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24 May 2010
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PostedJun 12, 2011 1:00 pm

coming back to my um hunter

after a year of not playing
well after a year long break i'm coming back to my um hunter...I don't remember his stats or exact level but i'm pretty sure he was 61 or 62. My biggest question is has anything really changed as far as the play style. He was a luck build but I can't see his stats because i'm waiting on the game to finish updating. can anyone give me some rough numbers of what I should be around for luc dex and str.


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10 Sep 2008
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PostedJun 13, 2011 6:36 am
i am not sure about your gear, lapis and your budget, but the next hyrbid build is effective, but also costly
600LUC - 400DEX - 450+ STR

if you have issues to meet this target, you can lower your LUC to 500 and your DEX to 350 and STR to 300. With that, you cna kill the mobs, but it takes a bit more time.

the playing style didn't have changed, besides on one skill DPS ( deadly poison shot)
this skill is really amazing and helpful in PvE.

just do the next, DPS + pierce + sustain on a mob and then kill the another mob with your another skills (first VSS, then tranq. shot then RS) and common attacks. By this, you have 2 times XP per 'kill time'

ofc, if you have issues to kill a mob without DPS, you can do the next trick that the most archer/hunters is using, just DPS + sustain + VSS and then run around.
but i'm not a fan of this, so i'm using the above PvE style Razz

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