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 No new posts [ Popular ] Summer Giveaway #5 - 8/18/14 Announcement end: Aug 25, 2014 5:59 pm Topic. 147 3370 xburnselowView latest post
Today, at 4:30 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] LSF Package Redemption Page Cage. 286 15314 igal101View latest post
Today, at 3:11 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] Sector One Playtime Event Mystery prizes are among us!Announcement end: Aug 27, 2014 5:59 pm Topic. 41 3201 seanlimyinView latest post
Today, at 1:53 pm
 No new posts SP Games -- 8/23/14 - Check out this upcoming weekend event!Announcement end: Aug 25, 2014 5:59 pm Topic. 22 1191 jlreyes24View latest post
Today, at 8:22 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] August Content Update Patch Notes -- 8/20/14 Brace yourselves for the megaload of new weapons! Topic. 47 2187 Bo0mxView latest post
Today, at 4:34 am
 No new posts Final Summer Sunset Championship -- North American Division Tournament. Topic. 20 1254 Topic.View latest post
Yesterday, at 7:03 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] [PHHA ACT] Report Game Hackers/Abusers/In-game Harassment! - Let's clean up this community together Topic. 70 4120 brandonlyveView latest post
Aug 14, 2014 1:04 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] New GM announcement New GM GM_BlackBird 88 2630 promandownView latest post
Aug 13, 2014 10:37 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] "Soldier's Stipend" Free Loot Box Because who doesn't like free stuff? Sighborg88 79 6867 king5aliView latest post
Jul 27, 2014 4:00 pm
 No new posts Why so mean GameSages? xibiziaz 11 194 seanlimyinView latest post
Today, at 8:52 am
 No new posts Need Some Answer ASAP :( Philippines Players omfgitzemhs 2 42 seanlimyinView latest post
Today, at 8:50 am
 No new posts Sector One Same as missile..... peeetur 7 169 SFMaurinView latest post
Today, at 8:49 am
 No new posts Spray Can Event (From a while back) xysm 2 54 SFMaurinView latest post
Today, at 8:40 am
 No new posts My new Render pack V1 Released ihatenoobs15 5 180 ihatenoobs15View latest post
Today, at 8:38 am
 No new posts Soldier Front and Aeria Games xocitrusox 9 167 mewtwos290View latest post
Today, at 8:15 am
 No new posts SP Games Community Feedback -- Let me know what you guys want to see in the next SP Games Topic. 12 739 luckyman230View latest post
Today, at 8:11 am
 No new posts Gatling Gun How can i get it Ruliva 5 95 Sample50View latest post
Today, at 8:10 am
 No new posts weapon upgrade i have 2 gold uzi which should i choose brenjay 12 215 Darkfight7777View latest post
Today, at 8:03 am
 No new posts Inventory _ICETEA 8 188 PlurGhostView latest post
Today, at 8:02 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] Casual<3 SFMaurin CasualFan 39 664 adjuant4View latest post
Today, at 7:52 am
 No new posts what exact time usf resume? luckyman230 1 51 soxiantnerfView latest post
Today, at 7:23 am
 No new posts Weapon Bomb jlplacido3 9 148 Rittz.View latest post
Today, at 7:18 am
 No new posts can someone help me with sp4celeader 0 25 sp4celeaderView latest post
Today, at 6:24 am
 No new posts CANNOT LOG IN SERVER TIME OUT xlittlepanty 4 98 jojopaculba24View latest post
Today, at 6:17 am
 No new posts need help albertmadison01 3 38 soxiantnerfView latest post
Today, at 5:47 am
 No new posts [ Popular ] guess who is back :D xPSG 29 597 soxiantnerfView latest post
Today, at 5:43 am
 No new posts LT brown did't receive weapon kit 1 and 2 rank bsamfufu 8 86 sfdfi2013View latest post
Today, at 5:20 am
 No new posts Error opening Golden Shower bombs? chargers619 8 226 mildkizer1990View latest post
Today, at 4:44 am
 No new posts need help about lsf free package to usf iran_20 6 140 iran_20View latest post
Today, at 4:05 am
 No new posts server crashed twice.. lszahx7 0 56 lszahx7View latest post
Today, at 3:29 am
 No new posts wew gg akoposigio17 0 45 akoposigio17View latest post
Today, at 3:18 am
 No new posts Bonus Rewards jaspermendoza21 6 134 predict.View latest post
Today, at 2:49 am
 No new posts Rate my first sig bfhc1
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 No new posts (GS)Topic Help Help me please Cytro715121 1 89 Topic.View latest post
Today, at 1:31 am
 No new posts August Update Pub VBoyz.Jimmy 0 56 VBoyz.JimmyView latest post
Today, at 12:55 am
 No new posts WHY MUST I CRY! deadecho5 3 102 peeeturView latest post
Today, at 12:27 am
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 No new posts [ Popular ] VALKYRIE SET COMPLETED :D completed xPSG 45 1704 lyzvietView latest post
Yesterday, at 11:53 pm
 No new posts all gm jmichaelphilip 1 31 CoffeyJonView latest post
Yesterday, at 11:51 pm
 No new posts [GS]Cage's Twitch Streaming Box jaspermendoza21 1 43 CoffeyJonView latest post
Yesterday, at 11:46 pm
 No new posts wew 50% special point!!! Tarn58 10 332 sp4celeaderView latest post
Yesterday, at 11:44 pm
 No new posts cant play SF jaspermendoza21 7 120 Kinesis17View latest post
Yesterday, at 11:38 pm
 No new posts USF down? Can't connect to server xzPooplaDe 4 123 xzPooplaDeView latest post
Yesterday, at 10:39 pm
 No new posts Fill me in on this game been gone for a year. Thanks DannyBoyy93 3 90 DannyBoyy93View latest post
Yesterday, at 10:14 pm
 No new posts Help me plss airansaramines 2 74 CoffeyJonView latest post
Yesterday, at 10:04 pm
 No new posts Can anyone help me with my PROBLEM! ERROR ON SF destroyer.danz 0 58 destroyer.danzView latest post
Yesterday, at 9:03 pm
 No new posts [ Popular ] Karnage is back! hairball69 26 956 3nmityView latest post
Yesterday, at 8:16 pm
 No new posts Facetime vs Threat tournament match stream! eureKa_j0n 4 122 eureKa_j0nView latest post
Yesterday, at 7:06 pm
 No new posts Tweety's Inventory my inventory FarAway290 0 65 FarAway290View latest post
Yesterday, at 6:42 pm
 No new posts [Final Summer Sunset] -- Facetime vs Threat Stream Round I Round 1 Stream Topic. 1 93 usfglenn1996View latest post
Yesterday, at 6:29 pm
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