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-Welcome to the RoleplayingAnime aka RPA the Largest long lasting rp group on Aeria. This Group is run by the Council which hold the highest rank we. a short intro to the RPA world or worlds there a...


publicCreated 09/30/094816

The title pretty much speaks it all, people! This is a anime group! Feel free to join if you can't get enough of dem animes!


publicCreated 08/14/1415

Ello!!!! This group is for Minion Adorers!! Send funny minion clips, minions being crazy!! Don't be shy, this is a friendly group!!!!


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Admission codes, news, clan videos, streams, etc can be found here for the public.


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♥ Feel free to join even if you're not a kpop lover! ♥ Anyways, here you can obsess and fangirl/fanboy about your favorite bands and idols~ Oh!! And I'll try to be updating you on the latest MV's ...


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This is the RPA zombie world.(Same rules apply here from the RPA)


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This is A team of anime luvers and manga otakus owo and ppl who love rpg We Shall RULE O3O hahahahaha jk We have cookies ^^ lol ~DawnSplash a.k.a Dawny


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i ♥ u all and we r buddies


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we group together wolfteam loves ava


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This group is for everyone.Anyone that loves music,anime,manga, friends, etc,become part of the group. You can talk about anything and everything, dont be afraid to speak your mind.(Just dont be a tro...



Gamingposted by micmyx12 - August 17th 2014

I spent 9ap for silver tiger and then wait for 3days because it is my first time to spent ap but i did not received the welcome package, how am i going to redeem it?


Generalposted by GamingxSerah - August 20th 2014

If you want to make me a sig feel free to do so ^^
And if you want it to be displayed on my page,
then tell me and I will put it up :D

I am also able to make sigs or sets for you!
Just give me a PM or comment about what you wish
to have, and I will make it ^^
When I am done, you will then be able to
download it from my DeviantArt page :)

A must to include is:
Name and phrase :)
If you want to include more details then feel free to do so ^^

Enjoy your day!
/ ChibiNya

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