Generalposted by strangepenchant - May 2nd 2016

After having been on a very long hiatus (I think it's been almost four years?) from both Eden Eternal and Aeria Games in general I have somewhat returned. One of my good friends and I are going to be playing Eden Eternal together C:


Generalposted by kate23445 - May 1st 2016

hi I am so happy that ariea games has a new game and it will doing a English version of bless online


Friendsposted by egystars - May 1st 2016

Welcome Back Team Aeria Games New Updates :D


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Animeposted by 074Flower - April 28th 2016

Could I possibly get some help? Every time I try to log in on the game it says "Access Denied" and "you don't have permission to access ..(web site).. on this server. Reference #18.act something" This is driving mem nuts and I tried to copy and past the number and link given to me but every time I copy and past it it just changes to "ark" every time. What should I do? its driving me crazy because I want to play and I was just on yesterday so I don't understand what happened.


Gamingposted by AVAPL - April 28th 2016

2,5 S/D needed to join
gamer from south korean are welcome

hi, we are a NEW clan who is recruting for ESL next year


Gamingposted by peter_lin_85 - April 27th 2016

Where is scarlet blade games? i cant play it! i've long time not playing it, once i play it. i cant enter the game. i have buy many things on the game using real money. what happen?


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Generalposted by lolchen1234 - April 24th 2016

I a question to ask all gay why my s4 league can't in they say retart the game how ?


Humorposted by laylacat15 - April 20th 2016

:3 lol idk

You've officially wasted your time.



Gamingposted by wesgamestoomuch - April 20th 2016

I just set up a guild, any suggestions on making bank GP? Level 24 right now. Plan on maxing my level.


Generalposted by Imomgea - April 15th 2016

Hi Hi its me Michelle_san form Eden eternal :3 how's it going :p hehe
well stopping by :3 and hoping some1 would read this small blog, Well you might be seeing me more less and few more often. In the mean time you can also look for my steam name Jairo Castro JR :3 don't let my 14 year old pic you see fool u either


Gamingposted by senseiHELLER - April 13th 2016

I really wish instead of the pirate box they would give us the betrayal box of the fortune star i would gladly buy more AP to get that set or instead of the box make that the next new nova 7 on the site where we get to buy all of the 9 guns and the bonuses will be the same as when the fortune star was there. Really would like that soon PLEASE AERIA FOR ONCE GRANT MY WISH DOESN'T AND IF U DO IT WOULD ACTUALLY MAKE U MONEY NOT EVEN A FREE WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW I AM TALKING ABOUT ALLIANCE OF VALIANT ARMS.


Generalposted by AlucardTMonster - April 13th 2016

TACOS:Why tacos are so good?


Gamingposted by MsAriavalentine - April 12th 2016

so im not going to say much about the subject i will let my topic post under tech support for AVA say it all!

you seem to be good at doing stories about Aeria games and AVA heres one i just discoverd and you have my permission to use it as i am MsAriaValentine check out the ripoff scheme

Leave me a comment tell me what you think please let's stop letting them rip off people for their own benefit!


Generalposted by AFrankino - April 12th 2016

Hey guys, my name is Afrankino and i used to play SF2 before the game shutdown, Aeria as a whole isn't for me but i really enjoyed the game. and as much as i'd go play S.K.I.L.L, the lag for me isn't worth the time and effort.

Besides the point. I'm not sure 100% of why Aeria dropped Sf2, i hint that it had to do with Losses, and they didn't make much $ from the playerbase if i had to give it a guess but i hope for a return within the next year, even a reboot. If the ladder i'd like to give AeriaGames a Suggestion on what they could do and still make a Overwhelming Profit.


Animeposted by jerome_itzme - April 8th 2016

i just started today i download then play create account and then when i start the game, i select a server then it needs secondary password i typed my password, then when i was logging in it says incorrect password, what the **** then i try to reset my password again ,,, server connection failed xdxd again and again xd i cant even start playing this game **** this game xd


Gamingposted by Raziel567 - April 7th 2016

Hi! Aeria gamses i'm playing aura kingdom and after a quest of capturing a bird a sack stuck on my back even i completed all of the bird man's quest can i remove it or is this is a bug i tried to re-log in my account and didn't play it for 12 hours please reply ASAP


Musicposted by charumaaka - April 5th 2016

Hiya, its me 7Sin from s4 league. I'm here to share some of my music with you guys and see what u think about them. I dont like all the rap and hip-hop crap. It makes no sense, too much cussing, and always involve cars, women, sex, drugs, and money.

The songs I listen to are old, but still worth it. I enjoy listening to them everyday for the longest amount of time without knowing how long I been listening to it while playing a game.

So without further adue, heres a few songs I like to share.

Celldweller - Fadeaway, The Lucky One, Own Little World.


Dream of Mirrorposted by charumaaka - April 5th 2016

Hiya, Im 7Sin from s4 league here to talk about an old game that was brung back from the dead to live with us once again. Im talking about Dream of Mirror Online. Apprantly Subagame had decided to bring it back. All the classes and everything are back. Bad side, u cant get a perm outfit unless doing that lucky fortune thing in eversun. Pretty lame, but good thing the game is back.


Generalposted by bmwn456 - April 5th 2016

hi owner can you give me a many guns for f1 and f2 and f3 and knife and pistol???

thank you for all you gave me!!!


Animeposted by pumpkin_smile12 - April 4th 2016

Sword art online is amazing I just can't stop watching it!!! 😱😱


Gamingposted by aqilk - April 3rd 2016

When i finished downloading digimon tamer.I pressed the START button and than it doesnt do a thing pls fix this from Malaysia


Gamingposted by clairesmontanez - April 2nd 2016

I just registered aeria, but I cant log in to s4. What should I do? Please help......


Gamingposted by lightblade360 - March 31st 2016

Dear GM,
I am not able to login to my account when i play aura kingdom
it says unrecognisable username and password
i haven't changed my password ever


Generalposted by blackgear05 - March 30th 2016

Sir GM ur free item 1st ap spend reward still not yet delivered hope u can read ths i need it ASAP


Gamingposted by design28 - March 25th 2016

GM Help me for my account my usser and password i forgot.........Plssss GM i give my usser and password the name of my character INSEKTO warrio


Gamingposted by BossLing123 - March 25th 2016

Hey guys i just came back from Playing EOS buy i fell the LAG all the way have u experience LAG also ?

and please Any one help me about my main account i can LOG in it i forgot my pin pass word and i cant play again in my main account :( please help

Any GM or admin help me


Gamingposted by mscatgoddess - March 23rd 2016

Hewwo, So I just want some people to play Eden Eternal with TuT

Soooo add me?


ChrissyxMontage [Hardly play one anymore]
Level: 39

MsCatGoddess [Main]
Level: 19 (almost 20)

Level: 1 (Just created this character)


Animeposted by Razer.FatalFury - March 22nd 2016