Grand Fantasiaposted by Hiikaro - January 17th 2013

Sprites are magical beings that will accompany you on your adventures. As a Sprite Messenger, you have a special ability to commune with them, and they can help you with their special gathering and crafting skills. When creating your character, remember that you’re going to keep your first sprite for as long as you’re playing your character. Be sure to pick a sprite will skills that will help the character you want to play.
Sprites have four stages of evolution.


Grand Fantasiaposted by Hiikaro - November 30th 2012

Most likely you will be leaving Siwa at about lvl 10. Go ahead and choose whichever town you want to be near. Buy the quill publishing books from the merchants for some extra cash(since you will be killing the same things normal qsts tell you too). Do all the normal quests until you hit lvl 18..its fairly fast to lvl at this low of a stage. Boss or party quests need a full party, dont attempt to do them alone, and skip the pc qsts for now.