Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - February 26th 2014

Did a order for my first perm combat mount from Shytra, things went great and soon HUE HUE HUE. I will be in possession of a real fighting Mecha :D

My heart still racing just thinking about it.

..yep I'm a nerd *sigh*


Generalposted by evilishan - February 25th 2014

Practice is a pain in the butt D:

University textbook wai u have so many questions!!
Did all of Chapter 2 of Operations Research today :D


IT subs time!


Rantsposted by evilishan - February 19th 2014



Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - January 3rd 2013

3 Combat Shards (40k + Extra)
Bodor swords
Get Masteries complete
Get 55 PvP set.
Level sprite


Generalposted by evilishan - December 17th 2012

So boring lmao :P
Would continue if the graphics reflected on the size of the game.
Too much is lost integrating the well-made character design into the world environment.

Can I ever really get to get a good look at my moustache? Never
Anyways uninstalling it now..


Generalposted by evilishan - November 29th 2012

My perception of how AP works and is obtained for education and knowledge purposes!

Method 1: Free Videos Offers
This is a method used by Aeria via a number of sponsor supported offers and is very direct in it’s means.
Essentially the supporting merchant company gets paid by the sponsor for each user that does a task ‘X’ be it watching a video, making a mobile purchase, doing surveys or signing up to email offers. The merchant then indicates to aeria that the user had completed the offer and then the user is paid.


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - November 26th 2012

**** YEAH! \o

Anyways totally gonna chill out play games, learn madarin, arabic, go out with friends, read more and MOST IMPORTANT PLAY MORE GF!!!!

whooowho whoowhoo


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - November 20th 2012

Hey guys! I'm just using this to organise some of my plans for the summer break coming, this includes both Grand Fantasia and non GF things:
-Learn Mandarin through tutorials, watching taiwanese dramas, writing and playing 'My Chinese Coach' on the DS.
-Do Multivariable and Analytical Calculus in summer school.
-Water the garden
-Feed the chickens
-Work on my arabic writing.
-Learn how to properly organise my time, but making a routine.

- Get to level 80
- Find a way to get good Magic attack.


Generalposted by evilishan - November 20th 2012

I don't get it...

I mean who's going to copy your pictures or your personality IT'S you! But yeah if there is someone there with the knowledge of what it means please do comment here or msg me.

Do people often do this?


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - November 13th 2012

High level maps have PERM 3x increase in experience.

Finally an end to mutated dungeon leveling for my and real progress to be made on my DMON.

In theory any player should now be able to get to 80+ with relative ease of grinding, maybe over the course of two months.

Incase anyone wants to know how here's quick guide I personally followed:
Levels 1-8 Siwa Island and quests
Levels 8-30 Quill book reps! Go to the merchants in the main cities and DO them. Helps later on!


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - November 13th 2012

People find excuses to say what they think or reasoning for what they want to believe. I have realised this a while back, but I still fall victim to forum trolls and sometimes rarely develop the wrong opinion myself.

Now about the game 'dying', people fail to realise that the game still runs very actively and arena starts on some brackets atleast, but saying 'it's a dying game, don't bother' doesn't help it at all. It just drags the game down.


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - November 6th 2012

Are you excited? Cause I know I am :O

..... Been watching BBT, studying, and reading 'Catching Fire' by Suzanne Collins. Gah, but I won't deny it, I know where my mind REALLY is xD

Ohhhh also I get all my bodor items now \o/
I think I have like the 60 yellow sword already so yay xD


Generalposted by evilishan - November 5th 2012

Yesh u heard right, since there WAS apparently good hope for a LO open beta I may as well try it. xD

IGN will probably be evilishan this time, just cause.
Probably won't be tagging my blogs as GF related.. cause really they aren't xD


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - November 4th 2012

Jk jk xD got the catchy title trick from minuzaki

Merge is coming and all, but how do you guys feel about it?
You know those games you play because you've spent so much time on and don't want to let the legacy of your char or your friends go?

Afraid that is how GF feels for me now. I get on, I talk, do ACV, quests then off.....

Afraid I've had way more PvP action on the forum than ingame.I guess I'll stay in this awkward situation a bit longer and then decide on what to do.


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - October 30th 2012

I dunno :( I play more to procastinate and gameplay's gotten pretty lame. I find myslef going over to my friends to play LoL and I get a bigger kick outta it.

If I don't come back on the 12/12/12 then I'm sowwy. Guess i just didn't have the motivation.

Realm of the titans... would be the only Aeria game I'd be interested in at this point or the future. With some development, etc they could really spruce it up.


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - October 14th 2012

Realised that I got rid of my lvl 70 on Bodor :S which was not the char I had intended to delete, rather than just the plethora of other accounts I had made.

Sigh.. things we do when we're bored, ay?

Anyways wish me good luck to hopefully get my Mystic back! and if not I guess I'll be a newb again, lmao.


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - October 8th 2012

I have been playing again for a while now... btw.

Basically just rushing to lvl 90 this time, heedless of sprite or masteries or talents. After the effort I put in walmazi, i just cbf now.

I've got a nice thing going tho:
Magic Rocket (lvl 24) + Energy Saver with Channel magic 3 (-50) + Shackles + Cannon (lvl 22) + Hell Demon = Easy kills with minimal mana cost!

Essentially it's 15 mana for the whole combo, with 110 mana every 5 mins. I take no damage due to Hell's aggro and OP killing power and I can use lvl 15 mana pots! Or better yet... lvl 18 staff anyone? xD


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - September 9th 2012

Yea now you know how I look like. >.


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - July 18th 2012

Done mastery and city fames on Delay (yay... I think) bored again so yet again on hiatus.

It's not really so much me being bored, it's just that feeling of family I've had it's gone. I'm WELL beyond trying to make anything like happen in this game. It's hard when you try for something just to have it gone. Honestly the only things that were holding me onto this game before this break was
-Having people who I could really relate to and talk with:


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - July 2nd 2012

Yup it's as you guessed it I'm going back to Bodor.

Honestly speak it's not anyone that influenced me to switch but myself. Cya DMN (DelayNoMore)

After creating the wonder known as 'walmazi' it's really hard to make another character.

My faction AT's, the high level gears.... to do it again and stuff is just too much for me. AND I can't forcefully neglect them on DNM either.

What I had in mind was a fun ranged SIN/DS/WINDSTALKER. I don't have the patience (time is NEVER an issue for anyone... people just aren't patientmce) to actually try and get those mats.


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - June 28th 2012

Taking a break because GF is soooo boring atm.

I actually can't believe I'm saying this but I'm bored of Grand Fantasia. Yay new maps and dungeons waiting for me at level 86+ but is it worth it? According to everything I've heard from the higher ups, it's the same grind. The actual exp needed is also crazy high.

Getting my 2nd char up also seems a drag, it's not the leveling that's the problem anyway. It's more of actually my want to get everything I can actually get.


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - June 27th 2012

As you may or may not know, I have not been able to spend money on this game for some time (3 months) now because I'm kinda tight in money IRL and hopefully wanna build some up for my future house depo.

In addition to this, I've made a new character on Quill, a server upon which I have NO items, etc.

Having said all that, it's funny what I've taken for granted so far. Free SKB3 and a mount with no level limit... it's pretty sweet.

Now I'm level 40 with a random-prefix 31 set with +3 AGI stones. My weapons are dual blue blades with three 0.7 crit rate stones.


Rantsposted by evilishan - June 25th 2012

I'm in my 2nd year of Uni and in light of my not-so productive term I'm taking 6 months off to try and do some part-time work.

I'm hoping it'll get me back on track and get that organized Ishan back.

In particular the last 1 and 1/2 years have been particularly unproductive and honestly I'm not too impressed with how I've performed.

Does work build ethic? I dunno, but I do know that it puts a sense of structure in my life. Any big project or tournament inspires me.


Grand Fantasiaposted by evilishan - June 25th 2012

Seriously I've had mixed feeling about every class but this one I can always come back to.

If you you know me well enough, you'll probably know by now I dislike playing a single type of combat. Even with my natural affinity towards mage classes and making my Bodor wizard level 61 with basically no effort I was left unsatisfied.

In the end I made a mystic and although it's an incredible magic class when you do the following:


Rantsposted by evilishan - February 23rd 2012

Another step in my life as I approach a fairly old age of Twenty now. It's great to see all the support I'm getting from my friends but it feels like I'm drifting away from a certain member of my family. My mother... she is very insistent on when she is right, but when she does something wrong it's a completely different story.