ToS and have not been inactive for more than 6 months. I, in fact, advocate following the rules and i even go out of my way to report hackers and ToS breakers.

The policy of ban first and inquire after a ban appeal is crap. You dont even compensate for a mistaken ban and for lost time due to the waiting period. Spoke to a few GMs in shoutbox about my RT and said i have to wait time i get an official response. If they have time to check the RT and tell me to wait, why cant they just look into the RT.

You auto email to a person that is banned is utterly useless. it gives no information whatsoever. You dont even have a page on the website that explains what a ban category could mean. And how do you go from never ever getting banned to getting banned permanently even though you have a clear record for 3+ years since the account has been started.

Your ban policy need to be re-evaluated. Its completely unfair to people that are mistakenly banned. And from the looks of the forum threads i've seen, you seem to mistakenly ban quite a few people.

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13 Aug 2008
United Kingdom
PostedJul 05, 2011 8:21 pm

No disrespect, areia is doing well but a couple of things are just a tad out of touch, we are still awaiting fixes to the economy from choi rock, action is despratly needed in this department, many new releases are being made (the 20-30 and 1-15 teirds are good) but said gear needs to be released in a way that does not require ap, otherwise it only increases AP buyer dominance thus driving even more people out thought an over inflated economy. Zones are severly imbalanced and the big issues are still going relativly untouched (at least to the untrained eye, unsure as to how these are being addressed in the office)

Saying that GM service is still outstanding and many good promos are still being approved Smile

- Courtesy of the Great Avyn


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09 May 2009
Toa Payoh Singapore
PostedJul 15, 2011 1:12 am

you made ap fun cards barely give 60 extra ap instead of 400 like before. bought 1 fun card found this out. never again. only source of AP too. oh well.

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