Gamingposted by markervinadajar - September 2nd 2014

i am mark ervin i have question why? every afternoon did not start sf please answer me?


Gamingposted by AizenKH - August 31st 2014

Why do people cry so much about when they get scammed on a video game?


Rantsposted by AizenKH - August 31st 2014

No matter how far it is to the top it's still within my grasp!!!


Rantsposted by loveislife554 - August 31st 2014

ever believe love at 1st sight?
no ok ...
o why did I ask?
no reason just being stupid.
nope I don't either its just what ever..
(stupid stupid stupid)


Generalposted by loveislife554 - August 31st 2014

O Meh Gurd dude


then my house catches on fire

after that my phone gets stolen

(bad karma)


Gamingposted by twerkforme12 - August 30th 2014

God, im so pissed of!


Grand Fantasiaposted by QueeeniDied - August 30th 2014

-Level Binomial to 70
-Level Valency to 75+
-Learn how to PP
-Learn how to necro
-Valency's & Binomial's masteries
-Fort Ithuriel's stuff one day
-Get married on Ithuriel
-Equip grow!!!!!
-Get a 70 purple relic
-Slot everything on every character
-Guild quests :c
-Recruit more people to LolWhatsLife
-Stop being lazy


Rantsposted by charlotte443 - August 30th 2014

So school is in and everyone is A LOT busier now. And teachers are killing us with the homework. Like, why do you what me dead. It's like I go home sleep for an hour then homework till 5am then i wake up at 6:30. The I have this thing called a life that I'm trying to keep. TRYING. SO. HARD. For example i didn't get home from school on Friday till nine. TILL NINE. That's crazy. This is High School. Not some full time job. Plus we're only two weeks in. I'm done. I'm dead.

Yours Truly,

Char Char


Generalposted by kate23445 - August 30th 2014

hi I am playing aura kingdom again.

hope to see you in game.



Generalposted by Axelmorph - August 29th 2014

This is an entry of Axelmorph Bloodhoof in his diary about Razra Venomdragon, I thought I should let the character speak for himself rather than planning what he needs to say about Razra.
They both have a very strong bond regardless of the many things which happened, as it's said, "opposites attract each other", so is Axel's and Razra's case.


Generalposted by baldozajay17 - August 29th 2014

anyone please help i want to get an AP points in soldier front 2 how can i get points .i already purchase MOL POINTS at load central i creat an account when ever i log in it tells me send account verification? what account is that? please help can anyone tell me the step by step loading using MOL POINTS terms of payment


Generalposted by GamingxSerah - August 29th 2014

Pls keep away from my page.
I design...I don't hack.
If you wanna hack, please do so by yourself.
Btw, hacking is extremely illegal, and you cant hack online games.
Have a nice day everyone ^-^


Generalposted by devannweiss - August 29th 2014

It's so fun being with Aeria. Well, how r u doing, people of the world?


Generalposted by ichaos26 - August 29th 2014

please don't remove soldier front in our country Philippines

i beg... PLEASE

-Reynaldo Barraca Apostol Jr.


Wolf Teamposted by ahmad_harb1 - August 28th 2014

why you give me baneed??


Generalposted by KONATAgamer14 - August 28th 2014

I'm finally back! XD sorry for being away for a really long time but I've been busy going to cons and to san franciso. my computer hasn't been wrking lately so I'm saving up for a new one so I won't be as active here or gaming but I hope I can be soon! ;)


Generalposted by zxbomb - August 28th 2014

Yea just like the title says this is my first so yea my name is David and nice you everyone in this community


Gamingposted by pobletejoshua13 - August 28th 2014

kailan ba ako ma kaka limang baril


Generalposted by elzkie_15 - August 28th 2014

Banned This Account because hes cheater?????


Gamingposted by rafiel67 - August 27th 2014

this group is for every one that wants to join but you have to have wolfteam and you must not be too bad at it like me im really good at the game even tho my rank is not really not big and the boys in my family exept for my dad are good even my 5 year old brother he is really good but probably not better then you and raelly not better then me I have to bros but back to the blog wolfteamer's only


Gamingposted by catboy1 - August 27th 2014

im up this morning and and im ready to fight some monsters!!!


Gamingposted by catboy1 - August 26th 2014

i realy love aura kingdom because im sword art online fan and it has that sorta feal to it like no other game ive played and i think ive found my number one game of all time!!!!!!


Shaiyaposted by Angel_Death1019 - August 26th 2014

We have played both shaiya's and both of them do the same thing.
I'm highly irritated at the fact that we can't play together anymore. We live in the same house, using same connection. But here is the story.

We get online, log in and get our toons ready, when we party together/or just grinding without party, one of us DC's. We have tried restarting our computers, and our internet box, I have tried talking to someone and they say it's the game. NOTHING works!

Can ANYONE help us solve this issue?

A irritated and concerned gamer.


Gamingposted by ramsky2013 - August 26th 2014



Grand Fantasiaposted by walmazi - August 26th 2014

Hiya guys, I am so happy to have leveled and also got a CBM now on every one of my main accounts. University is getting hard and I'm searching for work again ($$+more experience) alongside other commitments (hehe) so something has gotta give.

It was kinda scary and nice to see so many people say thier farewell to me from the 40 bracket, I was a bit suprised at the number of people I had got to know so well. I suppose we are kind of like a newbie-bracket family, sorry to leave so soon. :(

I'm extremely happy, my tutor had a look into my assignment and says it's nearly perfect. ;D


Gamingposted by wingsofathena - August 25th 2014

Once upon a time....bah scallywaggers to heck with it! Raz here flying in~ Actually, I've no plans of role-playing in Azuria despite the temptation. Roving around Terra in Celzy mode just to, well, enjoy the game as it is, is a practice I haven't done for ages since I usually like to keep things impersonal. :)

Last time I did this, I got duped into attending real life meet-ups, got myself some new friends and stalkers and the rest was history....seriously, don't really want that again. So reminder to myself, exercise caution nya~ lol


Gamingposted by wingsofathena - August 25th 2014

Recently, Aeria returned my character, Mysfaer, in Eden Eternal. Thank you so much Aeria! I wubbles you much much! I might be able to play again after my 4-day long vacation in the capital city though. Hopefully~

Nothing like a friendly hang-out in the middle of the...desert! XD

Reflecting how I got into the game...


Gamingposted by FoxInWhite - August 25th 2014

Got char back ~ Recruiting people!! (s4 league)


Generalposted by uchihapoly - August 25th 2014

In the depth of the lore
At the bottom, lays my soul’s core
For its’ mysteries questions believes
Beyond any men’s dreams

Anxious and depressed I sit
While my soul is trying to beat
All the gray shadows within my eerie mind
The pain that’s self-inflicted is not kind

Mustering feelings like a drunken haze
Covering in shadows this endless maze,
Figuring out if there’s a secret switch
To stop that endless tremor, that twitch

Like a lost traveler, I fearlessly wonder
Aimlessly on this road filled with thunder,
Trying to decide on my soul’s purpose


Gamingposted by ken_zero12 - August 25th 2014