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24 Dec 2006
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PostedJun 16, 2011 7:10 pm

What are Aeria Points? Why do I want them?

Never tried Aeria Points before?
What is AP?

AP stands for Aeria Points. Aeria Points are the best way to get a head-start toward making your gameplay experience the best it can be! There are many special and exclusive items that can be purchased with Aeria Points in the Item Mall, all of which provide special bonuses and benefits to your character in Eden Eternal!

I'm thinking about trying Aeria Points for the first time. What can I get?

Since there are many options in the Eden Eternal Item Mall, it can be difficult to know what will give you the most bang for your buck. What are you looking to do?

I want to level up faster!
If you want to level up as fast as you can, try one of the Jewels, and combine it with some Charms! This will help you get the most EXP you can get while you train. You will level up and become stronger much faster!

I am looking for convenience!
If you want items to make your playtime more convenient, we recommend you grab some Legacy Gear and some Locus Life Leafs! These will make sure you never have to worry about getting new gear all the way up to level 30, and if you happen to die, you can conveniently resurrect in the same spot, saving you a bunch of time!

I don't want to die!
To stay alive while you train is really easy with AP! Try getting Health and Mana Potions, and a Legacy Weapon. These will make sure you can keep your HP/MP full at all times, and kill enemies much faster so you won't have to worry about dying!

I want to look cool or have a cool pet!
There are some exclusive Costumes and Pets in the Item Mall that will make you look cool an unique! You can also pick up some Dyes to make your outfits look unique too!

I want to try out AP! So what do I do now?

First, goto to get some AP using PayPal, a mobile phone, a credit card, or lots of other payment methods.

Once you have your AP, visit the Eden Eternal Item Mall and pick out what you want!

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