Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - November 13th 2012

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Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - July 20th 2012

The promise I held
With my tiny hands
The creases are still the same

Do I still remember?
Do I still hurt?
Do I still dream?
Do I still try?

The baby bird I am
You are my nest
We still look to the sky

You fed me laughter
You swallowed my tears
You gave me wishes
You taught me to fly

The slippers I wore
Took me far away
I can still run

Our chains are breaking
Our bonds dissolving
Our memories fade
Our realities become real

The guild I wish
Please stay
I still hold that promise


Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - March 27th 2012

(To my own self)

The metal that protects
Has taken to wear
She cannot hold longer
And she dents

The tiger has become her own cage

The fire that simmers
Will soon burn
Burn everything
Of anger and passion

The rat's tiny fire will be set ablaze.

The water that beckons
Stirs with unease
As blackness plagues her
And she will roar like a tsunami

And the rooster will rise above the seas.


Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - February 11th 2012

glass heart
(From Shisuan to ???)

The glass heart I own
Does not resonate
Encasing my beats
A fragile shield

You can see inside
Transparent feelings
Until people smudge
over their fingerprints

There no one sees that
Feelings of my love
Can break the surface
Of the outside

When my heart breaks
Into tiny memories
Will you...
Pick them up?

I want to rebuild my heart.


Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - December 4th 2011

(From Shisuan to ???)

I wish I can see you
I wish you can see me
Through this thick fog
The oblivion of feelings

You can't see my blush
It's part of the fog
I run, brushing off
The feelings I may have

I can't see your smile
It's part of the fog
Only your voice
Keeps these feelings

Will you notice?
Will I stop running?
Pull me back to you
If there is something

But if it must happen...
Then let the fog blanket it all.


Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - December 2nd 2011

(From Shisuan to the guild)

Only crying...
Only lonely...
Only helpless...
Only herself...

The world...
An unmarked map.
Where to turn to?
Follow that north star.

Run away...
Be lost in the crowd.
Will she ever be found?
Only she can find herself.

A hand...
Points out her direction.
Should she take it?
It's warmer than her own.

The choice...
Forever change tomorrow.
Is home there for her?
She took the hand.

Let's find out...


Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - December 2nd 2011


A lost flower
Blooming in battle
She is stained red
I cannot touch

A lovely girl
Laughing little sighs
She is being torn
I cannot touch

A thorny rose
Prickling her dear
She is tender
I want to touch

A piercing gaze
Killing to believe
She is an enemy
I touch her cheek

A stupid man
Wanting to love her
I am stabbed, dead
She touches my cheek

A sparkling dew
Falling as tears
She is still pure
I can never touch


Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - December 2nd 2011

My Other Half
(From Shisuan to ???)

Staring through the glass
I look right to his back
The form that which protects
He never turns

Standing alone in the rain
I am see-through
The heart that which hurts
I push away

If you can understand
Please touch my heart
Be gentle
My chain

If you can smile
Please make me smile
Be my sun
My light

If you can turn
Please let me see your face
Be my half
My heart

If you can love
Please don't let me run
Be here


Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - December 2nd 2011

(From Shisuan to ???)

Clenching my fist to the ground
The earth shakes with anger

Movement is slowed in time
Attacks break in stance

Slashed and beaten down
Our pride hurts the most

Everything is hopeless
People die and move on

Unity is broken
It's all for one's self

Please great gods
Answer my question

Is life just win or lose?
Do we live or do we die?

The answer is nowhere
Only if hope still lies

Let us find it.


Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - December 2nd 2011

Soundless Strength
(From Shisuan to ???)

From the silence
I watch you fight

Your pure strength

The thunder roars
Crashing through the sky

True magnificence
You are the shattering thunder

The rain falls quietly
Gentle tears of the sky

Silent admiration
I am only the silent rain

I want noise
I want strength

I want to pour my heart
And fight along with you.


Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - December 2nd 2011

(From Shisuan/Lycoris to Albireo)

Over the horizon.
The sky is painted crimson.

My feelings blow in the wind
Wishes drift upon the dimming sun

Across the shadows of mountains
Crossed on the stained red soil

Will this small wish waver?
Will you ever get my wish?

You will live on.
I will die soon.

When dawn has broken
And the sky has turned blue

My body will turn to lycorises.*
My spirit will belong to the wind.

My wish has become yours.
A tiny petal within your palm.


Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - December 2nd 2011

(Dedicated to Albireo)

Fighting is meaningless
The sharp edge of the broken sword
Splatter the blood amongst the soil
Fighting only for the pride of men
Only meaningless.

Then why do I fight?
What is the meaning
I fight for duty
The sharp edge of my spear
Will never break like my heart
My duty to protect what's cherished
Never meaningless.


Generalposted by yinyangmatrix - September 1st 2011

I'll compile the poems I written related to DWO on my blog.

But first I'll introduce the characters I play. My main Shisuan is first. The character of Shisuan was supposed to be based on Lycoris from .hack, until a point I decided to also incorporate the poetess Su Hui into her. She used to have short hair when I was in the Wu army, and when I decided to move to Shu, Shisuan grew out her hair.