Rantsposted by celliebelly - August 3rd 2015

Dear Diary,

He RESPONDED. GUH. It's been literally about a year?! Woah. Time flies.
It took him forever though.. I'm PRETTY sure he's super busy with his life now.. BUT, it still makes me happy to go through previous messages with him and it kinda makes me sad as well. We had something SO GOOOD.
The more I think about it ~And curling up to my profile music..~ It gets WORSE. It's like, DID I REALLY FEEL DAT WAY... But music influences or ..makes you look at things in a different perspective..


Generalposted by Psychosa - August 3rd 2015

I enjoy the game sword saga, but what i dont enjoy is when your purchase ap points they dont give it to you. Its been a weak and for no reason im suspended. No responds to any tickets. So im not trying to cause a problem but i will be a bug. Obviouly no one is responding to my message so i have to make a bug note everywhere i see a comment box.


Musicposted by peachmarie - August 2nd 2015

Okay guys, so the background music for Aura Kingdom isn't bad; buuuuuuuut I want something that I can really get into whilst I play. Any recommendations??? I'm open to just about anything. I tried some of Rockleetest music, but it doesn't always fit my mood. Thank you lovelies!!!


Rantsposted by peachmarie - August 2nd 2015

So I am really enjoying Aura Kingdom! I just can't figure out how to clear items in my inventory bag. Any ideas? Because I really can't continue in the game until I have room for the snails that I need.

Other than this dilemma all is well. I'm so glad that I found this mmorpg.


Gamingposted by JabaWaba - August 2nd 2015

I am a Level 50 Brawler/Ronin. I have a total of 64 stats for the attack category and 58 stats for the defense category.

The Help I Need Is Allocating these stats to where I am fast enough to keep an endless line of combos going yet durable and evasive enough to withstand a good amount of hits and still have at least 60%-75% health to my disposal.

What suggestions do you have for the request that I am making?

All helpful and friendly advice is welcomed.


Generalposted by hotpink345 - July 31st 2015

Echo of Soul is the best game ever! It is so amazing! The graphics are awesome. Character creations have a beautiful range even though there is a gender lock. Those of you who haven't downloaded this game better download it now, while the servers are uncrowded!!!


Wolf Teamposted by sagi17lidani - July 30th 2015

Please I beg you can not remove the Israeli Some hacks are fine but I do not like that and my family. Just because people are hacks So you kicked us it's not right I'm playing this game since the age of 10 and has five years and I play it because it's still a good game. You will honor me to remove the Israel than wolfteam I ask you to thank and sick about this game :)


Animeposted by peachmarie - July 30th 2015

I have recently discovered anime, and I was wondering if there were any good titles I should check out? And maybe were I can find them? I've watched the ones that they had on Netflix. Thanks you guys!!


Rantsposted by peachmarie - July 30th 2015

So this is my first time playing Aura Kingdom, YAY! I'm super excited. I hope it's as awesome as it looks. Woot!Woot!Woot!


Rantsposted by celliebelly - July 29th 2015

Dear Diary,

Well, I have been away from my profile for about a year now. I completely haven't caught up with anything. I barely play online games anymore, let alone game period. I just mainly eat, lay down, go on Netflix, and literally watch Disney movies or anything to my liking Netflix did have Spongebob on there..but.. yeah. Evil bastards removed Spongebob. :(

Last time I recall (Profile wise) :
I was messaging my bf.. it's to a point where I dunno if he's my boyfriend still. (Is that bad?? D: )


Wolf Teamposted by OldHonor99 - July 29th 2015

hey aeria !!!! all in game using ilegal programs please new anti hack !!!!! plz new anti hack wolf team is fully hackers !!!!! this not funny !!! hey any create account and play wolf team ;) more lucky to play with hackers ;)


Generalposted by Maykinbee - July 29th 2015

ist so fun :v


Gamingposted by jadeseagreen - July 29th 2015

so I just got my account and low and behold it just happened to be updating ad it started less than 2 mins ago so yay me I am so proud


Gamingposted by TXxROBERTxXT - July 28th 2015

It pops up a red x with 18 beside it? So confused i couldn't find anything about it.


Generalposted by BlackSpirit00 - July 28th 2015

Hello, people. I'm looking for game-like theme light or web novels. So far I've read:
1. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
2. Konjiki no Wordmaster
3. Don't Fear the Reaper
4. Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku
5. The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero (Suterurareta Yuusha)
6. Tensei ****ara Slime datta ken

Remember, I want LIGHT or WEB NOVEL, not manga, anime, or manhwa. The game structure of novel 1, 2, or 3 are ideal. Yes, yes, I'm picky, I know that. If you know any novels, please recommended it to me.


Gamingposted by iRush4Lyfe - July 27th 2015

When does the next Event come out?!..


Generalposted by kate23445 - July 24th 2015

hi everyone have you seen the news about the classes for blade and soul.


Animeposted by RubyRose223 - July 24th 2015

Guess whose back....? MEH!!!! YOUR QUEEN HAS ARRIVED!
Now, you shall forever call me your queen. I shall destroy this land. Burn it to the ground. And create a new one! I shall call it... EARTH!
Wait...what was the topic....? Let me think about it...-thinks- Hmm...-7 years later- Hmm...GOT IT!!! Today's topic is...-dramatic pause- A-N-I-M-E
Many people watch anime. Yet I, me, and myself, know the BEST ones e-v-e-r!
Shall I create a list? Oh yes I shall.
1. Fairy Tail
2. Sword Art Online (SAO)
3. Blue Exorcist
4. Madoka Magica


Grand Fantasiaposted by walmazi - July 24th 2015

-This is my hardest semester yet and I am hoping it will challenge me.
-I really want to gear my Darkstalker but my 73 orange keeps failing and I need to make two in preparation for the purple.
-University textbooks are robbery - will cost me $300.
-it hurts to hear my dad cough or my mom suffer from knee pain. It is probably something that comes with age but I'll try to make sure I stay in a good condition.
-at the same time I do want some kind of independence, I'll live alone but some distance away.
-content vs gold which one should I go for with the limited time available.


Musicposted by RubyRose223 - July 22nd 2015

So, this is me first blog, and I have a few topics to discuss, an example is, the games I play, which are;
Aura Kingdom
Eden Eternal -The Reawakening-
Those are SOME topics I shall be talking about. And maybe some anime :3
Because who doesn't like anime? If you don't, I shall destroy you =D
But, lets get back on topic, okay?

Generalposted by efrenmostar96 - July 18th 2015

hi.. it's me again .. as what ive said .. some cheater's they using generators to hack your system to buy guns ,earn more exp and sp ,

so that's it
soldier front is a very good game so please game masters please fix this ...
make it better .. ..

Generalposted by efrenmostar96 - July 18th 2015

hi ! .. can you please banned all the cheaters in soldier front .. and pls make it better to not enter the game with a cheaters .. so unfair to the players like me that did not use cheats . im wasteting my time in playing soldier so please make it better to banned all cheater and the guns is over reacting ,,soldier did not use a water gun in battle field ..and the costume of the character make it simple and realistic ..

thank you .. hoping you do your part game master's


Friendsposted by jumare_salomon - July 18th 2015



Gamingposted by kiemtien08 - July 16th 2015

the fl 13 is a pureskill so that the fl 13 is enemy are cheater so that banned and report thank you for reading then ^_^


Gamingposted by kiemtien08 - July 16th 2015

the fl 13 is a pureskill so that the fl 13 is enemy are cheater so that banned and report thank you for reading then ^_^


Animeposted by konataaki6 - July 16th 2015

HI HI IT'S KONAMI NOW LETS TALK ANIME i really love anime its one of my favorite things to do so i want to talk about my anime experiance of how i came to like anime, when i was born my papa and momma lived in japan and my papa loved anime like alot so when my mom was at work dad would turn the channel to animax and watch all these types of anime i had no intrest in at first but then this really cool looking show came on it was called save me lollipop it was so cute and colorful that i couldn't take my eyes off of it i loved it it was my first anime ever i was 3 when i watched it and ever sinc


Gamingposted by gdr051695 - July 16th 2015

Hi..could u please banned all the **** hackers on soldier front???
Cause they were fkn' annoying..thanks


Animeposted by NakatsugawaUI - July 16th 2015

Hello , admin I want to play in aura kingdom but my server in connection lost How I can repair it I so want to play in the game but I try anything but nothing


Gamingposted by DeadmanGaming27 - July 14th 2015

I know some of them like /w and /hud and /hidechat but id like a full list of them


Generalposted by zumo1234 - July 14th 2015

Hi everyone, just starting something new that I thought would be fun. Believing that stories don't have an expiration date, I want all of your interesting stories as well as mine. I hope that I will be able to get as many entries as possible so that many will be able to read stories without time. Send in your stories via my skype or through other means. Since this blog is not well known, please help out in telling people about this.