Animeposted by Hawke1293 - March 6th 2013

Just starting watching D-Gray man and i love it!!. Allen walkers eye is wicked. Can't get enough of this anime right now XD


Gamingposted by Hawke1293 - November 20th 2012

Just played DK online and it is fantastic! I was even amazed by the sound and it even reads character descriptions! Wow, Keep it coming Aeria games!!


Gamingposted by Hawke1293 - November 1st 2012

Can not wait for scarlet blade to come out! Looks awesome, =]
Not to mention the ranger legacy Armour is out of this world. love it XD


Grand Fantasiaposted by Hawke1293 - October 28th 2012

Just bought a bunch of AP (and of course spent it all in about 5-10 mins he he) for the first time. So, hopefully i get the first time buyer package :) Spent the Money on Grand fantasia!! love that game. I mean who doesn't.

Not sure what the 9 pm-9 pm PDT means. I'm in England so that's 4-7 hours behind or something?? Oh well I can only hope. =]