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 No new posts Forum Changes Superman0X 23 4535 tomery3031View latest post
Nov 15, 2013 6:31 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] Tips on Avoiding trade scams. Please read. SailorSpira 44 16257 LOLdsafsdfgoldView latest post
Jun 06, 2014 6:48 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] Forum Rules & Barter Board Advice what about initial bids? are PMs enabled? Theaitetos 34 16352 PrincessAerieView latest post
Jul 07, 2012 5:59 am
 No new posts So People Are Aware.... Regarding Selling of Items - TOS and Player Ethics Rules. Lyyrian 10 10045 MysticMaggieView latest post
Oct 06, 2010 6:34 pm
 No new posts WTS Maxed Blue Fighter 80 set weps access 80 cape 4xTops 4xWeps you wont find better cyberkidd220 15 434 Maho22View latest post
Today, at 10:55 pm
 No new posts WTS Letter of Alicia soxy43 1 31 maximushebrewView latest post
Today, at 8:26 pm
 No new posts WTB 20-30 Legendary Mage gears WTB 20-30 Legendary Mage gears KillerJoe29 0 6 KillerJoe29View latest post
Today, at 8:17 pm
 No new posts WTSUber 15 Fighter set Quitting 15 sale Spooky999 7 219 juancarlos187View latest post
Today, at 7:54 pm
 No new posts WTS/T 15 PvP Priest Set Possible Trade for F/D/A 15 of Same Hebiki-Kun 2 82 juancarlos187View latest post
Today, at 7:50 pm
 No new posts Wts SC Debuffs Lapis Seller10 15 317 juancarlos187View latest post
Today, at 7:49 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] 1-15 Archer / Fighter Gears , Some Uber ! My B/O Depends on Many Offers Already ! , Even Got Many C/O Before More Than My B/O But ... ! traxex10245 27 871 juancarlos187View latest post
Today, at 7:45 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS Letter A, 3x Dread Heavens Door´s (20) 20-30 F/D A, Dread Heavens Door´s Water, Fire, Wind. FABIAN123456789 52 735 FABIAN123456789View latest post
Today, at 7:22 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] Wts Legendary stuff for F/D Clean 20-30 pants and helmet left FABIAN123456789 55 825 FABIAN123456789View latest post
Today, at 7:21 pm
 No new posts WTB 1-15 Imp Orc top Linked Ele Triple Mystic pm me soraskingdom 5 45 soraskingdomView latest post
Today, at 5:45 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS 1-15 Sin Top and 2x Wep B/O Set lilwilson 37 840 lilwilsonView latest post
Today, at 4:54 pm
 No new posts WTS Imp. 1-15 mage set kalshukadora 0 21 kalshukadoraView latest post
Today, at 4:12 pm
 No new posts WTS 1-15 PvP Pagan Gear -Weapon -Dread Muffer zamanaskeri 20 514 zamanaskeriView latest post
Today, at 4:08 pm
 No new posts WTS Blue guard set / acc / wep c/o 850 b/o 950 phat1er 1 38 Lord.NazgulView latest post
Today, at 4:01 pm
 No new posts WTT or WTS Lv 80 Archer/Ranger Cape WTS /WTT lv80 Ranger/Archer Cape mjames4496 0 8 mjames4496View latest post
Today, at 3:49 pm
 No new posts WTB Yellow Mage Helmet linked, semi-linked (or OJed) ealit 0 5 ealitView latest post
Today, at 3:30 pm
 No new posts WTS LVL 80 Cape Ranger / Archer samedim00 0 26 samedim00View latest post
Today, at 1:38 pm
 No new posts WTT Warrior's Effulgent Ring to Warrior's Gold Ring Gold Ring should be linked / Oj'ed same as mine , check SS vibershaiya 8 96 vibershaiyaView latest post
Today, at 1:13 pm
 No new posts WTS ubber Destiny Spears [20] / Warlord Top max linked / debuff linked [b/o lowered] vibershaiya 10 186 vibershaiyaView latest post
Today, at 1:13 pm
 No new posts WTS Uber Maxed Blue Mage Set rare set SS's inside hellboyzizo 10 164 hellboyzizoView latest post
Today, at 12:04 pm
 No new posts WTS 76+ Imperial uber set.......79 uber Giants all [19] doulbe OJ 3x max oj maxed linked pain6/7 blind 6/7 in weapons johnygold 15 118 johnygoldView latest post
Today, at 10:45 am
 No new posts WTS Blue Priest Set moon333 10 331 moon333View latest post
Today, at 10:33 am
 No new posts Wtb alicia letter Turry85 0 9 Turry85View latest post
Today, at 10:31 am
 No new posts WTS F/D Set for Canta WTS F/D Set for Canta dirksmith 0 18 dirksmithView latest post
Today, at 9:34 am
 No new posts WTB Letter of adam pm what you have Splicer07 1 18 Spooky999View latest post
Today, at 9:32 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS 80 Blue Mage Gear aimeereid 56 1546 grieverbladeView latest post
Today, at 8:41 am
 No new posts WTS Maxed Priest Blue Set w/max OJs grieverblade 14 301 grieverbladeView latest post
Today, at 8:40 am
 No new posts Imperial fighter set 76+ and 79 Mace Lowered B/O 68 ops angelforce 11 114 angelforceView latest post
Today, at 4:37 am
 No new posts WTB letter of alicia tattieboy 1 18 tattieboyView latest post
Today, at 3:21 am
 No new posts WTB Blue Assasin Set Max WTB lvl 80 Sin ciciboc60 8 81 ciciboc60View latest post
Today, at 2:15 am
 No new posts WTS Lv15 W/G Cape / 2x Dread Axo Top / Dread Anga Cap tony_245 2 48 tony_245View latest post
Today, at 2:04 am
 No new posts WTS/T Blue pagan acc set maxxed out C/O B/O also trade for hunter/war/guard maxxed acc phat1er 0 22 phat1erView latest post
Today, at 1:47 am
 No new posts . phat1er 0 11 phat1erView latest post
Today, at 1:44 am
 No new posts WTB 20-30 Mage weapons WTB 20-30 mage weapons KillerJoe29 0 10 KillerJoe29View latest post
Today, at 12:43 am
 No new posts WTS #23 +1 [20] (x2) Venjence 2 76 hiddenespi89View latest post
Yesterday, at 11:06 pm
 No new posts WTB 15 Fighter Gear MysticDeJa 0 10 MysticDeJaView latest post
Yesterday, at 7:44 pm
 No new posts WTS 80 w/g cape clean maximushebrew 6 106 xzz9View latest post
Yesterday, at 5:53 pm
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Aug 24, 2007 1:03 pm
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