Rantsposted by christopher487 - January 28th 2013

Up to a start, got a part-time job at Bell mobility, and am a full-time student at the U of Alberta. It'll be a challenge continuing my A grades and applying myself in a different environment while playing some awesome Soldier Front.


Animeposted by christopher487 - December 27th 2012

It's called:
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Today I watched all 10 episodes and the very last one made me cry SO MUCH.
A synopsis of a group of 6 kids that were torn apart when one of there members, Menma, has died. When they all grew older, only one person from the group was able to see and physically touch the ghost of Menma.
It was his duty to grant her wish...

This TV show is on par with Steins Gate and even Death Note! the show can change who you are and your perspective on life, what you do and what you change is up to you. But to believe in it is difficult to achieve...


Generalposted by christopher487 - December 26th 2012

Slept till 2:30 pm today. Woke up played some Maplestory and went off with family to West Edmonton Mall.

First thing was grub! I was starving right after I took a dump this afternoon, we all went to Edo to eat. My favorite choice was Number one-Sukiyaki Beef, and it's also the cheapest :)
Right next door was Galaxyland and Tutti Frutti-an ice cream shop. We would drop by later after we all went and spent some cash.


Friendsposted by christopher487 - December 26th 2012

Today was better than yesterday! Celebrating Christmas and New Years !!

Yay, things to do: play portal 2 with everyone there and at the same time playing Canada edition Monopoly board game! Lots of fun for a couple of hours and after that, we switched over to the Pool table area in the basement.