Rantsposted by HavinFunn - July 29th 2014

I just hate when you get in a relationship ONLINE, and when you tell them your leaving, they expect you 2 feel something -_-


Generalposted by FoxInWhite - July 29th 2014

“As you proceed through life, following your own path, birds will **** on you. Don't bother to brush it off.
Getting a comedic view of your situation gives you spiritual distance.
Having a sense of humor saves you.”
― Joseph Campbell


Generalposted by juniormoran69 - July 29th 2014

How do I send a photo to the aeria team people I bought a aeria fun card but I didn't get any points and they told me to send a photo but idk how to do that can someone help?


Generalposted by coldfirex44 - July 29th 2014

hey everyone ^^ nice meeting you. I'm usually on in AK as WovenWolf or Ulfeaus.


Generalposted by lillycrosses - July 29th 2014

hiiiiii every one ^-^


Animeposted by AizenKH - July 28th 2014

I feels like nobody understands me...good thing i have anime


Gamingposted by knightmarexo2 - July 28th 2014

how to have gift codes in soldier front ??

pm me thanks^^


Rantsposted by NekoChanSpirit - July 28th 2014


*Why?Why?Why? Do they cheat? I don't know, so do not ask me*

It is a new week and its a little shaky for starts. I was a little concerned with some reports from the spy-kittens out seeking out news and we came across some trails of hackers already. What exactly is this "Claw" device and is that a Halloween mask? Why would someone have so much hatred for a free to play environment is the question.



Gamingposted by AizenKH - July 27th 2014

I don't get it...all the channels are filled on the chimera server, but yet nobody hosts party's for instances :( they should be filled up with the amount of people the server has because i know i am not gonna get any good drops on solo!


Generalposted by FoxInWhite - July 27th 2014

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

― Albert Einstein



Rantsposted by Myochi - July 27th 2014

[S4 League rant]

Why do you people join the English servers if you have to talk German/Italian/French/Turkish/Spanish? You've your own server.. At least speak English when you join us =.=

I've had enough with people whispering me gibberish thinking I'll understand them. And when they don't understand the sentence of "I don't speak xxx" it just makes them talk even more in their own language.

Very annoying =.=


Gamingposted by AizenKH - July 27th 2014

I love playing Aura Kingdom and i will continue to play it regardless of what happens, but the delays on new contact is making me very sad... Necromancer please come out already :\


Gamingposted by celliebelly - July 26th 2014

:I Come play with me! :D -ToxicLust. or .ToxicLust-
S4 League, either EU1/EU2 . Free 1 or 2.
Add me or send me a message :D idc. i love you my little duckies.


Humorposted by srap123 - July 26th 2014

(_DogI_) has won PHOENIX PSG-1!


Generalposted by CosmeticRot - July 24th 2014

Hey! I'm kinda new to this community. Nice to meet you all !


Musicposted by robyntheninja - July 24th 2014

I am absolutely loving this album!!! Been rocking out since it came out! :D So proud of them!


Videosposted by kanamekuran1966 - July 24th 2014

watch yanis marshall choreography on YOUTUBE, learn dances and listen 2 hilarious interviews from "BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT"


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Generalposted by TrisV - July 23rd 2014



Musicposted by NicoNicoChan369 - July 23rd 2014

If You Don't, Just Search Up 'twenty one pilots' No Caps.

Open The Link, Then Guess!


Generalposted by NicoNicoChan369 - July 23rd 2014

Yep, I'm Bored..
So Keep Scrolling,
This Is Just A Waste Of Your Time.
But If U R Still Reading,
Give Me Ideas,
On What To Do. O.O


Generalposted by weakjeson123 - July 23rd 2014

I Love My self

No One Can Ever Judge Me


Generalposted by vath112 - July 22nd 2014

i am soooooo bored of being bored no good games can someone link me a good one plzzzzzzz


Generalposted by NekoChanSpirit - July 22nd 2014



[I'm not discouraged yet in seeing how many of my friends and perhaps even I , have yet to get the accounts back. It is not like I can reach to the head of the decision making, and question them...but it is not impossible. I simply focus on other things for now.]

*Art Section for S4*

[I see good art and some nice for expression of the creator's intention. It is more than I found in the German forum. I am not one to judge.]

*other News*


Friendsposted by LiLViVi - July 22nd 2014

Friends are the best-est thing to have!
Without them I wouldn't be where I am today :D

My partner is one of my friends too, My extreme best friend!! ^_^
As cheesy as it may sound, I have to say, "I'd be so lost without him". <3

So never loose the best-est friends that come into your life, because even though you don't need them around all the time, you will still need them by your side and they will need you by their side some day too.


Gamingposted by bls_bata - July 21st 2014

where i can TOP UP some AP ??? pLsss give mE some info


Wolf Teamposted by sasukeuchiha011 - July 21st 2014

the anime is mine


Rantsposted by pheonixfreak25 - July 21st 2014

I just checked out the lime odyssey trailer they have attached to the game hopefully I will get into the closed beta, I want to follow this game all the way from the very begging of it :/


Generalposted by karemilo_1 - July 20th 2014

latin players can enter to play in s4 league? please could tell me


Gamingposted by jefrexsf2 - July 20th 2014

Master's, is there any other way of MOBILE PAYMENT METHODS in the Philippines? I really wanted to buy AP using SMARTtelecom LOAD, the problem is "HOW?" when the only option is through ONEBIP, which I think is not available in PH. :'(
Your Help means a lot to us here.