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 No new posts Forum Changes Superman0X 23 4366 tomery3031View latest post
Nov 15, 2013 6:31 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] Tips on Avoiding trade scams. Please read. SailorSpira 44 15933 LOLdsafsdfgoldView latest post
Jun 06, 2014 6:48 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] Forum Rules & Barter Board Advice what about initial bids? are PMs enabled? Theaitetos 34 16166 PrincessAerieView latest post
Jul 07, 2012 5:59 am
 No new posts So People Are Aware.... Regarding Selling of Items - TOS and Player Ethics Rules. Lyyrian 10 9847 MysticMaggieView latest post
Oct 06, 2010 6:34 pm
 No new posts WTS Uber Linked PvP Divine Set for priest justfine 0 9 justfineView latest post
Today, at 9:12 pm
 No new posts WTS or Trade Noble Silver Sword (19) elem II cheap! Paranaut 0 10 ParanautView latest post
Today, at 7:45 pm
 No new posts WTS Goddess PVP set for mage + Weaps + Acc's AlticKovaa 0 9 AlticKovaaView latest post
Today, at 7:32 pm
 No new posts Wts 80 ranger acc/weps And 70 F/D Stuff cunfuzed101 14 278 AlticKovaaView latest post
Today, at 6:28 pm
 No new posts WTS lvl 80 uber orc accessories set!!! Nathbrown21 10 272 Nathbrown21View latest post
Today, at 6:04 pm
 No new posts WTB item recovery for 20 ops pm me steperleon 1 25 steperleonView latest post
Today, at 5:12 pm
 No new posts WTS Blue 80s Archer acc set 150 op coasbc 0 21 coasbcView latest post
Today, at 4:33 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS Maxd out legend Canta F/D Set - B/O 900 OP !! Maxd out legend canta F/D Set (+ Dread) with 4x weps 3x top's 2x helm MyLive 155 2651 goldenbirdView latest post
Today, at 4:10 pm
 No new posts WTS Linked 80 Assassin Gear and Accs No b/o atm, going for the highest offert frzhmd 6 201 nie.krychoView latest post
Today, at 3:54 pm
 No new posts WH Cleaning Sale - Prices Updated 80 Ranger Pieces/ 80 Ranger Ring/70 a/r cape/ Xolenai 8 163 XolenaiView latest post
Today, at 3:11 pm
 No new posts WTT full canta w/g set.....for 15 set( aol or fury, ) 012chris 1 31 012chrisView latest post
Today, at 3:09 pm
 No new posts WTS Hunter Infinite Demonic Arch Weapons 4X and 1 Legend Top Willing to trade for 80's items and also Looking to buy M2K.. HypnotiqDR 1 35 HypnotiqDRView latest post
Today, at 2:31 pm
 No new posts Infinite Atrocity Warrior 80's Weapons Maxed linked 4x Might possibly looking to trade or just plain in ops. Thanks HypnotiqDR 1 47 HypnotiqDRView latest post
Today, at 2:30 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS Uber Maxed Goddess F/D Set and Accs Maxed, Doubled - Everything luukere45 43 561 luukere45View latest post
Today, at 2:20 pm
 No new posts WTB Uber Warlord or Chthonic set or Bright Dominator Sin nie.krycho 0 6 nie.krychoView latest post
Today, at 2:03 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] wts lv80 uber guard accessories set wtt for hunter or war accs set same oj and link-bo:added bayrambagdas56 59 1263 bayrambagdas56View latest post
Today, at 12:00 pm
 No new posts WTB Hunter 80 Amulet Riggler26 1 19 Riggler26View latest post
Today, at 10:38 am
 No new posts WTS 4 sets of gears b/o lowered bennyboyzeus 5 194 bennyboyzeusView latest post
Today, at 9:40 am
 No new posts WTB blue hunter set bennyboyzeus 2 29 bennyboyzeusView latest post
Today, at 9:39 am
 No new posts WTS uber Blue Pagan set + weps + acc bennyboyzeus 3 74 bennyboyzeusView latest post
Today, at 9:39 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS Blue Tank Guard Set B/O lowered Echo.Doll 69 2080 nie.krychoView latest post
Today, at 8:26 am
 No new posts Mage/Priest Cape LVL 80 WTS sperlie 6 171 sperlieView latest post
Today, at 7:42 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS 15 Uber Mage set ( Quitting 15) 4 tops, 4 weaps, 2x Heroic and Dread bloodhd 26 504 7deadlysin1View latest post
Today, at 7:05 am
 No new posts Want To Buy MAXED Hunter Accessory SET Buying... menesesnatalie 3 46 goldenbirdView latest post
Today, at 6:12 am
 No new posts WTS doomsayer set [10]-[19] bevfraser 7 90 bevfraserView latest post
Today, at 6:12 am
 No new posts WTS Lv80 Warr items. WTS.Offer top,helm,cape,spear,legg,muff skero 13 319 skeroView latest post
Today, at 5:35 am
 No new posts WTS Blue guard semi uber set w/o wep inbox me if your interrested _Unreal 1 39 _UnrealView latest post
Today, at 4:48 am
 No new posts [ WTS ] Chthonic Set maxed ! [ b/o lowered , c/o updated ] 79 assasin set max reroled , double rec'ed , linked [13] vibershaiya 16 369 nie.krychoView latest post
Today, at 2:42 am
 No new posts WTB one 10$ and another card between 20-30$ card the cards must work for another game floryflory 6 104 floryfloryView latest post
Today, at 12:24 am
 No new posts 1 1 syingcheng 0 15 syingchengView latest post
Yesterday, at 11:13 pm
 No new posts WTS 80 lvl Mage -Priest CAPE Offer zamanaskeri 1 61 bennyboyzeusView latest post
Yesterday, at 8:41 pm
 No new posts WTB Yellow Priest gears JuliettCo 2 42 JuliettCoView latest post
Yesterday, at 7:57 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS 15 Pagan Uber Set x4 Weaps x2 Tops x2 Helms vascor96 26 539 7deadlysin1View latest post
Yesterday, at 7:46 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] Uber 15 pagan set ko1978stas 104 2044 ko1978stasView latest post
Yesterday, at 2:29 pm
 No new posts WTS uber goddes anor set acc weps or WTT for 15 set alexisdcd 10 209 alexisdcdView latest post
Yesterday, at 11:27 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS 15 Defender Set 120OPS FOR ALL menesesnatalie 36 654 menesesnatalieView latest post
Yesterday, at 9:31 am
 No new posts WTB B-def maxed acc`s jocsi 0 15 jocsiView latest post
Yesterday, at 9:29 am
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Aug 24, 2007 1:04 pm
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