Generalposted by kate4590 - May 7th 2015

hi everyone the closed beta for echo of soul is live.


Gamingposted by tiasz97 - May 6th 2015

How can you change my ability in the off-hand? they chose evil


Dream of Mirrorposted by BleuChaos - May 5th 2015

le jeu le jeu le jeu le jeu est pour les enfant


Sportsposted by senipenny - May 2nd 2015

Who are you guys rooting for?


Generalposted by kate23445 - May 2nd 2015

hi everyone the first lot of beta keys are coming on may 4th.



Grand Fantasiaposted by footluvrneko - May 2nd 2015

I've done Siwa and Shell Hill... but this one is my biggest one yet.

I introduced three new characters, an actual plot, and a few hints of what's to come. It's longer than the first two parts, but it's moving along nicely.

Moonlight Forest:

And, if you haven't touched the first two:


Shell Hill:


Gamingposted by deadgod9mil - May 1st 2015

Why A.V.A send my this text... ¨we regret inform you that for licensing reasons, IP addresses from you country can no longer acces the game. Please have a look at our FAQ


Generalposted by footluvrneko - April 29th 2015

So, I've been on AK lately, and I've been experimenting with editing my voice. (Then, there's some real world drama..

(If you're honestly curious... ...don't make fun of my male/female voices. They're both highly edited.)

I'm wondering how I should continue my story. I know how I want the story to end, and I know exactly what kind of person Hisako will become... so I might just put my hands on autopilot and see what comes out!


Shaiyaposted by Henriet88 - April 28th 2015

I started to play Shaiya maybe 2008? Played it about 2 years,then i quit it.But now last december 2014 i created a new account(old one was lost) and made a new char.
Many things have changed,im still very confused about everything,and also a little pissed of cause seems like everythings there go by money,and ppls dont do "dungeons" anymore,they only play core.
Well with basic mode at vr its kinda difficult to lvl on my own,so i decided to throw my principals somewhere deep and just go there to do core.Well..Its very booooooring,but must say that the xp is good still in my lvl 70.


Rantsposted by thygrim - April 27th 2015

So many people tank on Ava it's not funny. And the hackers really. I hate hackers. I just want to play the game n enjoy it.


Animeposted by Blue_Lady_Death - April 26th 2015

I installed Aura Kingdom and i like it!


Generalposted by angsally - April 25th 2015

kimono+mightnight kitsune+bless archangel photo Untitled2_zpsv2yk0umz.png
maid+mightnight kitsune+bless archAngel photo Untitled_zpsb20t1zsk.png


Musicposted by Forkwardy - April 25th 2015


Generalposted by kate23445 - April 24th 2015

the closed beta is on may 4th.



Gamingposted by akaruisamadesu - April 24th 2015

Hi there guys! Yeah... I'm already lvl 59 now... but my gears are still below satisfaction since I take things slowly... and while I'm walking my path on my own pace... Alucard and Shirayuki care to join me on the go. Hahaha! Finally my serif evolved into 3rd star eido! YAY!! I love Serif since he is actually a free eido + really strong! he can tank a boss seriously!

Meanwhile Alucard? Holy cow!! Our combos are just wicked! Garaiya + Alucard combined = Demir! **** WICKED!!


Humorposted by Moiotiki - April 23rd 2015

Hoekay... hOekAy. The Understanding that watermarks just show its ur property. k we get. But it rUinS eT tF. bE reAsoNablE wItH uRS3Lf. bye. just bye


Generalposted by walmazi - April 22nd 2015

Well I do like many of the new features in Aura Kingdom it feels like the same slow fest after 60. Which while I don't mind put it on the same level as Grand Fantasia minus the fact Mutated dungeons work better for experience than OW, 1-2 pct daily e.e.


Gamingposted by luigigiuliano99 - April 22nd 2015

ther are a lot of hacher in ava ....look this

pls ban it from ava in every rom i join find this noob !! help GM pls !


Generalposted by kislo - April 21st 2015

pwd passwort i cant change pls


Gamingposted by ak_damsa - April 21st 2015

Why ban the account of soldier front ? I do not cheat or wall using neither my booster but why ban me . The rank is LTC red 7.9k 4.9k win lose.napaka many sf cheater and a booster at bat but the pure skill and suddenly I 've worked nyo nalang banned ? I would listen to what I say is true because I would ignore this message for you to make laro.please return the account that I was alone . please


Gamingposted by renz.castro009 - April 21st 2015

I Play Soldier Front


Generalposted by Jeruz19 - April 20th 2015

Can anyone help me?I want to ask if how can I fix my soldier front game. Once I launch seconds after, it crash, and said 0xE019100B is something it pops up when it crash.. I want to fix it as soon as possible. And I don.t think I have a third party app. Can you please help me admin? Thanks

I also can't download it. It always stop at the middle.


Shaiyaposted by tonyguy123456 - April 20th 2015

hi! i'm asking this post to say if you want lots of people to come and play this game i suggest you do a new patch. i am a fan of shaiya but i getting worrier that i actually might wont play it forever. so if your thinking of a updating the game tell me


Gamingposted by yourmyhero54321 - April 17th 2015

dumb admin dumb all **** you you are noobs wtf weapon bomb i didnt get any guns on that 2480 ap of mine wtf


Musicposted by walmazi - April 17th 2015

Incase I change my profile music from this in the future... omg. Much love@ this remix of one of the songs I just loved from my childhood.

I love it

Brings me back to 1997 when a small 5 year old boy loved
his very romancy, girly songs. Those amazing, hot, sexy, smooth, girls singing their heart out warmed the cockles of my heart. My taste in women has changed but I still love the sound haha!


Gamingposted by DarkSpinV - April 16th 2015

Hey I was wanting to show some gameplay of s4 League and got the idea to record it so here It is- I will mostly just be post a link to the videos on my youtube account tell me if you like them

P.S. There is Explicit language
P.P.S.S (


Sportsposted by jonathanguarino - April 16th 2015

"Think of you today how am i and where you belong need to understand meant to do.
"Who cares your like might be exemption for me my worked well done. Love?"
— Jonathan Guarino


Grand Fantasiaposted by footluvrneko - April 15th 2015

I continued Darkness Within Saphael, and I decided to do something insane: Combine two different classes! What's a Sweromancer? Find out~


Generalposted by walmazi - April 14th 2015

Checking for carrots

When she wants the carrot

When he wants a carrot

After :D


Grand Fantasiaposted by milagro_ventura - April 13th 2015

Hii!!! i need help, i live in Usa (maryland) and i want to buy some ap but i dont no where i can buy without a credit card can someone tell me? :3' 😊☺️