Gamingposted by Deadpool... - February 6th 2016

Hi there still looking for peaple to play with me in S4* so still write me in my box and lets have fun. I am from Holland so if you come from there just come and play but if you dont come from Holland nevermind still write me and we will get along Deadpoolstyle. Waiting for the message in my inboX

See you all Deadpool Out !!


Wolf Teamposted by Zebioverdreven - February 6th 2016

Hi, im take to open wolfteam, but him dont work everytime have i a error
then close wolfteam automatic
Help me please?



Grand Fantasiaposted by ClaxDioBx - February 3rd 2016

I recently changed to grand fantasia English ( played gf Spanish ) and lately I have had connection problems , sometimes before the game I gets "stuck" and I have to close it , I have too much lag in the game and that I have good internet always disconnect me or I get the game connection and that sort of thing , anyway .. I wanted to know if my pc problem or my internet or the game is having problems , please answer me : c

PS : nose much English , occupy translator , sorry if there are spelling mistakes XD


Gamingposted by kate23445 - February 2nd 2016

hi everyone blade and soul is now live on ncsoft


Generalposted by wSnuggles - February 2nd 2016

Hey everyone!
To be frank, I have absolutely no clue as to how I can start this, but I am looking forward to getting set up towards providing guides and anything useful that can benefit other players as well as learn from others! Lets rock and grow together!!!!


Generalposted by Kecharana - January 31st 2016

(work in progress)
I am an artist and a gamer. The art present on my profile, all drawn by me. you can find my art at

I'm mostly social and welcoming to anyone. Feel free to see my group and clan as well!



Rantsposted by Kecharana - January 31st 2016

so there's this thing....
where's the forums for digimon??

now for my rant. WHY. Do I always read things wrong? There's this forum I'm in regarding pokemon, and frankly, I seem to misinterpret EVERYTHING that's written there, like wow okay.
they aren't english so who is misreading who? I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE. I'm sick of dealing with it but I love their game...

what does a person do??????? ._.

jfc people suck. (but probably not you, reader, you're probably awesome and ilu.)


Generalposted by Stoopette - January 31st 2016

I have created a new group called FantasticFanArt for those who enjoy making fan artwork of the various games Aeria has published.

- Public
- Anyone can join
- Family friendly environment
- Fun and artistic

There is also an event going on right now for best screenshot from Echo of Soul (NA Server). Grand prize includes 1,500 Gold and a 7-Day Pet Hourglass.

We accept all creative minds with the goal of having as much fan art as possible.

Consider joining if you enjoy making fan art on your favorite Aeria games!


Gamingposted by EzEkE_02 - January 30th 2016

join us!!! All sf players, download bsf HackFree, unlimited coins, now!!!!! BRING BACK THE GOOD TIMES WITH BSF.... DOWNLOAD NOW.


Gamingposted by Ciurot - January 28th 2016

We can see two basic types of groups for batlles in echo of soul: a raid group or a simple party. In a raid we can fight togheter with the maximum of 20 chars (except for batllefield with 30). The Leader of the group will organize the functions (raid or tank) for every member. This is the party for fight on Vahalla or in some dungeons like dryad forest for example. If you can press "h" for smart matching you will see the options for this big raid party.


Gamingposted by Ciurot - January 22nd 2016

Guilds are the best way to find chars to play togheter and have fun. After u complete lvl20 and with one gold you can create one too. Start pressing G key in the game and look for the guilds ranking. There you will find the score and the leaders. Guilds can expand his general benefits (skills, storage, more gold from hunt and even a ressurrect power for Vahalla) and distribute titles between the chars while advance in lvl too (guilds will progress when complete some tasks). Every title have exclusive powers to invite more people and other things.


Generalposted by duo7777 - January 21st 2016

(It seem that you do not have any characters. Please create a character before redeering).

This bull i have 5-6 characters that have create for every class for this game scarlet blade since beta yes i havn't touch the game for some few blue moon but why now this happening. i just check and there maintenance but still


Generalposted by MysticFireBlade - January 20th 2016

Hello, by my username you can see that I liked to be called MysticFireBlade. I do hope that I can be friends with all of you that I may meet in games and I do hope that you want to be my friend to. If that is not the case then I wish you luck on finding somebody that you do want to be friends with. I hope the best for all of you and if you have a comment about what I post the please feel free to express yourself and comment after. Hope you all have a nice day.


Animeposted by Jp6616 - January 20th 2016

Hi im Jp6616 and i want to know your opinion of the best anime mmorpg. Im looking for something like sword art online, like swords, skills not much magic cor the warriors for the rouges. If anyone can recommend ny games i would be greatful, thanks :)


Gamingposted by shadowsoincaj2 - January 18th 2016

hi is me and i really what play digimon masters but i can't play so can plz plz fix it right now


Generalposted by BoxCore - January 18th 2016

when I login to dragomon hunter on the game it says access denied I uninstalled it checked the files and restared my pc. im kinda new so idk if its maintince or what.


Rantsposted by kitaronishida - January 14th 2016

Im really becoming pissed because my account was temporariry put on hold because of some issues about me buying AP grrr!!.. sent a couple of tickets already but still, no response from the admin. COME ONE!!! fix the **** thing already!!! me wants to play!!!!!


Rantsposted by jelliefish123 - January 9th 2016

So I'm level 51 now, hurray! And I'm not bored yet. Which is a good sign. I'm determined to see the story through to the end.


Generalposted by - January 8th 2016

hey people.. i was just wondering is anyone else having trouble with the in game VIP icon in crystal saga... as i know i cant seem to be able to buy crystals in game.. and i know i have enough AP to be able to buy them in game ???


Generalposted by xHOLDEN - January 7th 2016

hi, where is soldier front 2 ? its been a long time im never log in till now but i didnt find it where it goes? guys can u tell me what happen?


Gamingposted by Ciurot - January 6th 2016

This is something very cool on EOS: You can chooose between various classes like Warrior, Rogue, Guardian, Sorceress, Archer, Warlock and all the classes have two paths with diferent skills for use. The important is to know that you can alternate between them any time and that one path have a specific characteristic. And if you want to choose the skills again just buy on cash shop a amnesya iten to create a new selection of all previous skills. The result of this is a game experience very unique.

Read more:


Generalposted by crown_clown0326 - January 5th 2016

i don't know the reason why my account got suspended???

TICKET #14460583
Dragomon Hunter


Animeposted by dkstarcraft - January 4th 2016

i hate waiting for mainteneances....
aww gess im gonna search for new anime to watch, too bad all the new ones seem like harem garbage....


Animeposted by kate4590 - January 4th 2016

hi everyone what is your fave amine?

mine is claymore.


Gamingposted by kate4590 - January 4th 2016

I cant wait for blade and soul


Rantsposted by jelliefish123 - January 4th 2016

I got a reply last night from support about unlinking my account from steam. I was really surprised how quickly they got back to me. My limited experience with support from other MMOs I've played hasn't exactly been brilliant and often frustrating. It was refreshing getting real help. Granted, I have limited experience with Aeria's support but I'm hoping it is as good as I've witnessed!


Gamingposted by TheBrugseZot - January 4th 2016

Since ijji ive been playing here , had great times!
First game i played for over years was GunZ , Then Soldier Front.
Now both of these games are over , shutdown.
Searching for a new good game with good community in Aeria! And pls no shutdown in the first years!!