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1- shaiya
2- fear online
3- wartune
4- soldiers front
5- others (wich one?)


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Im anew player in aeria games. I choose aura kingdom to start with but I download it from the website and wait for launcher to install updates . It open once then it ask me to download the ignite (I already have it ) so I don't know what to do naw . PLEASE HELP .


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Im anew player in aeria games. I choose aura kingdom to start with but I download it from the website and wait for launcher to install updates . It open once then it ask me to download the ignite (I already have it ) so I don't know what to do naw . PLEASE HELP .


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hi I am playing aura kingdom again.


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# Are external members allowed to join the group.


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I'll be darned it's the 9th of February and it feels like just a few footsteps from the start of the year. Time to get busy!

How has January gone for you guys?

For me, it's a great yet slow start to the year and seeming to be alot of progress in these parts. I've applied for my academic standing after successfully changing degrees (and yes, ditching maths for good). It's going to take me 1/2 a year more which means the end of 2016 but it's a sure way to make sure I get a bachelor I actually want the extra time allows me to get involved (and party some more too :D).


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I could think of twenty ways to spend my precious hours in my cozy, plush ultra femme-pink flat while on a lull from the ferocious flames of work. Yet here I am blogging on Aeria's gaming site. Why? Simply put...because I want to and it's fun~ I like gaming. I like randomness. Most of all, I like narrating my in-game imaginary spin-off adventures. Razra here, signing in with her paragon sux dance!


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MrSty's Tut's

1. Find a video that you would like to post on your profile.

2. Copy the link (URL)

3. Open this link:

4. Paste the copied link into the first textbox and press generate.

5. Now copy the new link which you see under: Standard definition embed

6. Go to your Aeria Games profile -> Edit Profile -> About Me

7. Now paste the embed link you copied under "blurb about me: " or "flash/media: "

8. Than at last scroll to the very bottom type in the conformation code and press submit.


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anyone know can get free ap .


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anybody know any valid offers to get free ap let me know


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Sooooo... I found this Blog thing. Not sure what it does exactly...

WELL, if this is gonna be a 'blog' or at least, something like it. Something no one is gonna read, I better introduce myself.

I am Demi. A am a fangirl, and a beginner Otaku. and yes, I LOVE Gaming.

currently, I am trying to get my games to load, BUT THEY WONT.

I guess I'm stuck with Origin games...

And that all for now...



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Yo peeps! Don't like cheaters? Hackers? Exploiters? Gold Buyers? Botters? And other things you'd like to hit with frying pans?! Neither do we.

Stand with with us and Take The Pledge!


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Plz, Join My Clan, AlphaOmegaKC. Don't matter if noob, I'm noob too.


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Soo...this is probably one of the last things I would have thought that I would ever do but I'm throwing out some gamer to gamer partnership thing. Usually I loner it out when I'm playing MMO's but this time I'm kind of in the mood for some team gameplay. Plus it'll actually motivate me more to go online and play. Sooo if any takers are out there PM me or write a message on my profile/down below.

My current games are:
Aura Kingdom
Wizard 101
Eden Eternal

I'm open to new MMO's but my personal preference would be if they have anime graphics and some type of fantasy genre.


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Yea so its been a year. Go figure right? Well I'm back but this time I'm going to be more on Aura Kingdom than EE. Hopefully I'll have some great stuff to write about from there as I did with Eden. I've actually already started playing on it but surprise surprise I quit before I could really get into it. I'm planning on making another character just to get used to the controls again and probably make it as my main. I'll come again with another update for what name I have and server so the non existent friend notifications will come flooding in. BYA


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Hi, my name is Rainn_Lyes and i just want every one to know my clan. I dont want just anybody to join so if you want to join my Pride/Clan you can message me at my wolfteam user name or my aeriagames user name (Rainn_Lyes). when and if you do message me about it i will tell you every thing about it and how good we are and our record. we already have alot of people in it but the clan is starting to die. thats why where are trying to get more people in it to do alot of clan battle.


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awesome ModZ


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proof that Karma plays a role in our every day lives and how to keep it balanced


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alvin endecia mamumuki cheater with use [PHO] USF VIP 10


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Still looking for members to join this group.

I still have hope that one day otakus of all ages can write fan fictions and enjoy them together.

If you want to join my group... Please leave a comment in the comment box, so that I can invite you.

~Happy Monday everyone!~


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Tokyo Ghoul is a anime about creatures in human form who eat humans since it is their only way of surviving. Since people started noticing that they weren't the only species on earth they started to feel unsafe. They were scared but at the same time they still continued theyre normal routine's in life. The Animme started ending of last year and season 2 has just started this year. I look forward to seeing more spectaculair scenes in the movie.

Well i hope you liked my first blog.

Bye bye,

Yasu Haruto


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Announcement to all Players SF Beware guys: Site Send message Link Click download auto Keylogger

Leader Keylogger Man: Name of Hacker and Keylogger: DAVE XD:

Name of Hacker and Keylogger:
>>>Main FB Shirwen Corral Sarmiento:


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The cigarettes can be no good to our health so we must be properly prevention for our bodies and the entire family happy

SF I play because I am the strongest players here and no one tumatalo me because I'm the god of SF