Animeposted by mariely12 - January 24th 2014

Hey, does anybody knows an anime that is Funny and Interesting?
Right now I dont know what anime to watch.. ^_^ ehehe

If you have something in mind, just leave a comment.


Animeposted by mariely12 - September 28th 2013

Can anyone tell me some anime where one of they're genre is Comedy..


~please leave a comment~


Animeposted by mariely12 - July 12th 2013

Anyone tell me your favorite anime.. '_^

What urs??



Musicposted by mariely12 - July 12th 2013

hello everyone!!can anyone tell me any song from the vocaloid which is the song "Magical Mirror" by rin and len..
just askin BTW..only to those who lke Vocas!!

-MARUI ^_^


Generalposted by mariely12 - March 8th 2013

HI.. anyone be my friend? '_^


Grand Fantasiaposted by mariely12 - March 2nd 2013

what will i do?? I have already re-installed the game, update new directx and customize the auto updates into " check updates but let me choose whether to download or install them". And I have also put its compatibility into Windows XP (service pack 2) and have scanned its launcher. I am not good at computer. Please help me T_T