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 No new posts Forum Changes Superman0X 23 4629 tomery3031View latest post
Nov 15, 2013 6:31 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] Tips on Avoiding trade scams. Please read. SailorSpira 45 16447 kkittylinView latest post
Feb 12, 2015 12:54 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] Forum Rules & Barter Board Advice what about initial bids? are PMs enabled? Theaitetos 34 16482 PrincessAerieView latest post
Jul 07, 2012 5:59 am
 No new posts So People Are Aware.... Regarding Selling of Items - TOS and Player Ethics Rules. Lyyrian 10 10139 MysticMaggieView latest post
Oct 06, 2010 6:34 pm
 No new posts WTS Legendary Boots/pants/top for Fury any class. PM me darkie175 0 4 darkie175View latest post
Today, at 3:32 pm
 No new posts WTB Armored Rhino not dyed JeffOrc 0 2 JeffOrcView latest post
Today, at 3:29 pm
 No new posts WTT for Uber Blue war set x5 bow, x1 top, x1 legs, x1muffler etc... FB1Agent 0 4 FB1AgentView latest post
Today, at 3:13 pm
 No new posts WTB legendary 30 A/R gaunts BlueBurn 0 9 BlueBurnView latest post
Today, at 2:46 pm
 No new posts WTS Maxed out Guardian Blue set with Accessories [20] Blue Guardian Set [20] Weapon/ Shield/ Accessories rezum 3 62 rezumView latest post
Today, at 2:14 pm
 No new posts WTS Maxed out Guardian Tank Rec Blue set with Accessories Tank Guard / Rec Set With weapon/ Shield rezum 2 57 rezumView latest post
Today, at 2:14 pm
 No new posts WTB Ubber Guard Set blue or yellow NOT MAXED No Acc's/ weaps/cape/ TY howso 0 2 howsoView latest post
Today, at 1:35 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS Blue Orc Set/Accessories/Dagger/Cape Selling as a set only. idontcareshaiya 81 1838 idontcareshaiyaView latest post
Today, at 1:24 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS UBER Lv15 priest set //BO inside **SS inside ** stupid offers will be ignored BaRo1905 31 669 BaRo1905View latest post
Today, at 12:12 pm
 No new posts WTB Crystal Mallet 15 and heroic Hoplon Clean or uber taurim5524 3 49 RichardCainView latest post
Today, at 11:34 am
 No new posts EOM Tier RichardCain 1 41 freakazeView latest post
Today, at 11:29 am
 No new posts WTS 15 HUNTER SET Tenekeci01 9 231 Tenekeci01View latest post
Today, at 10:58 am
 No new posts WTS 80 BLUE SIN SET 80 blue set/accs/wep+70 cape kagheroo 0 13 kagherooView latest post
Today, at 10:12 am
 No new posts WTS 15 Pagan Maxed Set x4 weapons x3 Tops x2 helms vascor96 11 185 vascor96View latest post
Today, at 9:16 am
 No new posts WTS 15 Warrior Maxed Set x4 weapons x2 tops x2 helms vascor96 12 237 vascor96View latest post
Today, at 9:16 am
 No new posts WTS 80 guard set 4x weps 2x tops perfect max oj'd SOLDOUT WTIH SS's NOW! altjeheart 1 40 altjeheartView latest post
Today, at 9:13 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] WTS 15 Fighter Set [CLOSED] PENDING TRADE NouNouGR 77 1101 NouNouGRView latest post
Today, at 8:29 am
 No new posts WTS kill Transfer RichardCain 4 41 RichardCainView latest post
Today, at 8:12 am
 No new posts WTS Blue Helmet of Ur Choic .Hani. 1 17 .Hani.View latest post
Today, at 7:01 am
 No new posts WTB 80lvl blue mage set uber or semi link WTB 80lvl blue mage set uber or semi linked pm me in skype:defa-um1 or here mazzimo45 0 7 mazzimo45View latest post
Today, at 6:25 am
 No new posts WTS BLUE war set ( gear , accs , wepps) gear 2x top 2x wep / IS items / acs SET [ updated SS's ] vibershaiya 17 482 vibershaiyaView latest post
Today, at 5:57 am
 No new posts WTS plvls As title says. eashwar408 1 32 eashwar408View latest post
Today, at 5:47 am
 No new posts WTS 80 Def Crystal Mallets [20] either 5slot or 6slot ele combo - may be blue Def set as well jsgits 4 91 jsgitsView latest post
Today, at 4:26 am
 No new posts WTS Last Wisper [20] Archer pvp 15 wind and Earth qudome 22 390 qudomeView latest post
Today, at 3:47 am
 No new posts WTB uber ( prefer maxed) 30 Archer Gear Pm me here or in game ShaDoW qudome 3 48 qudomeView latest post
Today, at 3:46 am
 No new posts WTS 80 Orc Set side.effect17 4 92 side.effect17View latest post
Today, at 2:47 am
 No new posts WTB uber Effulgent Dominator's set. Domi set(x4 tops), 80 javs(x4), 80 acc set, 80 cape. gykon 2 76 gykonView latest post
Today, at 1:46 am
 No new posts WTB Uber 15 Guardian Ele Top Thorgaard 10 88 ThorgaardView latest post
Yesterday, at 11:50 pm
 No new posts WTS Maxed Priest Blue Set w/max OJs grieverblade 24 678 grieverbladeView latest post
Yesterday, at 9:18 pm
 No new posts WTS 80 Def set SS inside acid4burn 15 319 acid4burnView latest post
Yesterday, at 5:08 pm
 No new posts WTS Blue Maxed Guardian Set Weapons And Accesories!! Selling as Set ONLY!! marik27 11 351 marik27View latest post
Yesterday, at 4:35 pm
 No new posts WTB Ubber BLue dps Guard Set semi linked or full linked not maxed ^ inbox me here howso 0 8 howsoView latest post
Yesterday, at 2:28 pm
 No new posts WTS Yellow Hunter 80 gear All Linked skint26 1 29 skint26View latest post
Yesterday, at 2:09 pm
 No new posts WTS kill transfer 60 ops tattieboy 2 75 tattieboyView latest post
Yesterday, at 12:01 pm
 No new posts WTS Stuff from EoM tf21508 2 71 tf21508View latest post
Yesterday, at 10:14 am
 No new posts WTS Imp Hunter (Stat) Top [20] maxed or want to trade for Letter of Alicia... SS Inside eazydc69 3 69 eazydc69View latest post
Yesterday, at 9:48 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] Wts Legendary gear A/R, M/P, F/D 20-30 pm me FABIAN123456789 111 1913 FABIAN123456789View latest post
Yesterday, at 8:58 am
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Aug 24, 2007 1:03 pm
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