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My mother had a brain stem stroke and is paralyze com. She can't talk and we barely have to give her the care she really deserves. She needs to go to a rehab center that will help to regain her movement and get better, but our insurance doesn't cover a lot f the thing we need. Please help my family. Even if its a little it will help. You can donate at:


Gamingposted by vanaila - March 18th 2014

Hello, All you need to know is My name is Shy. Well, It really ISN'T my REAL name, but its close enough.

I am playing AK (Aura Kingdoms) I am only beginning, and I've heard/seen enough to feel like it look interesting. I do like RPG games so it might be a good fit.

Why I have chosen this game:
Well, I didn't really intend to CHOSE it myself, but it kind of happen. You see one of the games I play a lot banned me for no reason and is having a lot of problems... Its quite sad really...
So I have watching my show when and ad caught me eye.


Rantsposted by Whovian11 - March 18th 2014

Ok so I got Scarlet Blade and i installed it, it took almost 2 hours then i had to install some other things. I installed the other things but i keep having to install Scarlet Blade i can't play it. Can anyone help me? Ik this isn't really a blog but idk how to make a post. :3


Humorposted by knockinsd - March 17th 2014

hai and bai


Humorposted by YasminFaith - March 17th 2014

Imma newbie hahhahah


Gamingposted by ddpaolo948 - March 15th 2014

Come watch us and be entertained.

Note: We are not high leveled Players, we're just playing also we suck :P


Gamingposted by _Kattana_ - March 15th 2014

Hi, my name is Katherine.I'm new and I was wondering if anyone plays Wartune.And could give me some tips on how to play.I also was wanting some views and some friends as well thank you.


Gamingposted by zspawn123 - March 15th 2014

Why i did not recieve the ap when i completed 5475 ap ...i wait for so long...:(



Gamingposted by Papabear15 - March 13th 2014

I Didn't get a sp when I opened my Duffle bag for Second Lietunant

-Soldier Front


Animeposted by pratomoastan - March 13th 2014

In This Blog Entry
I Want To Give A Oppinion About This Anime :
Mikakunin De Shinkoukei , Noucome , Nourin , Sakura Trick , Nisekoi
My Favourite Is Mikakunin , Sakura Trick And Nisekoi.
And For Me All Of Them Is Very Good ^_^
Now , What Is Your Oppinions ??


Generalposted by walmazi - March 13th 2014

:D hi


Generalposted by decasty - March 12th 2014

where I can download manual patch for Aura Kingdom T___T
this already 12 hours trying and my AKO patcher still can't patching/downloading file Movies\Video_0009.ogv


Animeposted by hiphopluv1212 - March 11th 2014

Well, when I first saw Steins;Gate I thought it was going to be a boring anime, but it turns out it's a very long thought out anime in which I did definitely enjoyed. The theme is mainly time travel, so if you're into chronology then I recommend this anime to you. It has very heart breaking moments I won't lie, and I'm not ashamed to say I did cry once... (ok maybe a couple of times but IM WEAK HEARTED, OK???) I will tell you though, at the beginning of the series it was somewhat boring...(for a time there I almost stopped watching it...) BUT, I WILL STOP YOU IMMEDIANTLY!!!


Generalposted by Madara0X2 - March 10th 2014

hi today march 10 2014 I try to connect to aura kingdom but I can't someones I connected ? can helpme?


Generalposted by ansnem - March 10th 2014

Hello world today I banged Ismail's mom. Yeah I know everyone has already done it but still.


Humorposted by meera1894 - March 10th 2014

So I was walking down the street and I saw something that caught my eye. It was an m and m's bag just lying there on the ground. I picked it up, turned it around, and.. sniffed it. The m and m's bag and a peculiar smell to it. Its smelt like dark chocolate. Now if you did not know I LOVE DARK CHOCOLATE. So I smashed and sliced through the m and m's bag and what did I find? Not dark chocolate but a note that said "Beautiful Day Isn't it?"


Gamingposted by josell10 - March 9th 2014

please give me a reset scroll to change my subclass guardian :(
i don't have enough money to by AP because my i lived in philippines
it's so far away to buy it, GM's please help me :(


Gamingposted by SpaTherapist - March 8th 2014

Common Gaming Terms and Acronyms

AB: Area Boss
AFK: Away From Keyboard
Alt: Alternate
AoE: Area of Effect
ATM: At The Moment.
BBL: Be Back Later
BF: Boy Friend
B/O: Best Offer
BRB: Be Right Back
BTW: By The Way.
C/O: Current Offer
DC: DisConnect
Dgn: Dungeon
DoT: Damage over Time
DPS: Damage Per Second
FTW: For The Win!
G2G: Got To Go.
GB: Guild Boss
GF: Good Fight/ Girl Friend
GTG: Good To Go
IDC: I Don’t Care
IDK: I Don’t Know
IDR: I Don’t Remember/Recall


Gamingposted by SpaTherapist - March 8th 2014

Intro: Okay so I’ve gotten a few requests on how to make gold in game so I thought I’d make a guide for it since some people wanted it. First of all, to be able to make a good amount of gold, you should be level 50 so you can do ALL the dungeons and not just some. It’s quite easy to get to level 50 in game, it can take anywhere from a few days to one day depending on the exp boosts you have and how much you’re online. Also the prices can go higher or lower so I won’t list prices, people desperate for items are normally willing to pay higher than what they’re worth.


Gamingposted by SpaTherapist - March 8th 2014

So I decided to dedicate my day finding locations of ingredients needed for making better quality food that are sold by vendors on maps. I still need to do other maps that are currently in this Beta and I am sure I missed a few spots, which I hope you will help me with by pointing them out or enhancing the maps yourselves but this should be enough to help you out with finding and making it.

Perhaps some unneeded information in these screenshots but I figured I’d give you a heads up before you attempt to make them since they do start to become pricey after a while.


Gamingposted by SpaTherapist - March 8th 2014

Hit the ctrl key + f to find what you’re looking for. The current categories are: general game questions, game phase questions, founder pack questions, stress test and wipe questions, class/build questions, pvp questions, crafting questions, eidolin questions, dungeon/leveling questions, achievement questions, loyalty point questions, item mall questions, gold questions..

General Game Questions:

1. When you die do you lose exp?
A: No.

2. What’s the level cap for open beta?
A: Lv 75.

3. What’s the content cap for open beta?


Gamingposted by SpaTherapist - March 8th 2014

Let’s talk briefly about Rav/Sorc and why it may or may not work for you.

Ravager on its own is a heavy hitting class that needs 0 extra points in SPD to fully utilize its skill set. This means that no matter which subclass you choose, your own skill set will always be available and is usually the most effective in all PVE situations.

Which leads to the question, “Which subclass should I choose?”

Opinion views, a Ravager should choose a more utility based subclass that:

1) Has useful applications
2) Has low cool downs on the majority of skills


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If you are visiting my profile, you may ask yourself "Gawh, why does this dude have so many groups...seems kind of pointless."


Generalposted by andaro - March 7th 2014

To any GM or Staff Member that may read this, I would write this as a placeholder for a testimonial of my account's locational activity should it ever be called into question.

In such event, I can and will provide sufficient details and evidence to support my claim to authorized access using the specifics from the below information, which are used to verify my identity.


Generalposted by andaro - March 7th 2014

Around the Christmas of 2012 I became homeless. Personal life issues with family and myself forced me to abandon my living situations and take residence in my vehicle and with friends for a time. It was also unfortunate that around this same time, due to circumstances in hindsight beyond my control that I was dismissed as a Volunteer and shortly there after relinquished of service privileges.


Generalposted by kate23445 - March 6th 2014

hello this is my latest entry.

I am playing aura kingdom with a bard.



Rantsposted by winxclub214 - March 6th 2014

idk why humans really hate me meow they always tell me im annoying or w/e when will humans learn that i am a cat im not one of you humans at all. im a full cat 100% meow im so sick of being told im annoying or i have mental issues... even in real life its the same stuff from people i grew up in a psyc ward called pentacl point because humans couldnt accept me as a cat... from when i was 6-18... and also I am transgender... if u got a proplem with it ... then ya i was once male phsyically but i had my op a few years ago now im completely female as things where ment to be meow


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Gamingposted by zanderreyes16 - March 4th 2014

i cant play Soldier Front 2 here in middle east even with hotspot shield...what do i do??


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Welcome to My Blog,the present is coming soon