Gamingposted by ninyoismyname - June 15th 2015

sana ang sf mapunta na sa steam wala ng lag wala pang cheat!!


Rantsposted by BlackSpirit00 - June 14th 2015

You blasted summer! I went cherry picking today but it was so HOT. I was sweating bullets. I HATE heat, bright sunlight, and sweating. At least the cherries were worth it. But back to my point, sun, blow up!


Animeposted by kimbronxxx - June 14th 2015

Hey guys, i am thinking of playing Scarlet Blade. People are saying its a bad, fake, stupid game. Others are saying its really fun, it has good graphics. So...Should i play it or not. Also have you played it? Tell me your experience.


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Generalposted by klyok78380 - June 13th 2015

I was just finished my character creation and the music start with the daily gift or something I don't know.

Then I was like, lagging and suddenly the screen become dark and as you see I am reporting. But after all I need to tell from the beginning, it was very lagged and very slow when I was setting my secondary password for this account, and it was so slow when I decorate the character which make me tired of waiting.


Gamingposted by scheens - June 12th 2015

I am from Indonesia did not get a refund AP (ECHO OF SOUL)


Grand Fantasiaposted by ultimaxtachi - June 12th 2015

If I haven't played with my current character for a while then I might delete it and start over creating a new character which is a waste of time and pointless. Usually, I'd start a new character because I haven't played the game for a while, or I have a problem with my character.


Generalposted by BlackSpirit00 - June 12th 2015

Hello people! This is my first blog entry, even though I don't completely know what it is! Just trying something new. I play Aura Kingdom and only Aura Kingdom. My one and only character is named Eternity. Cool name~right? Took me forever to think of it. Her class are ronin and syche. I haven't played in a while due to my laptop technecial problems. I'm not a tech wiz, you know? Anyway, I'll update from time to time and keep in mind I'm new to this. Have a nice gaming day~!


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Gamingposted by kongvang990 - June 10th 2015

what is the code for a nife? or a gun?


Gamingposted by Lilly_Roes13 - June 8th 2015

ionline with HateMiku1


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Hey, I am an illustrator and colorist . I love video games and Manga ! (and other thing, of course.)

If you want to see what I do:
Go here:



Gamingposted by bbynathnath - June 6th 2015

ok so it goes like this
1. takees me like 6 tries to login - keep saying launcher error
2. if i can login it says "Cannot connect to the server - Time Error" and "Log out from server" and shuts down at black screen after waiting
3. if it doesnt do (2), which only happend twice so far it goes on servers screen but no servers are shown and it dcs me after 30 secs.


Gamingposted by Roxonism - June 5th 2015

Yeay. I've finished this marathon. After 48hrs EOS-marathon and a recovery of 8 hours I finally can write about the result of this adventure.

June 3th, 8:45 - 20:45 GMT+2
First day, after 1 and 3/4 hours of playing a maintenance occurred, thus I had to wait 5hrs. During the maintenance I watched "Spirited Away", nice film ;-)
At the first day I still enjoyed playing. Reached lvl 33.

June 4th, 2:45 - 14:45 GMT+2
Second day, I played for about 10hrs in total. At the end of the day my right eye was reddened. It's still itchy. Not funy. I tried Necromancers Den 3 times. Jeez, this Keshet monster is tough.
Okyra reached lvl 38 at the end of the 2nd day.


Gamingposted by djlayala21 - June 5th 2015

i recently played soldier front, single battle in shanghai.. and their is a player who is using a cheat... the code name is (vovo)_k_a.. he is using psg-1 but it continously shoot us.. just WTF. i thought the latest pacth will remove all those cheats sad to say there is still someone weak enough using it.....


Generalposted by JiinaKurasaki - June 5th 2015

I was such a retarded kid once I started blogging here. Jesus christ, I have to delete all of my ****, but it's still very amusing to see how much I've changed over the span of years.


Gamingposted by lordlay06 - June 4th 2015

Event please


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hi does anyone know when the new class for echo of soul will be released?



Gamingposted by hibiki92 - June 2nd 2015

Everyone is an artist, weather in the game or in the real world, Art is my passion, where the outside world has become my game world too. In every game in this system fantasy is my life, and I am the wizard, the mage, the sorcerer, and the sage. The journey of inspiration is without end.


Rantsposted by aaronmho - June 2nd 2015

WTF! Really kids? REALLY?
Now when kids get bored they start trying to summon demons?
like WHY? Yallz are crazy and yall need to just stop.
Blow out that candle, leave the dark room, and go run around in the sunlight. You don't even need to run, just stand in the sun.
Just stap, just stap it now! Q-Q you crazy little children...


Gamingposted by Roxonism - June 2nd 2015

Start: tomorrow morning

Plan: 12hrs playing / 6hrs sleeping / 12hrs playing /
6hrs sleeping / 12 hrs playing

remark: 12 hrs include eating, tooth brushing etc. :-)
--> so I expect 30hrs net playing in total

In contrast to hardcore gamers it's probably softcore but in my scale it's a lot of playing ;-)

Levina's blessing will be with me, but I'm a passionated quest log reader, thus I don't expect an extraordinary level progress.

My character(Earthguard) is currently on lvl 26.

I will post the results when I finished my recovery from playing ...


Animeposted by iloveyax - June 2nd 2015

hello to all my fellow anime lovers if your out there please notify me


Generalposted by garsen18 - June 1st 2015

Can Someone PLz tell me for Aura Kingdom how do i change my secondary passsword


Gamingposted by SakuraLili_chin - May 31st 2015

Hai Hai nyaa~~
Started playing s4 in this year xd not very good but like to have good time desu im at level 32 desu
Minna-san play s4 to? Wanna play with me desu? Lily would be very happy desu :3



Generalposted by SakuraLili_chin - May 31st 2015

Mina-san nice to meet ya desu~ im kinda new here x3 if ya interested pass by my to have a good time lets all get along desu


Gamingposted by Roxonism - May 29th 2015

Nice day, done well. Achieved lvl 21. Played a lot(in my scale).

My first day in Ignea(with my OBT char).

I have been crafting for a long time(in my scale). More than 100 jewelery stuff o.O
-> Achievement yeay

Let's see what the time will bring next:-)

Will Levina's blessing be with you.